5th Annual

NexTv Web Series & Indie Film Competition

July 10, 2017 to July 10, 2017

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1020 9th st
Hermosa Beach CA 90254
Phone: (213) 810-6680

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Web Series
With judges & mentors from DISNEY, FOX, LIONSGATE, NICKELODEON, DISCOVERY CHNL, ICM, GERSH & others, this is an opportunity for EXPOSURE to top decision-makers in Hollywood.

Can your WEB SERIES be adapted for TELEVISION?

note: LINKS to your work are accepted (please include link in cover letter).
Short Films
Could your SHORT FILM be re-imagined for TELEVISION?

With judges & mentors from DISNEY, FOX, LIONSGATE, NICKELODEON, DISCOVERY CHNL, ICM, GERSH & others, this is an opportunity for EXPOSURE to top decision-makers in Hollywood.

Links to your work are accepted (please include the link in your cover letter).
With Judges & Mentors from PARTICIPANT ("Inconveniient Truth", "Waiting for Superman"), LIONSGATE, FOX, DISNEY, NICKELODEON, ICM, GERSH, producers for the HISTORY CHANNEL, DISCOVERY, NAT GEO and many more)...EXPOSURE is something we take seriously.

Traditional documentaries to reality shows, game shows, news shows and everything in between. The viability as potential television content is the main criteria.

Submissions have sold to HBO (doc), NAT GEO WILD (Docu-Series), BBC, SYFY, BET and more...

Links to your work are accepted (please include link in cover letter).
Pilot Presentations, Teasers and more...
Can your work inspire great TV content?

TRAILERS and SIZZLE REELS are a great way to pitch a TV Series concept.

Judges & Mentors include top pros from DISNEY, FOX, LIONSGATE TV, NICKELODEON, ICM, GERSH, mentors from PARTICIPANT MEDIA and more...

The viability of the IDEA is as important as its execution.

You can submit with a link (include it in the cover letter).
Feature Films
Does your INDIE FEATURE have real commercial potential?

With judges & mentors from DISNEY, FOX, LIONSGATE, NICKELODEON, DISCOVERY CHNL, ICM, GERSH & others, this is an opportunity for EXPOSURE to top decision-makers in Hollywood.

Everyone in Hollywood is looking for the next PARANORMAL ACTIVITY (an $11,000 feature that has grossed over $500million in sales, as a franchise.)

Could your ANIMATION be adapted for TELEVISION?

With top Execs from the leading animation companies in the industry on our panel (DISNEY, FOX, NICKELODEON, TOON BOOM) as well as top sites (ColdHardFlash.com, lineboil.com) and more…, here is an opportunity for EXPOSURE to the top decision-makers in Hollywood.

Links to your work are accepted (please include link in cover letter).


Do Hollywood's Elite Decision-Makers think that your work...


This competition is about the real world of today's Entertainment Industry, with real Hollywood Decision-Makers on our panel (from ICM and GERSH to DISNEY, FOX & NICKELODEON. Top Agents, Network Execs, Feature Film Distributors...and more!).

Web Series, Short Films, Features, TV Pilots, Docs, Animation, Teasers,...


INDIE FEATURES that are ready for the big sceen?

Submit to compete for GREAT PRIZES, but most of all...

See our incredible JUDGING PANEL OF INDUSTRY LEADERS that could be introduced to your work (below).



Everyone in Hollywood is looking for exciting new content from around the world... and WE FEED DIRECTLY INTO THE DECISION-MAKERS OF THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.

Submissions have sold to HBO, FOX, BBC, NAT GEO and more, because the AGENTS, PRODUCERS & EXECS YOU'VE BEEN TRYING TO ACCESS ARE ON OUR JUDGING PANELS (see below).

We created this competition because SHORTS, WEB SERIES, Indie TV PILOTS & DOCUMENTARIES are emerging as the 21st Century way for NETWORKS to find great content (and talent).

Great INDIE FEATURES are extremely attractive to studios looking to acquire (rather than make) films...when an $11,000 feature like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY can bring in HALF A BILLION DOLLARS as a franchise...you have their attention.

We offer unprecedented access to Current Industry Players (from ICM to Fox and beyond) plus a direct pipeline to distribution.

Enter to win GREAT PRIZES, but most of all...EXPOSURE!

ACCESS IS EVERYTHING in this business.

Here are a few of our judges:

- Josie Freedman (Agent, ICM)
- Mira Yong (Agent, GERSH)
- Cameron eldred (EVP, di Bonaventura Pictures)
- Ronnie Yeskel (CD, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, etc)
- Matt Bass (Producer, Lit Manager, former Dev. Exec for HBO)

More judges TDB...

(SIGN UP for weekly additions to the panel at www.MyNexTV.com)

Remember, ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA began as an $85 pilot presentation, the doc, COCAINE COWBOYS is being remade by Bruckheimer w/ MARK WAHLBERG. Even THE OFFICE began as a short film (before the British TV version).


more info at: www.MyNexTV.com/web

Email rbecker@nextventertainment.com for a FREE copy of THE PRODUCER'S HANDBOOK (a guide for the indie producer with Checklists, Contracts...and how to SELL your work!)

More info at: MyNexTV.com/web or www.facebook.com/nextvent


Randy Becker (Festival Registrar); randy becker (Director)


Despite the Submission Categories, for awards and prizes, SUBMISSIONS will be broken up as a TV Network or Studio might categorize content...into one of the following 6 categories:



6. UNSCRIPTED (Docs, Reality, Talk Show, etc...)

“Drama” is a broad category covering everything that is NOT comedy.

These categories will transcend the format (so, for example, a comedic web series, could be in the same category as a comedic short, pilot, trailer, etc..)

Finalists will be selected for overall quality of work, in addition to the project’s potential for becoming viable television content.

This year we have opened 5 extra spots in the finals for "Audience Favorites". For more info on our "Shortcut to the Finals" OPTIONAL peer-voting, 'mini-competition' within the overall competition, please visit: http://www.nextventertainment.com/web_series_rules.php#PEER-VOTING

We will email you with all instructions.

NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ONLINE VOTING SEGMENT...THIS IS AN OPTIONAL "SHORTCUT TO THE FINALS". All submissions (regardless of monthly/audience results) will be judged through our internal selection process, primarily. The votes are totally separate and have no influence on our decisions...again, refer to our website for more details or email with questions: rbecker@nextventertainment.com.

A winner of each of the 6 categories will be announced along with the Grand Prize winner.
All press releases and industry notices will include ‘BEST-IN-CATEGORY’ winners along with the Grand Prize Winner.

Note: It is possible to NOT make it to the Finalist Round, yet still WIN your category.
This competition is open to any filmmaker, worldwide, 18 or older. Entering the competition constitutes permission to use the winners’ names and likenesses for publicity and promotions with no additional compensation. We reserve the right to publicize and promote any and all progress, development and success of the entered project. Additionally, entering the competition constitutes permission for NexTv to post your submission online in association with the competition, though WE DO NOT OWN YOUR WORK.

* We recognize the wide-ranging nature of New Media, so submissions may have a running time of as little as 30 seconds.
* Students are welcome.
* Multiple Directors/Creators are allowed, and will be listed on our site and in all press releases, but one person must be designated to receive awards/prizes.
* Multiple Producers and Writers are also acceptable and will be listed on our site and all press releases.
* Multiple entries from the same Director/Creator are accepted but each must have its own Entry Form & Fee.
* Do not include any additional materials with your submissions such as scripts, production photos, publicity, press kits, or any other written materials.
* No substitutions or updated/re-edited version of the project will be accepted.
* Entry must be accompanied by the following:
a) Completed ENTRY FORM
b) The appropriate entry fee (checks made out to: “NexTv Entertainment”)
c) Completed project (webisode or short film)
* If you become a Finalist, you will be contacted to provide a close-up photo of the Creator/Director and 2-3 production photos from your project which may be displayed with your film title on our site and on all press materials and releases.


I have read all of the NexTv Web Series & Indie Film Competition rules and regulations. I understand and have complied with these rules. To the best of my knowledge, all of the statements herein are true and correct. I understand failure to adhere to NexTv Web Series & Indie Film Competition rules will result in disqualification. As the owner and author of submitted material, I fully attest that the following is true and correct:

1. I have read, understand and agree fully to the official rules of the competition and hereby request that you watch, evaluate and judge said material, of which I have exclusive rights and authority to submit the same upon the terms and conditions stated here within.
2. Furthermore, I indemnify NexTv Entertainment, its affiliates, sponsors and judges of and from any and all claims, loss or liability that may be asserted against you or incurred by you or any associates, at any time in connection with said material.
3. I understand that I retain ownership of my material. NexTv Entertainment will not use the material or any part of it, except in connection with NexTV Competitions, unless you: (1) enters into an agreement with me granting rights to the material, or (2) determine in good faith that I do not own or control the material because features or elements were independently developed by someone other than me; are in the public domain or; are not novel or new.
4. I have retained at least two copies of said material, and I hereby release you of and from any and all liability for loss of, or damage to, the copy of said material submitted to you hereunder.
5. If more than (1) one party signs this agreement as submitter, then reference to "I" or "me" throughout this agreement shall apply to each party; jointly and severally.
6. If there are more than one owner of said material, I attest that I have received permission from all other owners to submit this material to the NexTv Web Series and Indie Film Competition.