15th Annual

Glasgow Film Festival

February 20, 2019 to March 03, 2019

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12 Rose Street
Glasgow Scotland G3 6RB
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)141 352 8609

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Glasgow Film Festival screens feature films from all over the world. Submissions are accepted from all filmmakers and sorted into specific programming strands when the programme is confirmed.
Music Features
Exploring the interplay between music and cinema with a specially curated programme of documentaries and fiction films.
Documentary Features
GFF will feature a strand of programming dedicated to weird, wonderful and thought-provoking new documentaries from across the world


Glasgow Film Festival (GFF) is one of the top film festivals in the UK with a focus on audiences and renowned for an international programme of the world’s best films alongside a dynamic fusion of cross-sector events and artistic commissions. The last editions of the festival have all welcomed audiences in excess of 40,000.

GFF truly offers our audiences 'cinema for all' and provides a high profile platform for film professionals working across both feature and short form projects.

Perfectly placed in February for spring and summer releases, GFF has launched some of the best new films to the UK's film press and cinema market.

In 2015, Glasgow Film Festival announced its inaugural Audience Award, asking the GFF ticket-buying audience to vote on a shortlist of ten films from first or second-time directors chosen by the festival programming team. This award runs in conjunction with GFF’s new Pioneer strand, which celebrates the festival’s reputation for picking great early films from future cinema masters, and is designed to bring greater profile to some of the most exciting new cinema talents in the world. The GFF17 award winner was won by submitted film Lipstick Under My Burkha by Alankrita Shrivastava and in 2018 the award went to Xavier Legrand's Custody.


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Glasgow Film Festival is one of the top three film festivals in the UK, boasting over 40,000 admissions.

Our approach is to put the filmmaker and the audience at the heart of our programme and establish quality of opportunities for both. We view the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) as the hub of the Festival whilst reaching out across the city to support curatorial talent in both individuals and other organisations.

The Festival is a multi-venue, multi-partnership event which takes inspiration from and enhances the global image of Glasgow as an exciting place to live or visit. It aims to exhibit the best of world cinema and moving image content; expand and diversify the audience for non-mainstream films; showcase and nurture new emerging talent; forge new collaborations and ultimately promote the city as a national and international centre for the arts.

The fourteenth edition of the Festival in 2018 opened with the UK premiere of Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs and closed with the world premiere of the inspiring documentary Nae Pasaran, submitted to the festival by its director Felipe Bustos Sierra.

In the past we have screened the debut work of Richard Ayoade, Joanna Hogg and Ben Wheatley before they went on to recognition. GFF is proud to have supported such talent and is keen to continue trailblazing. With the support of distributors and sales agents that we enjoy, we will expand our audience’s awareness of our track record of talent-spotting and increase attendance at fantastic new films.

Glasgow is a great place to be for filmmakers, and is the hub of the Scottish Film Industry. Should your film be programmed at GFF19, the likelihood is that we will invite you to attend. We launched our Industry Focus programme in 2015, and this has quickly become an integral part of the festival, allowing filmmaker guests the opportunity to network with their peers from other countries, meet commissioners and funders from across the UK and further afield, and to participate in pertinent industry panels and discussions.

After the premiere of her audience award winning film Lipstick Under My Burkha at Glasgow Film Festival 2017, director Alankrita Shrivastava stated “With the censorship issue in India, it was such an amazing feeling to see the Scottish audience supporting the film so wholeheartedly… My gratitude for that support is hard to express in words. Glasgow Film Festival will be etched in my memory forever.”


Allan Hunter (GFF Co-Director); Allison Gardner (Director); Christopher Kumar (Programme Assistant); Film Programmers; Rachel Fiddes (Festival Manager); Sean Greenhorn (Programme Manager)


The final selection of all films presented at the Festival and their placement in the programme is the responsibility of the Co-directors.

We will not consider previously submitted work unless it has been considerably re-edited/re-shot. Please include a cover letter with details. If we already viewed your film as a rough cut last year, we usually will not consider it for the following year. Please remember this before submitting, as you will not be entitled to a refund.

If you would like to submit a high quality online screening link for your film, please contact us directly.

Deadlines are postmark & payment deadlines but please do send your submission as soon as possible. All submissions, preview DVDs and supporting material must be received by the appropriate deadline otherwise your film will not be processed.

All submissions must be sent in on DVD or Secure Online Screener. We only accept DVD PAL and DVD NTSC when sending in a hard copy screener. You must label the disk with the film’s title and tracking number. Also put a label on the spine of the DVD cover noting the film title, DVD format and film duration. We will not accept any other format. Please do not send any additional materials with your DVD. Press packs are not required unless the film has been selected into the programme.

Submissions with unpaid fees will not be considered for selection.

Payment must be made in POUNDS STERLING only.



All international submissions must include the wording Trade Sample on any customs label. For customs purposes all international submissions are required to give a value of no more than £3 or US$10 to the package. Please note that all shipping and postage costs to the festival must be borne by the submitting party, including those for the submission package and, if the film is selected, for all prints, tapes and additional materials sent to GFF. GFF will not accept COD shipments and will not absorb any fees incurred in British customs.

Film submissions and screening copies being sent to the UK from Non-EU countries, must be accompanied by the necessary customs documentation / pro forma invoice.

When arranging delivery you must ensure that all import and export charges associated with the film are paid. It is advised that the stated value of the package is listed as being no more than 5 euros for customs purposes.

If you wish to receive email confirmation of the safe receipt of your fee, log on and check your film’s status as we will change it to "in consideration" once it has been received and we can see payment has been received also.

Please note submissions may not be processed until January 2019, therefore, you may not receive confirmation until then. Please bear with us.

If your submission is successful you will be informed by the end of December 2018. If successful you will be required to supply a film print or video master for screening at the GFF18. You should pay particular attention to the shipping and customs information, which will be sent to you at that time.

If your submission is unsuccessful you will be informed by email. This correspondence may not reach you until the end of January 2019 due to our volume of work at this time. Please note GFF are unable to return your DVD submissions.

All films programmed during the Festival are screened to public audiences.

The Festival will mainly screen films in DCP, 35mm or from Digibeta (PAL).

In addition, digital screenings will take place at the discretion of the Co-Directors.

The Festival will accept responsibility for technical damage to films, fire and destruction, loss and theft for the period of time that prints are in the possession of GFF and will reimburse the value of the film print (or part thereof) only.

The Festival reserves the right to refuse or cancel projection of any film if advised by responsible technicians that the print is not of sufficient quality to ensure satisfactory public screening.

The participants must ensure that they have the right to participate in GFF with regard to third persons connected with the production of the participating film.

GFF will pay for one-way shipping (ie. Return of prints). Upon return of these items, additional charges may be incurred at the consignee’s end. GFF is not liable for these charges.

I agree to a short extract (max 3 minutes) being included in a radio, TV or video programme on the GFF website or in a cinema trailer for the GFF; to additional public screenings of my film at the GFF and to my film being given a press/industry screening at the GFF. I certify that all film and music rights and clearances have been obtained (in accordance with UK copyright laws). I certify that I will not withdraw my film from the GFF after acceptance by the GFF selection board.

GFF19 Submissions
Glasgow Film Theatre
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12 Rose Street
Scotland, UK
G3 6RB

Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) is registered in Scotland No SC97369 with its registered office at 12 Rose Street, Glasgow G3 6RB. GFT is a company limited by guarantee and is registered as a charity (No SCO05932) with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.