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26-Apr-2015 10:41pm PDT  


Big Mini Media Festival

14 Annual November 13, 2015 to November 14, 2015

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Long Island University ( Brooklyn Campus)
1 University Plaza
Media Arts Department
Brooklyn NY 11201
Phone: 7184881052

DECISIONS ALREADY MADE • This event has already made decisions and notified submitters for the current cycle. Submissions are no longer being accepted.

Short Screenplay
We seek short screenplays (30 or fewer pages) in any genre for competition. We do NOT guarantee performance for winning submissions.
Feature Screenplay
We seek feature-length screenplays (60 or more pages) of any genre for competition. We do NOT guarantee readings or production of any accepted screenplay.
We seek Experimental films as examples of alternative filmmaking, voices not heard nor trying to be heard in Hollywood.
Short Narrative
We seek Short Narrative films on any subject, any genre, screenable for all audiences, made with digital media with a running time of 30 minutes or less.
Short Documentary
We seek Short Documentaries (30 minutes or less) on any subject, acceptable for all audiences shot or finished on digital media.
Feature Documentary
We seek Feature Documentaries suitable for all audiences shot on and/or finished on digital media.
We seek Animations suitable for all audiences on any subject or theme.
Super Short (one minute or less)
We seek Super Short films (one minute or less in length) of an artistic flavor suitable for all audiences. Think "visual haiku or poetry."

The Big Mini Media Festival was set up 15 years ago to showcase undiscovered talent using media that were not generally hitting the mainstream. After a decade, BMM is still doing that - giving an outlet to up-and-coming filmmakers from around the world to show off their talent. With a growing group of sponsor/partners, BMM looks to differentiate itself in its second decade.

The Big Mini Media Festival is a two-day event hosted by the Media Arts Department of Long Island University's Brooklyn Campus. The festival recognizes the best short- and feature-length documentary, experimental, Super Short films (less than a minute) and short narrative video productions. We also have short- and feature-length screenplay categories.

With our 14th annual festival, we further encourage filmmakers of all genres and technical levels to submit their videos and again make this year's festival an exciting array of independent and international video.

This year's festival theme is, "New Media." Over the years, the formats for distribution have changed: starting with film and now the Internet. How has this new format changed the nature of distribution? What value have we gained? And, what have we lost? Distribution in the age of the Internet - what is it, and how has it affected our lives.

Join this group of award-winning digital filmmakers for a discussion on the pros and cons of emerging technologies and the Internet as a distribution platform.

More announcements coming soon!

Larry Banks (Festival Director) ; Marilyn Almonte (Associate Director)

Information not provided.


INDEMNIFICATION INFORMATION: The Big Mini Media Festival is not liable for any lost, stolen or damaged videotapes. To protect your media, please ship it in a padded envelope. Submitted media will not be returned. DO NOT SUBMIT ORIGINALS OF ANY MATERIALS. Submitting any project does not guarantee screening or awards at the Big Mini Media Festival. The Big Mini Media Festival panel of judges will select festival award winners and screenings. All decisions made by this judging panel are final. Submitters are responsible for obtaining all appropriate copyright clearances and licenses and may be asked to produce evidence of said clearances and licenses.