14th Annual

KINOFILM, Manchester International Short Film & Animation Festival

May 29, 2017 to June 04, 2017

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56 Epping Street
Manchester Greater Manchester M15 6LF
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)795 842 3240

UNCONFIRMED LISTING • Call for Entries is current, but not yet approved for Online Submission at Withoutabox. You may submit by traditional means, or check back soon in case the status changes.

Short Film
Short dramas ideally 3-20 minutes long, though we will consider up to 25 mins for films of exceptional quality. Films should have been made since January 2015 to present. We are looking for innovative and new ideas of storytelling, outstanding talent and originality.

We accept all categories and genres as following: Short Fiction, Animation, Experimental, Comedy, Extreme Cinema, Horror, Eastern European, Low/No Budget, Made Up North (UK), Romantic Tales, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Student Shorts, Underground, Black/Asian, Music Videos, Women in Film, Red Head.
Please note for this year and due to public demand we are holding a significant section of animations and welcome entries of animation worldwide.

Please note that the 2017 Kinofilm Festival's main focus is primarily European short films. There will be an International film section but this will be limited to one programme, so filmmakers from outside Europe should note that selection for this section will be tough and only the best quality films will be selected. Please contact us first if you intend to submit from outside Europe, with brief details of your film, which festivals it has screened in and if any International awards have been received.


Kinofilm has a unique reputation for showcasing the best short films from around the world, whilst being renowned for seeking out diverse, challenging and groundbreaking new films. The festival maintains a high standard with many European & International award-winning shorts featured in the Festival. It includes special programmes in low/no budget shorts, North West Shorts, British Shorts, European Shorts, International Panorama, Kino Exposed (student and youth shorts), and underground cinema, giving new and emerging filmmakers the opportunity to have their work screened alongside that of critically acclaimed, established short filmmakers.


1. To deliver a film festival of regional, national and international significance.

2. To nurture new talent and support the work of culturally diverse, emerging filmmakers.

3. To attract an industry base of filmmakers and media industry professionals, to encourage the exchange of ideas and development of partnerships.

4. To attract cinemagoers and diverse audiences that would not normally experience the short film art form or film festivals.

5. To focus on the needs of both filmmakers and the region’s audiences.

The festival will be competitive but award prices are only announced if and when we can secure prizes. If no prizes are secured then certificates and trophies will be presented and off course you will honoured with the acknowledgement of one of the best films in the festival. The award categories will be:

Best International Short
Best European Short
Best UK Short
Best North West Short
Best New Director
Best Animated Short
Best Experimental Short
Best Documentary
Best Three Minute Short
Best Red Head Short


Introduction and History

Kinofilm International Short Film Festival was established in October 1995. Kinofilm Festival has grown over the last twenty years to become an internationally recognised short film festival celebrating the art of short film and bringing the best short films from around the globe to Manchester for the 14th edition of KINOFILM which will take place from the 29th of May - 4th June 2017 as an International Short Film & Animation Festival.

Recent Developments

The Short Film Festival in 2017 will focus on European and International Short Films with a special International Panorama programme for international award winning short films.

Please note for this year and due to public demand we are holding a significant section of animations and welcome entries of short animations worldwide.

We will also be expanding our Polish Section of the festival and welcome submissions from filmmakers in Poland and those of Polish origin residing in the United Kingdom for a special UK Poland progarmme.

Films should have been made since January 2015 to present and be no longer than 20 mins.

Delivering the Festival is important to us and means that Kinofilm can continue to support emerging filmmakers by showcasing important new work from local and North West filmmakers, alongside the work of some of the most outstanding filmmakers from across Europe. The Festival will provide unique opportunities for exhibition and for new audiences to see a diverse range of films that otherwise would not be seen in the North West, or in fact, within the UK.

Special Features / Themes

Short Animations

We welcome animated from from across the globe to partake in our special international animation section of the festival. This year Kino is serious about animation!

Polish New Wave

Expanding our 2014 Polish section, we will this year present 6 progammes of Polish shorts, from short dramas, animations, documentaries, UK Polish shorts, Polish student shorts and early short flms from famous Polish directors.

British New Wave

This year we will have a special focus on British Short filmmaking and we encourage both emerging and established British filmmakers to submit. Following the festival we hope to curate a touring programme of British Short Films to various independent cinema locations within the UK and abroad - the best films selected will be included in the tour so there is a added incentive to submit your films to Kinofilm.

Women in Shorts.

In line with our regular quarterly women film programmes Kinofilm will feature a special stand on Women In Short Film. Those female directors that wish to be seen in this focus should state so in their application. We strongly welcome film submissions from women filmmakers of all levels.

Red Heads

This year in celebration of National Red Head Day in the UK we present a special programme of films made by red head filmmakers or films that feature red heads as the main character in the film. This will be the first opportunity of its type in the UK and we strongly recommend any red-headed filmmakers or those that have a red head as the principle actor to to submit to our special Red Head programme and be part of National Red Head day celebrations in the UK.

Kino Exposed ! (Student Shorts)

Kino Exposed is our student and young people festival. This year we will combine the two events and we will have one day in the festival that will focus entirely on student films. We have also reduced the admission fee for students to £10 only throughout the submission period - but note that your film must be made as part of your education institution.

Three Minute Wonders

Festival 3MW Competition for this year we will hold a special award winning competion for films of 3 minute duration (in addition to our normal festival awards). Films can be of any subject matter and in any category - it has to have a running length of 3 mins which can include credits or the film can go up to 3m 20s with credits,


Dominika Noworolska (Polish Strand Co-ordinator); James McNally (Programme Assistant); John Wojowski (Festival Director)



1) On receipt of submission, the entrant will receive email confirmation and a reference number, which should be quoted on all future correspondence.

2) Successful applicants will be informed as early as possible, or at the latest by April 23rd 2017.

3) Due to the large number of festival entries, we cannot guarantee to inform unsuccessful applicants. Unless informed otherwise, applicants must assume their submission has been rejected on this occasion (but you may contact us to enquire using your unique reference number).

4) Applicants must confirm acceptance within 7 days of receiving notification quoting their reference number and at this stage should supply any stills/images etc. to be used in the festival brochure (if not supplied in advance).

5) Film screening prints should be supplied to the Festival no later than 12 days before the commencement of the Festival except when alternative arrangements have been agreed in writing with the Festival Director at the time of confirmation. Video screening tapes or digital formats should be supplied 3 weeks prior to the Festival, to allow time to check the technical quality.

6) Shipping arrangements and insurance for prints being shipped to the Festival must be met by the entrant, Kinofilm is not responsible for prints that do not arrive at the Festival office. Shipping cost and insurance for return of Festival prints are covered by Kinofilm.

7) Updated information on the Kinofilm Festival and films successfully selected for the Festival can be found on the web site: http://kinofilm.org.uk. Please note that information (stills, moving image clips, data, etc.) may be included unless the entrant has refused permission to do so.



I hereby give my permission for the screening of the above film and confirm that I am duly authorised to submit this film. I also certify that all rights and clearances for use of any soundtrack, or other copyrighted materials/images have been obtained and I release Kinofilm Festival from any liability from either public screening or other such use in any and all media.

I understand that Kinofilm Festival is not responsible for any damage or faults that may result in the film being withdrawn from the Festival in circumstances beyond their control.

I also confirm I will not withdraw my film once I have submitted it to the Festival.