2nd Annual

Phoenix Christian Film Festival 2011

August 16, 2011 to August 20, 2011

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45057 W Hathaway Ave, PO BOX 1017
Maricopa AZ 85139
Phone: 520-238-1814

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The purpose of the Phoenix Christian Film Festival (PCFF) is to bless, celebrate, and encourage the production and distribution of films and media expressions that feature Godly Kingdom values and shine as reminders that love is real, and there is always an answer.


Welcome to the Phoenix Christian Film Festival 2011. We had a great festival last year which took place in August 2010 in sunny Tempe, AZ at the Fiesta Resort and Conference Center. We had over 400 films entered and screened over 300 films, 90 industry related workshops and we awarded over $40,000 in cash awards. Come join us this year on August 16-20, 2011 at the Fiesta Resort for an even bigger event. Here are some of the winners from 2010 and some comments made by festival attendees....

The winners of Best Feature Film were tied: “A Christmas Snow,” directed by Tracy J Trost, and Rust, directed by Corbin Bernsen. Each category was awarded cash prizes sponsored by XPmedia.

The Phoenix Christian Film Festival Winners are:
Best Feature Film Drama ($2500 each) *A Tie* "Rust" Corbin Bernsen; "A Christmas Snow" Tracy J Trost submitted by Destiny Image Publishing

Best Feature Film Documentary ($5,000) "More Than Walking" Jonathan Sigworth

Ministers Award ($8,000) “Kavi" Greg Helvey

Audience Award-Festival Favorite ($2,000) "Johnny" D. David Morin

Best Animated Film ($5,000) "A Letter to Father" Christine Y. Chong

Best Film for Child Viewership ($2500) "No Limit Kids Much Ado
About Middle School" Dave Moody

Best Real Encounter ($2,500) "And What Remains" Marc Havener

Most Inspired Message ($2,000) "Johnny" D. David Morin

Best Music Video ($2,000) "Word" Scott Yamamura

Best Inspirational or Morality or Ad Spot ($2,000) "Hope Hall" Lynn Marie Catalano

Best TV Show or Pilot ($1,000) "Hard To Be Me" Edward Robert Bach

Best Comedy ($1,000) "Approval" Alexandra Hanes

Best Short Film Documentary ($1,000) "Walking Miracles" Brandon Hess

Best Short Film Drama ($1,000) "Willful Entrapment" Francios Driessen

Best Film Trailer ($1,000) "Child of Woe" Steve Pankard

Best Youth Producer ($500) "The Bigger Picture" Carson Ingle

Best Screen Play ($500) "The Whisper Home" Director Jamie Velez-Soto submitted by Jerry Eisinger

Here are some of the feedback XP Media received during and the day after the New-Media Fest:

“We've worked in Hollywood for years. We've been in the business and know all the ins and outs. We are not new in the industry yet we learned SO MUCH at this festival by taking the workshops!!!”

“People need to know it’s not only for beginners!! We grew spiritually in the short time we were at the festival! Patricia talking about prayer and the necessity of intercessors was a concept we had not considered, thank you!”

Over and over again - "This is the best festival ever"

“The workshops … were organized and the subjects were taught well"

“The prize money was such a blessing, not all festivals do this, matter of fact very few! Thank you for the wonderful financial gift!"

"The awards banquet was a fancy and great event. No comparison to any awards banquets ever attached to a festival I’ve attended. The banquet was quite an honor to attend!"

"The connections and networking were amazing!"

"The Scriptwriting Workshops were my favorite"

"Fun, having a lot of fun!"… "Do it again!"… "A Spirit of excellence!"

"The top nominated films were worth watching!"

"I never expected it to be like this. If other people knew all this festival offered, they would be here!"

"All the people here (on the entire event team) are so nice! Your team really cares about people!"

"The workers are so helpful! Most festivals the people are so rude that work
at them!"

"The prophetic words touch my heart, spoke directly to my heart, confirmed my dreams, etc!" "(the tables set up where you could get a prophetic word, were a big hit for me!)"

"Nothing else I have attended compares to this film festival!"

"Your festival, isn't like the others I have attended; this is so much

Mark your calendars for next year’s festival slated for August 16th to the 20th. Everyone is invited. Come experience God in movies. Submit your films. Visit www.christianfilmfest.org for details.


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The purpose of the Phoenix Christian Film Festival (PCFF) is to bless, celebrate, and encourage the production and distribution of films and media expressions that feature Godly Kingdom values and shine as reminders that love is real, hope exists, and there is always an

 Positive Themes
 Films that Elevate
 Drama
 Witty or Whimsical
 Children’s Entertainment
 Nourishing and Life Affirming
 Comedy
 Thought Provoking Films
 Entertaining
 Uplifting and Heartwarming
 Educational
 Well Crafted Stories
 Exploring the Human Journey in a Hopeful Manner
 Feature Film Dramas (20 to 120 minutes)
 Animated Films (up to 120 minutes)
 Feature Film Documentaries (20 to 120 minutes)
 Short Film Dramas (less than 20 minutes)
 Short Film Documentaries (less than 20 minutes)
 Music Videos (less than 8 minutes)
 Inspirational Video Spots (under 10 minutes)
 Inspirational Film (up to 120 minutes)
 Film Trailers (less than 5 minutes)
 TV Programs or Pilot Projects (30 minute or 60 minute episodes)
 Comedy Films (up to 120 minutes)
 Children’s Films or videos (up to 120 minutes)
 Video Games
 PCFF will not accept, consider or screen films containing any form of nudity, sexual acts, profanity, or gratuitous violence. Films condoning racism, illicit activity or cruelty will not find a place in this festival. PCFF reserves the full and complete right to make its
determination regarding values-based rejections, including rejections for patently offensive material as measured by Christian community standards, and material that may not rise to a level of obscenity.

In addition to trophies and certificates, there will be cash awards.
The Film Committee reserves the right to (i) dissolve a particular award if the quality of submission(s) in a category is not admissible, or (ii) in the event it is deemed that no submission reaches a level appropriate for the award. Said right to dissolve an award shall
be made in the sole and absolute discretion of the Film Committee. Submission into any category is an acknowledgment of this disclaimer.
To sponsor an award in any category, please contact charlotte@xpmedia.com.

Deadlines refer to postmark, not date of arrival. Deadlines are firm, so please ensure your film is posted by required dates. If you send in your submission after the mail in date you will be notified via email and given a chance to correct submission requirements. If you are not
able to be contacted or do not correct in a timely manner your film will be disqualified.

Early submission deadline March 22, 2011
Regular Submission deadline April 22, 2011
Late Submission deadline May 20, 2011
Extra Late Submission extended deadline June 17, 2011

1. $2,500 Judges Choice Award. This award will be granted to the most promising Christian Producer or Director.
2. $2000 Ministers Choice Award – This award will be given to the most inspiring film that supports Christian values.
3. $2000 Best Feature Film – Drama
4. $2000 Best Feature Film – Documentary
5. $2500 Muse Watson Award - ($1250 for Best Male Actor & $1250 for Best Female Actor)
6. $ 250 Best Film for Child Viewership
7. $1500 Festival Favorite - Audience Choice (each festival registrant will receive one ballot)
8. $500 Best Music Video
9. $500 Best Film Trailer
10. $500 Best Animation (long or short)
11. $ 500 Best Youth Producer (18 years or younger)
12. $ 500 Best Short Drama
13. $ 500 Best Short Documentary
14. $ 500 Best Comedy
15. $ 500 Most Inspirational Video Spot (under 10 minutes)
16. $ 500 Best TV Show or Pilot
17. $ 500 Best Video Game Trailer
18. Next Generation Award (by GMT Studios See website for details.
19. TV Interviews to global audience with a guest appearance on the Everlasting Love with Patricia King show.

Submission forms can be found online at www.christianfilmfest.org and films should be submitted in DVD format and mailed to:

The New Media Fest & PCFF
45057 W. Hathaway Ave.
PO Box 1017
Maricopa, Arizona 85139
C/O: Festival Administrator

Films chosen for festival screening will also require press kits and movie posters. PCFF will require a minimum of two DVD copies per entry.

Please make sure there is only one film per submission, multiple submissions require multiple entry fees, submission forms, and separate DVD’s.

DVDs will remain in the festival archive.

All non-English language films must be subtitled or dubbed in English.

Please mark international entries “Festival submission only -- no commercial value.” Mark value no higher than US$10. All postage costs and duties are the responsibility of the sender.

Entry fees are due at the time of submission, payable in US Dollars. Entry fees are not refundable.

Early submission deadline March 22, 2011 - $20
Regular Submission deadline April 22, 20101 - $30
Late Submission deadline May 20, 2011 - $40
Extra Late Submission extended deadline June 17, 2011 - $50

50% discount for registered students in accredited High School, Bible School, University,
College, or Film School Programs.

Please insure your DVD is CLEARLY labeled with your film name, runtime, and most importantly, your contact information.

By submitting to PCFF you agree that the festival may use up to 30 seconds of your film for publicity purposes. PCFF may also copy films that are selected to screen for exhibition. Copies will be used only for judging, viewing at the Festival, and media review purposes.

All submission filmmakers have an option to a non-exclusive license to
PCFF and its affiliates for Internet and cable television release for a period of two years.

All submissions to PCFF must hold appropriate rights to music, actors, etc. and be able, if required, to produce proof of those rights.

All filmmakers submitting to PCFF agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless PCFF, its board, judges, sponsors and partners, individually and collectively, from all claims and demands, losses, damages, costs and liabilities relating to any films submitted to this festival.


We have a heart to see media change. We have no intention of reproducing and or selling your media for any profit or gain. We understand the sacrifice and hard work it takes to produce a film. We want to use this event to build relationship and encourage filmmakers. We want to be a blessing by providing an outlet for Christian
filmmakers today. Taking the media mountain will take several character attributes, one of which is unity. This event will help bring focus to that attribute through different forms of networking, showcasing of films and workshops for both general public and industry related individuals and professionals. We are constantly
learning on how to best serve you and will continue to strive for excellence in this manner. Please read through the following carefully.

New-Media Fest 2011 Staff

PHOENIX CHRISTIAN FILM FEST (PCFF), Christian Services Association ("CSA/Extreme Prophetic"), XPMedia.com, Inc., New Media Fest, and their principles, affiliates, employees, volunteers, officers, agents, representatives, heirs and/or assigns (hereinafter collectively referred to as “SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR”) hereby expressly represent and confirm that they are not and cannot be held liable or responsible for the protection of copyrighted or trademarked materials submitted for consideration and/or possible screening, viewing or other use at the Film Festival or by SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR. In consideration for the opportunity to submit material(s) to SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR, all persons and/or entities making such a submission of copyrighted or trademarked material to SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR expressly understand, acknowledge and agree to assume all risks of unauthorized duplication, copying or electronic transfer without prior consent or approval, and further grant express permission to
SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR to duplicate all submitted materials and to waive all rights, to indemnify and hold SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR harmless against any and all inadvertent, unauthorized or illegal duplication of submission material by third parties. Moreover, all persons and/or entities submitting copyrighted or trademarked material to SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR, expressly assume all risks of unauthorized duplication and expressly grant same an unconditional license to use and duplicate such material in any manner, in whole or in part, for any
purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to judging, advertising, promotional purposes and/or inclusion in or used as Trailers, for broadcast, internet airing, or in a print medium or format, without payment, royalty and/or commission. SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR acknowledges that duplication of submitted materials will be for
such or similar stated purposes but will not be for purposes of sale or commercial distribution.

PHOENIX CHRISTIAN FILM FEST (PCFF), Christian Services Association ("CSA/Extreme Prophetic"), XPMedia.com, Inc., New Media Fest and their principles, affiliates, employees, volunteers, officers, agents, representatives, heirs and/or assigns (hereinafter referred to jointly as "SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR”) hereby expressly acknowledge, represent and confirm as follows:
Christian Services Association ("CSA/Extreme Prophetic") and XPMedia.com, Inc., (hereinafter referred to jointly as “CSA/XP”) is presently and actively involved in media, including but not limited to the creation, visioning, inception, development, production, post-production, publication, distribution and/or broadcast of written copy materials, motion picture projects, still picture projects and materials, animation and/or graphic design elements and projects. Such materials and projects include but are not necessarily limited to audio CD’s, DVD’s, CD/DVD jackets, book covers, book manuscripts, scripts, feature films, short films, commercials, webisodes, music videos, documentaries, television pilots, television specials, television
shows, inspirational spots, morality spots and/or reality encounters; additionally stock footage creation, development, production and/or licensing including the licensing of CSA/XP stock footage and/or the
licensing by CSA/XP of third party stock materials; Moreover, CSA/XP expressly acknowledges, represents and confirms that at all times, presently and prospectively, it may have projects in various stages of development, including but not necessarily limited to creation, visioning, development, production, option, license, turn-around, distribution and/or broadcast, which projects may be similar in nature to projects submitted for consideration to the Phoenix Christian Film
Festival. Regardless, all persons and/or entities submitting material(s) to SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR do so with the express knowledge and understanding of this disclaimer. Further, in consideration for the opportunity to submit material(s) to SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR, said persons and/or entities release, waive, discharge, indemnify, hold-harmless and covenant not to sue SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR and/or CSA/XP in the event of the development, production, distribution, publication, release or broadcast, anywhere in the world in any
medium or format, of any product or project which appears to have or may actually have similarity or likeness to submitted material(s).

I am over the age of 18 years and hold any and all rights and authority appurtenant to the submitted
material(s) and necessary for the submission of materials to SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR.