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16-Apr-2014 12:09pm PDT  


Bali International Film Festival - BALINALE

8 Annual October 12, 2014 to October 18, 2014

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Phone: 62361270908
Fax: 62361286425

UNCONFIRMED LISTING • Call for Entries is current, but not yet approved for Online Submission at Withoutabox. You may submit by traditional means, or check back soon in case things change.

We accept narrative, documentary, experimental, multimedia and animated films of maximum 20 minutes in length
Feature Film
The festival presents an exciting mix of thought-provoking, unique and entertaining feature films from around the world.
We feature independent documentaries that are challenging, unique and lift the human spirit.

Bali International Film Festival (aka BALINALE) presents current independent and unique films from around the globe that inspire and entertain our mix of international and domestic audiences.

The philosophy of the festival's non government not for profit Indonesian registered charity foundation is that education matters and the sharing of knowledge through arts and film enables greater exposure, tolerance and acceptance of countries and cultures.

BALINALE is endorsed by Indonesia’s national and provincial government for its proven efforts in delivering cultural, political and economic benefits.

Festival Workshops conducted by awarding filmmakers and industry professionals aims to increase cultural exchange, understanding and collaboration between Indonesia and the world.

The 8th annual Bali International Film Festival (aka BALINALE) is the only international film festival in Indonesia held on Bali and recognized internationally for the quality and diversity of its programming and its professional delivery of the associated events.

The management and advisors to BALINALE have extensive and in-depth experience and contacts within the industry, demonstrating an extraordinary track record of acquiring, developing, producing high profile events and aggressively marketing Bali and Indonesia to the world.

BALINALE promises to be an entertaining and exciting event in celebrating the art of global cinema by presenting all genres of mainstream, independent, documentary and short films from around the world.

Known for its specialized knowledge and importance in promoting films from Indonesia and potential film industry growth within the region, BALINALE was associated with APEC Summit 2013, hosted the ASEAN Film Focus 2011, is appointed Consulting Organization for Asia Pacific Screen Awards (Brisbane, Australia) and ASEAN International Film Festival & Awards (Kuching, Malaysia) and is affiliated with Asian Film Commissions Network (AFCNet) and supported by Motion Picture Association.

BALINALE 2014 will proudly host American Film Showcase (AFS) and Sundance Institute Film Forward held for the first time in Indonesia.

BALINALE is accepting submissions through Withoutabox.

Siti Sundari ; Siti Sundari (Festival Registrar) ; Siti Sundari (Festival Registrar)

Eligible Films
• Films must have been completed after 1 January 2013, and not already have had significant commercial or broadcast exposure.
• PREMIERES are given priority consideration.
• Films shown at other festivals or in limited non-commercial exhibition are eligible.
• Film screenings can only be shown in DVD, DCP and MOV (Quicktime) format.
• You can submit more than one film, as long as each work meets the applicable criteria.
• Each film must have its own submission form and two (2) preview copies
• Foreign language films must be dubbed or subtitled in English
• Submission Fees:
o Early Submissions: $30 if received by 30 May 2014.
o Regular Submissions: $40 if received by 30 June 2014
o Late Submissions: $50 if received by 1 August 2014
Please provide receipt of transfer by fax or email or submission may not be processed properly

The Festival will not consider:
1. Commercials or advertisements.
2. The Festival does not include “works in progress” in its final program.
3. Pornographic content.
Everyone will be notified of their film’s status (accepted or not accepted into the Festival) by approximately 15 September 2014.

BALINALE Audience Choice Award is based on the decision by the film going audience. Trophies are awarded in the following categories: Best Overall Film, Best Feature Film, Best Documentary Film, Best Short Film.

By submitting your film to the Festival, you agree to the final decisions made by the audience. Neither the Festival staff nor the committee is able to provide any comments about your work. Any filmmaker who contacts a juror about the status of a submitted film may be disqualified.

The Submission Process
• Partial or incomplete entries cannot be accepted, so please double-check that you have included everything required in the submission form.
• One person should be designated as the contact for each entry. The Festival handles numerous submissions and can only successfully work with one contact per film. The contact need not be the director or producer, etc., but should be authorized to submit the work, supply information as described on the entry form, and speak on behalf of the production.
• All necessary rights and permissions for festival exhibition of each work submitted is the responsibility of the film production.
• Please fill in all details on the Film Entry Form and submit all the relevant images, bios and Press Kit requirements in the formats required. Failing to do so may cause your film to be rejected during the film submission process and could affect the quality of the promotion of the film you are submitting.

The Selection Committee makes the final decisions about which films will be included in the Festival.

Complete submissions must be received at the BALINALE International Film Festival office by the deadline. Entries may be hand-delivered to the Festival office by that deadline. If you send your submission by mail or delivery service, please plan ahead to make sure it will arrive by that date. Many places may have delayed postal delivery schedules because of holidays, etc. Be early!
We will send notification to the designated contact person that the submission has been received.

If Your Film is Accepted
All contacts will be notified of their film’s status (accepted or not accepted into the Festival) by approximately 15 September 2014.

A certain number of tickets to your film’s screening(s) will be arranged for the contact person. We of course encourage anyone connected to the production to attend, but the Festival can only set aside a small number of tickets for each filmmaker.

Bali International Film Festival (BALINALE) regrets that it is not able to financially support the travel expenses of filmmakers. Acceptance of your film into the Festival program should not be interpreted as also including travel costs or other expenses.


By submitting a film to BALINALE International Film Festival, you acknowledge and agree as follows: 1. I have read, understood, and complied with all eligibility requirements for this film’s category. 2. To the best of my knowledge, all of the statements in this document are true. 3. I am authorized to submit this entry to this Festival. 4 .This entry is not subject to litigation nor is threatened by any litigation. 5. I have secured all necessary rights and permissions for the entry to be exhibited at this Festival, and for any videos/photographs/images provided to this Festival to be used for publicity, promotion and exhibition purposes. 6. I hold the Bali International Film Festival, BALINALE, Bali Taksu Indonesia Foundation and its agents harmless from: damage or loss that may result from my failure to secure such necessary rights and permissions. 7. I take full responsibility and hold the Bali International Film Festival, BALINALE, Bali Taksu Indonesia Foundation and its agents harmless from: damage to or loss of the print/entry en-route upon arrangements for shipping.We will endeavor to care for and protect (the copyright) of your film.) 8. I agree to abide by the decisions of the Bali International Film Festival programmers. 9. Should this film/entry win an award at the Bali International Film Festival, I am authorized and/or empowered by all parties legally representing this entry to designate the following individual(s) to receive the award: a) ……………………………… b) ……………………………… c) ……………………………… 10. In the event no one is designated on the line above, please include a release form from the production company co-signed by director and producer stating the company/individual is entitled to receive award and any payment due therein. The release should be from the director and producer as identified in the credits of the film/entry.