7th Annual

DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival

September 06, 2016 to September 10, 2016

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Dixie State University
225 S University Ave
St. George UT 84770
Phone: 435.879.4273

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Short Documentary
No more than 44 minutes
Features Documentary
Minimum of 45 minutes
Any film submitted by a student registered at an accredited educational institution.
Any film produced by an entity outside the United States of America.


The mission of DOCUTAH is to enlighten, entertain and envision the world through documentary film.


PROJECT BACKGROUND - Dixie State University began an amazing opportunity for documentary filmmakers in 2010. DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival is now an annual event that attracts professional, amateur, and student filmmakers to St. George, Utah each September. With spectacular indoor and outdoor screenings and festivities DOCUTAH is fast becoming a must-attend festival.

AUDIENCE - The 2015 film festival attracted more than 400 submissions coming from 32 countries and contributed to 77 documentary films screening over the five day event. More than 12,000 attendees enjoyed festival activities. We were honored to host filmmakers and VIP guests. As DOCUTAH’s worldwide reputation grows, so does our audience.

FILMS & AWARDS - The goal of DOCUTAH is to create a film festival of international scope. Entries represent a diverse collection of subject matter and countries. Raven Awards are given in each of the following categories: Best Music, Cinematography, Editing, Directing, and Best Picture in both Short and Feature categories in addition to Best Foreign Film, Best Student Film, Audience Favorite and the Helen F. Whitney Vanguard Award.

JUDGING - The judging of films is done by a professional panel reflecting the international flavor of the festival.

SEMINARS - DOCUTAH features panel discussions and master class seminars with internationally renowned guest lecturers who are industry professionals providing an academically based/ hands-on approach to filmmaking.

STUDENTS - We are passionate about supporting student filmmakers as the next generation of industry professionals and offer a special category for student submissions.

Four categories:
• Features — Minimum of 45 minutes
• Shorts —Maximum of 44 minutes
• Foreign
• Student

Submission deadlines:
• Early: February 4, 2016
• Regular: March 4, 2016
• Late: April 4, 2016
• Extended: April 18, 2016
• Closed: May 4, 2016

Entry fees are as follows:
• Any student film any length — $15
• Early Submission —$30
• Regular Submission —$35
• Late Submission —$40
• Extended Submission —$55

Fee Waiver:
DOCUTAH is connected to a non-profit educational institution. Revenue from submissions plays a fundamental role in running the festival. For this reason we are unable to offer fee waivers. We understand that it is challenging enough to raise money to make a film let alone pay festival submission fees, but these fees are necessary to keep the festival running. Thank you for your contribution.

We look forward to receiving your submission.


Karman Wilson (Production Director); Phil Tuckett (Executive Director)


General Entrants
Documentary productions on any subject.

High School Student entries
Documentaries made by a student or group of students in full time education at a High School.

College/University Student entries
Documentaries made by a student or group of students in full or part time education at a University or College.


1. The festival is open to all motion picture makers throughout the world.
2. The language of the festival is English and dialogue or narration must be in English, dubbed in English or with English sub-titles provided by the producer.
3. Entries must have been completed within the past two years.
4. Entries may be entered into one of the five documentary categories listed above.
5. If a documentary is part of a series then only one episode should be entered in the appropriate class.
6. The producer must secure all copyright clearances where applicable and hold DOCUTAH harmless against any infringement by the producer.
7. Only one entry per disk. Please duplicate the entry form if needed.
8. Please provide a short synopsis of the film, details of the producer and crew and photographs. Photographs should be submitted as jpeg files and text as word files.
9. The judge’s decisions are final and binding on the entrants and the organizers.
10. Once your film has been accepted into the festival and you have been notified, you will not be allowed to withdraw your film from the festival.
11. Discs can be returned at the expense of the filmmaker. Please include a FedEx Account Number with your request.

Additional Opportunity

DOCUTAH is creating it’s own internet based channel for on demand viewing of documentary films, the revenues from which will be shared with the filmmaker. If you have interest in receiving more information please send us an email from the contact page of our website at www.docutah.com.


1. Payment of entry fees may be in US dollars, checks, money orders or drafts payable to DOCUTAH or by credit card on the respective submission software.
2. Receipt of entries will be acknowledged by e-mail.
3. Whilst great care will be given to all entries neither the Festival nor its sponsors or organizers can be responsible for damage or loss.
4. DOCUTAH is granted permission to make copies of short clips for promotional purposes.
5. A list of the winning entries will be published on the DOCUTAH website and in appropriate journals.
6. Entries and screening copies will not be returned. Copyright permission forms relating to films being housed in the university library are contained in the Filmmaker Acceptance Packet. Films will be housed in the DSU library should the filmmaker choose to grant permission.
7. Foreign entries should be sent by Air Parcel Post or Air Small Package. Please check your local postal regulations for shipping and let us know if any special regulations apply.
8. Mailing, please allow at least one week for US entries, three weeks for Canadian entries and a month for air mail International entries. When entries are received after the closing date we will notify the entrant and hold them for next year's Festival.
9. Enclose a film synopsis of 35 words or less, film trailer, director’s bio, and list of previous screenings and awards (be brief.)
10. It is suggested that your submission includes press materials, film and filmmaker stills. (Any digital images should be tiff, gif or jpeg format. 300 dpi. No image larger than 1 MB.)