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18-Apr-2014 8:43am PDT  


Crystal Palace International Film Festival

6 Annual November 01, 2014 to November 15, 2014

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32 Nugent Road
Crystal Palace
London SE25 6UB
United Kingdom
Phone: 07958657075

OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES • Select a Category of Entry to continue.

Comedy of any length.
Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy of any length.
Any length.
Feature Film
Feature film over 50 minutes.
Short Film
Short film under 45 minutes.
International Film
Film of any length from non-English speaking country either in English, with subtitles or dubbed into English.
Animated film: hand drawn, stop/start or CGI. Any length.
Music Video
Any music genre, under 8 minutes.
Student Film
Produced by students. Any length.

The Crystal Palace International Film festival is an event designed to showcase independent films and film talent from around the world in a number of genres, formats and lengths. It gives a platform for well made films to be seen by an appreciative audience (in one of the coolest parts of London) that do not usually get to see high quality, independent films.

Winners receive a bespoke, sculpted CPIFF Award judged by film industry and celebrity judges such as UK top comedian Johnny Vegas. Many previous winners have gone on to theatrical and DVD distribution as well as TV broadcast.

Crystal Palace International Film Festival, CPIFF aims to promote independent film makers from all over the world. The festival is a huge success, extremely well attended, very well received and has grown immensly over the years. We always have a number of world, European and UK premieres of top quality films. CPIFF is discussed on BBC radio and advertised in a number of London and UK publications such as Time Out. The bigger, staged nights including the awards night, hosted by TV comedian Mark Steel were all sold out last season. The aim is to get bigger and bigger each year.

The Festival provides a platform for independent film makers to have their films screened at selected venues around Crystal Palace in London to a passionate audience of film professionals, journalists and the general public and to win a best in category CPIFF award. With Harlequin Productions TV connections there is some scope for future TV broadcasts.

There are 10 CPIFF awards presented at the Festival; the winners are chosen by a prestigious panel of judges including the UK's famous comedian, writer and producer, Johnny Vegas; Sony Award winning comedian, author and columnist Mark Steel, Neville Astley creator of Peppa Pig, Producer Beverley Dixon and Brian Dooley Bafta winning writer.

Crystal Palace is also simply one of the coolest places in London as well as one of the most beautiful. Aptly the very first colour TV transmissions were sent from here by John Logie Baird who invented TV and the BBC still broadcast from the 2 large transmitters clearly visible for miles.

Films must be submitted to the CPIFF (Crystal Palace International Film Festival) by 12 September 2014.

Please note that information given on the submission form may be used by CPIFF for publications.

CPIFF accepts no responsibility if the information provided is inaccurate.

Please note that submissions entered will NOT be returned.


By submitting to the Festival, you agree to the following: Images from the film can be used in CPIFF (Crystal Palace International Film Festival) publications, the CPIFF website and all other media outlets related to CPIFF publicity and you indemnify CPIFF against any responsibilities incurred by the screening of this film. The CPIFF can keep the preview tape/disc for its archive film libraries for viewing by other film festivals and organisations. Within a short period from the festival starting films cannot be withdrawn. E.G. if we have gone to print and/or announced the screening schedule and/or publicised such materials tha would be affected by a withdrawal.