4th Annual

RE:IMAGE Film Festival

April 06, 2014 to April 06, 2014

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701 Lawrenceville Road
Diocese of Trenton
Office of Radio and Television
Lawrenceville NJ 08648
Phone: 609-406-7405
Fax: 609-406-7452

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General Competition
Open to all filmmakers 30 years and older, as well as film production companies, groups and organizations.
College/Young Adult Competition
Open to all filmmakers, both student and non, ages 19-29, as well as college organizations and young adult groups.
High School Competition
Our High School Competition is open to all filmmakers ages 13-18, as well as youth groups and other high school organizations.


The RE:IMAGE Film Festival of the Diocese of Trenton was established to support and encourage the next generation of visual storytellers to explore the glory of God's creation, capture the perseverance for justice and truth, and uphold and defend the dignity of the human person.


Sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Trenton, the RE:IMAGE Film Festival is a one day celebration of the moving image and how it reflects God’s love in our world. We showcase the work of artists and filmmakers who deliver inspiring, uplifting and faith-filled messages through film and digital media formats.


Matthew Greeley; Patrick Dolan (Associate Director); Patrick Dolan (RE:IMAGE Coordinator)


Entries will be judged on direction and storyline, artistic quality, and adherence to the mission of the festival. Films must be no longer than 25 minutes in length and must have been completed no earlier than January 2011. English subtitles are required for all foreign language films. Participation is open to persons of any faith or place of origin.

The filmmaker is responsible for submitting his/her film by the designated deadline he/she paid for. RE:IMAGE is not responsible for any lost or damaged submission and festival screeners. Entry fees will not be refunded for lost, damaged, or unsubmitted films. Entry fees will also not be refunded for films not accepted into competition.

Entries will be selected for screening at the discretion of the RE:IMAGE Film Festival Committee. Films containing licensed film and video clips, images and music without the permission of the licensee will not be considered. Due to the faith and family-oriented nature of the RE:IMAGE Film Festival, submissions containing profanity, excessive violence or material unsuitable for minors will also not be considered for selection. Filmmakers who have their work accepted for competition will be notified by April 1, 2014.

If paying by check or money order, please enclose it with your film in the selected format. DO NOT SEND CASH. Films will not be returned unless requested by the filmmaker via enclosing a pre-paid, self-addressed mailer or picking up at the Diocese of Trenton Pastoral Center after May 15, 2014.


Upon submitting your film to RE:IMAGE Film Festival, you give permission to the RE:IMAGE Festival Committee to publicize images, titles and names associated with your submission to our festival website and program as well as any corresponding publications and news articles for promotional use.

RE:IMAGE retains the right to accept and decline submissions for competition at any time and at the will of the RE:IMAGE Film Festival Committee. Entry fees will not be returned or refunded for declined, lost damaged and unsubmitted entries.

Filmmakers who have their work accepted for competition by RE:IMAGE will be notified by April 1, 2014.