8th Annual

The Golden Blasters: The National Irish Science Fiction Film Awards

October 14, 2016 to October 14, 2016

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58 Ashton Wood
Herbert Road
Bray Wicklow 0000
Phone: 00353 86 8188992

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Short Film Competition
We accept all short films from the science fiction, fantasy and horror genre.

Best Short Screenplay
Best Short screenplay entries in the genres of Horror , Fantasy or Science Fiction must not exceed 20 pages and must be in the correct Screenplay format (Courier, Font size 12)


The Golden Blasters (The National Irish Science Fiction Film Awards) is a film festival dedicated to the art of the short film in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

It is our aim to bring greater recognition and attention to those film makers and screenwriters who create speculative fiction in the format of the short film.


The Festival, in its Eighth year, will be taking submissions from the general public for the short film competition, as well as for our script competition from April 2016 onwards.The Festival is Normally held annually at The National Irish Science Fiction Convention, Octocon, and this year is no exception. We take submissions from anywhere in the world, and the winners are selected by audience vote and the deliberations of our panel of judges.

Last Year's winners were:

Golden Blaster: (Best Picture)

Directed by Mariana Conde

Silver Blaster: (Audience Award)

The Detectives of Noir Town
Directed by Andrew Chambers

Golden Blaster (Best Screenplay)

The Dirty Naturals: Where's My Bunny
Writer: Derek Willis


John Vaughan (Filmmaker); John Vaughan (Filmmaker); John Vaughan (Mr.); Pat Fanning (Committee)


Scripts can be up to twenty pages in length (this is a shorts competition) and must be in the correct format (Courier, font size 12).

Films can be as short as you like, however the ideal running time should be 12 to 18 minutes ... this event is dedicated to the art of the short ... we will look at films that run a minute or two longer than that and will consider them if their quality is high enough.
Shorts can be horror, science fiction and fantasy, and can be a mixture of live action, animation and music video.

Short Film Exhibition Format
Films can be filmed on any format but entries must be presented as download (preferred), or on DVD or CD-ROM for consideration. The Same for Exhibition; however if submitting via DVD or CD-ROM, we request two copies

There are three awards
* Best Picture (Golden Blaster
* Audience Award (Silver Blaster)
* Short Screenplay (Golden Blaster)

The Winners of the Golden Blasters in Best Picture and Best Screenplay will be decided upon by a select panel of judges

The Winner of the Silver Blaster will be decided on the members of the audience.


You agree that we may screen your film publicly during the Festival, and use excerpts or full films on our website or elsewhere for promotional purposes only.
No Fee Waivers.
All non English language films must include English language subtitles
All Films Accepted must arrive by September 1st with shipping , customs and taxes pre paid..
You agree that entry does not guarantee acceptance as per the above requirements. No Materials shall be returned under any circumstance.

No materials will be returned to you under any circumstances.