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1714 5th Ave
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"Post Your Screenplay Online. Get Feedback. Gain Recognition."
"Your Door to Hollywood."


“You guys were so helpful with commercial agencies that I ended up signing with the wonderful Joan Messinger at Pinnacle. That’s why you are all so awesome.” --Jerry terHorst, “Terry Putlett: Super Janitor!”

“Someone from Sicily wants to fund “Angel’s Redencion” if my director will shoot in Sicily! They got the script off of the ScreenplayFest site! Wild!" –Samantha Grant, “Angel’s Redencion”

"I managed to get 5 producers to read my script! I'm very happy with Screenplay Fest's results, and I want to thank you for helping to make them happen!" --Jaqueline Stahl, "Near Death Tango"

"The exec at Lionsgate's Pantelion Films tells me that the latest version of the script (the one with your help) made it past the studio readers and they're considering it in their development meetings. Just wanted to say thanks again." --Nathan S. Jones, "Tongue Tied"

"Screenplay Fest provided exposure to a fostering community of fellow writers and film fans that added fuel to my creative tank." --David Ebeltoft, "You Were Once Called Queen City"

“My stories are listed on a few other sites, but NONE are as insightful, helpful as ScreenplayFest, especially with comments and criticism about every aspect of my scripts, whether grammar, format, subtext,typos, proofing, loglines. I mean, who needs USC or NYU film school when I have Screenplayfest as my coach??? It really means a lot to me. Great work.” – Frank Vespe (2012 ScreenplayFest Contestant)

Philadelphia's "Screenplay Fest" is a unique opportunity for writers to receive:

1) Much FEEDBACK on your work to better your screenplay.

2) PUBLICITY - Every Screenplay is uploaded onto our website for multiple months allowing agents, managers and producers to view them.

3) AWARDS valuing over $5000 from our Sponsors provide: A) FACE-to-FACE Pitch opportunities with OVER 100 HOLLYWOOD EXECS as well as 6,000+ Email Blasts to Execs. The Great American Pitchfest in Los Angeles B) Weekend Workshop and Story LESSONS from renowned master-instructor ROBERT MCKEE in NYC. C) The #1 Screenwriting Resource INKTIP's Screenwriting Pitching and Publicity Package. D) Several Analysis Packages to improve your screenplay, including one of the best Script Consultants in the business, Wendy Kram. E) Unique Screenwriting Softwares. F) Cash Prize... The best opportunities to get your work into the hands of producers, agents and managers - the very people who can make your writing dreams a reality.

Our goal is to improve the Writer's Screenplay to the max, and push YOUR script into the hands of Industry Execs who can open doors for the writer. How you ask? By not only exposing your script online for multiple months, but also by offering the "Complete Awards Package:" Writing softwares to perfect your script, analysis packages (3 coverage/analysis, one face to face or telephone), a weekend workshop with the STORY master Robert McKee, a query analysis to prepare you for 10,000 email blasts to execs, and finally a face to face pitch analysis to prepare you for the Great American Pitchfest where YOU pitch your script face to face to 100+ Execs. AND, you may still MARKET your script online with 2 separate marketing campaigns including the renowned Screenwriters Resource website INKTIP.


Philadelphia's "Screenplay Fest" is an ONLINE COMPETITION where writers submit their screenplays. ALL SCRIPTS are uploaded onto our website for members, producers, writers and anyone to give FEEDBACK and vote on.

Only a $20 ENTRY FEE through WAB for Contest 1 !


1) SUBMIT through WITHOUTABOX.com.

2) We UPLOAD every script submission to our website, "Screenplay Fest," per deadline. Scripts compete against one another each deadline.

3) Agents, Producers, Writers, Anyone VOTE ON and REVIEW your work.

The Judges votes combined with the Online votes determine the Winning Screenplay. The highest rated screenplay wins a handful of AWARDS valued over $5000 to better your screenplay and to help get you recognized.

Sponsors Include: INKTIP, the Great American PitchFest, ROBERT MCKEE's Story Seminar and Storylogue, Story Rescue, Script Pipeline, My Script Needs Help, Movie Outline 3, Scripped, Script It!, Great Dialogue, SellaScript, Script Delivery, Wendy Kram LA4HIRE Consulting...

We also hold a FREE Log Line Competition where writers submit their Log Lines / Story Ideas which are uploaded to our website for anyone to vote on and review. Log Line MONTHLY AWARDS include LA FOR HIRE critique from Wendy Kram, top 3 consultant; FREE submission into our script contest; and free promotions from Screenwriters Showcase -- valuing over $500 to improve your idea and expose your screenplay - bringing you one step to closer to Hollywood. Visit our website: www.ScreenplayFest.com to submit your FREE Log Line!

Please visit our website for more information: www.ScreenplayFest.com


Screenwriters can post their loglines for free on our website each month to earn feedback and to win monthly awards, including: FREE script upload into our ScreenplayFest; Wendy Kram, top 3 consultant, from www.la4hire.com will critique winning loglines each month; and www.ScreenwriterShowcase.com offers their promotional package. $500 in yearly awards are awarded to the best logline of the year as well. It's completely FREE! www.loglinefest.screenplayfest.com


Submit your 250 word synopsis FREE. Win awards every two months -- Joe Gilford, NYU professor and consultant from www.StoryRescue.com will critique your synopsis; and www.ScriptPipeline.com will give you a 1-year subscription to their Writers Database to help sell your script! Also, ScreenplayFest will give you a FREE script submission into our Script Contest! www.SynopsisFest.screenplayfest.com


Post your movie trailers for FREE! www.trailerfest.screenplayfest.com. Best trailers win an iphone app: POCKET CALL SHEETS


Joseph Frio (Festival Registrar); Robert Errey (Administration)



1) When you submit your screenplay, please NO contact information on the script. Only TITLE and NAME.

2) DO NOT MAIL US YOUR SCREENPLAY. This is an ONLINE COMPETITION. Scripts should only be submitted electronically as a PDF File.

3) Screenplays must be 90 to 125 pages in length. No Shorts, Stage Plays, or Teleplays.

4) Screenplays must be submitted in English.

5) All writers of submitted material must be 18 years or older, including co-authored material.

6) APPLICATION / TERMS / RELEASE FORMS on WITHOUTABOX.com must be filled-out / ELECTRONICALLY SIGNED for screenplay submissions.

7) Screenplays must be the original work of the author.

8) Screenplays adapted from other sources that were written by other authors (such as but not limited to books or plays) are NOT eligible to compete in Philadelphia's Screenplay Fest Competition, regardless of the source author's permission.

9) Screenplays adapted from other sources by the author of that source are NOT eligible to compete in Philadelphia's Screenplay Fest Competition if the source material has previously optioned, sold or produced.

10) Screenplays that have been previously optioned, sold or produced are not eligible to compete in Philadelphia's Screenplay Fest Competition.

11) Online submissions must be sent by 11:59 PM on the Final Day.


1) EVERY screenplay submitted EARLY, REGULAR, LATE, EXTENDED will be UPLOADED ONLINE FOR VOTING. The submitted scripts will compete against one another in their own separate Online Contest during each Deadline Submission period. The TOP FOUR scripts from each will advance into the Grand Prize Contest and be considered Quarter-Finalists.

2) A MINIMUM OF 16 SCREENPLAYS and a MAXIMUM OF 30 (considered "Quarter-finalists") will be uploaded to Screenplay Fest's GRAND PRIZE Online Competition for voting. The total uploads depend on the strength of the submissions.

3) The winning Screenplays are determined by the average of the Members' votes plus the average of the Judges' votes (50% Members + 50% judges).

4) Anyone may be a Member! Your screenplay does not have to be accepted into Screenplay Fest's Online Competition to be a member and to vote-on / review a screenplay.

5) How do I become a Member? Simply, register on our website!

6) Each member (contestant or other) will be able to vote ONE time on every script. You may NOT vote on the same Screenplay more than once. If you do so you will be disqualified.

**7) YOU MUST "vote on and review" a minimum of TWO screenplays (other than your own if you are a contestant) for your votes to count, and to be eligible for "The Voter's Award." **


1) All submissions qualify a screenplay to compete in ONE "Genre Grouping."

2) There are FOUR groupings of genres:

A) Drama
B) Comedy / Family
C) Thriller / Horror
D) Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Fantasy

3) Submitting a screenplay to TWO Genre Groupings requires an additional fee of $15.00.


1) A writer may enter more than one screenplay; however, a separate entry form and fee (or two separate submissions through WITHOUTABOX) are required for each script submitted.

2) For more than two screenplay submissions, there is a $5 discount on two of the screenplay submissions (ie, submitting three screenplays would equal a $10.00 total discount). If you submit through WITHOUTABOX, your total discount will be reimbursed.



1. The writer(s), producer or agent (hereby known as "Writer"), agree and understand that The Philadelphia Screenplay Fest, and their operators (hereby known as "Analysts") become privy to many literary materials, scripts and ideas, and the Writer's script may be similar/identical in nature, theme, idea, plot, format and/or other respects to said materials received and/or created by the Analysts. Writer agrees to hold harmless the Analysts from any similarity between the script the Writer is submitting (hereby known as "Material") and any other script the Analysts receives, creates or has created. Writer hereby releases the Analysts from any and all claims, liabilities and demands that may be made by the Writer asserting that the Analysts has used or appropriated the Material, or any portion thereof. Writer further agrees he/she will not be entitled to any compensation because of the use by the Analysts of such similar material which may have been independently created by the Analysts or have come to the Analysts from any other independent sources.

2. The Writer represents that the Writer is at least eighteen (18) years of age and holds all legal rights to the Material submitted for analysis.

3. The Writer hereby acknowledges that the sole responsibility of protecting the Material belongs to the Writer, and that the Analysts strongly recommends Copyright protection and/or WGA Registration before submitting Material for analysis.

4. The Writer agrees that no confidential relationship is established by submitting this material and acknowledges that the Analysts and its affiliates are under no obligation other than to provide analysis services to determine contest winners.

5. The Writer understands and agrees that literary service is a subjective service, allowing for reasonable disagreement as to the relative merits of the submission. The Writer understands that the coverage may or may not be complimentary or positive in its judgment, and that the evaluation fee is non-refundable.

6. The Writer understands that the Analysts may retain or destroy the Material and acknowledges possession of additional copies of same.

7. The Writer agrees that he/she is submitting Material freely, for analysis services only, not for sale or representation, or for assistance with gaining a sale or representation. The Writer further agrees that the Analysts may refuse service to anyone, at any time, for any reason.

8. The Analysts hereby waives all interest in the submitted Material project, in any and all media, throughout the universe in perpetuity. Should the Writer choose to implement any of the Analysts' ideas or suggestions they become the full property of the Writer.

9. Any ideas or suggestions provided by the Analysts are provided “AS IS” without warranties of any kind. Any use of the ideas or suggestions are at Writer’s sole risk.

10. The Writer understands that by submitting through a website other than ScreenplayFest.com (ie Withoutabox.com), the Writer must still register on ScreenplayFest.com and upload his/her screenplay through ScreenplayFest.com. Failing to do so will result in no refund, but the Writer may re-submit through ScreenplayFest.com with a waived entrance fee so long as the entrance fee is equal to or less than the original submission fee to which the Writer submitted.

11. The Writer understands that all transactions are final without refunds. However, in case of issues, we do offer waived entrance fees for future contests. This offer and the severity of the issue is determined by the Analyst.

12. The Writer understands that In the event that an uploaded script does not receive reviews/feedback. The Analyst determines whether or not to grant the script a waived entrance fee into the next contest dependent upon whether or not another contest exists.

13. The Writer understands that his/her screenplay and email may be posted on the Analysts’ website if the Writer is a finalist in the competition – scripts and emails may be removed upon the Writer’s request."

14. The Writer understands that the Analysts will not provide services without this signed and/or electronically signed/agreed upon Release Form/Terms.

15. The Writer understands that by electronically highlighting the WITHOUTABOX.COM "agreement to these terms" button and submitting his/her screenplay into Screenplay Fest, it represents a handwritten signature by the the Writer, and this Release Form/Terms do apply to him/her and/or the author of the submitted material.