19th Annual

The Johns Hopkins Film Festival

March 31, 2016 to April 03, 2016

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90 Gilman Hall
3400 N. Charles St.
Baltimore MD 21218
Phone: (410) 516-5048

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Documentary Shorts
This category is open to any documentary under 45 minutes in length.
Narrative Features
This category is open to fiction films over 45 minutes in length.
Documentary Features
Any documentary form subject from any genre that is longer than 45 minutes.
Any film that would be considered non-narrative and experimental in nature.
This category is open to animated films of any length.
Narrative Shorts
Short films up to 45 minutes in length are accepted from anywhere in the world.


The Johns Hopkins Film Festival is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote the work of fledgling yet visionary filmmakers. The JHUFF showcases the work of filmmakers new to the festival circuit in order to cultivate new talent, jump start filmmakers' careers and visibility, and create and nourish a film community that actively engages with new talent - our focus lies in connecting our audiences with participating filmmakers and their personal stories, just as much as the stories they tell.

Accepted submissions are capped at roughly 20 films. This cap will lead to an incredibly selective decision-making process, but also to personalized focus and attention to each participating filmmaker. We are open to filmmakers of any age, status, and background, and only ask that this be a film early in filmmakers' careers, preferably the first submitted to the festival circuit. We are a student-run festival, but recognize that emerging filmmakers span anywhere from within to far beyond the student pool, especially given the rise in access to more affordable means of production - as a result, we welcome new filmmakers who are young, old, students, self-taught, and/or DIY. As our title suggests, we're devoted to showcasing new classics and promoting the auteurs of tomorrow.

Narrative and documentary shorts and features will be accepted, as well as animated and experimental work.


Now in its 19th year of existence, the Johns Hopkins Film Festival is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote the films and careers of fledgling yet visionary filmmakers via a highly selective showcase of ~20 films and through a compilation of personal profiles of the filmmakers who created them.

Taking place in Shriver Hall on the Johns Hopkins campus, which boasts the third largest screen in Maryland, the festival sources an active and engaged audience from the Hopkins student body as well as the larger Baltimore community. Via monthly 35mm screenings and other events throughout the year, JHUFF fosters an active body of film viewers from both communities, building an an engaged audience for the Film Festival in the early spring.

The Film Festival also showcases 3-4 retrospective and contemporary films on 35mm with full cinema sound, which have ranged from art house to classics, cult classics, and children's films.


Gillian Waldo (Co-Director); Ian McMurray; Julia Gunnison; Meredith Ward (Festival Registrar)


Screening copies should be NTSC compatible DVD or Blu-Ray. Screening copies will not be returned.

Submission Instructions

Short Films: Up to 45 minutes of programming (collections of multiple shorts) may be submitted as one entry, with one entry fee. Short film programs of 45 minutes and longer must be submitted as two entries, with two entry fees.

Feature Films: Each feature counts as one entry. If an entrant is interested in entering two features they must each be accompanied by their own entry form and fee.

Films from outside of North America: Please contact us before submitting your entry regarding your entry fee. All films in languages other than English should be subtitled or dubbed in English. If your film is in a language other than English and is not subtitled or dubbed, please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.

Shipping: Cost of shipping to the festival is the responsibility of the entrant, unless otherwise indicated by the festival. Shipping must be prepaid. JHUFF will handle shipping from the festival. Any special shipping arrangements, such as to another festival, must be made at least two weeks before the festival. If the entrant plans to attend the festival, they may take the print with them at the end of the festival. However, prints must be in the festival office at least one week before the festival begins. Contact us if this will not be possible.

We're equipped to show 35mm, Blu-ray, and DVD.


All submissions will be watched and judged by the JHU Film Society. Submission does not guarantee acceptance, and entry fees are nonrefundable. Filmmakers with accepted films will be notified by March 1, 2016. We allow Blu-ray, NTSC DVD, 35mm as festival formats, but shipping of a secondary format is the responsibility of the entrant. Publicity materials for accepted submissions are appreciated. The festival will exercise all due care with materials sent. However, we cannot accept or assume responsibility for damage or loss of materials submitted. Sorry, that includes your one and only beautiful 35mm print. If your film is accepted, JHFF reserves the right to use its title and press materials in promotion of the festival. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.