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16-Apr-2014 6:18am PDT  


Citizen Jane Film Festival

7 Annual November 07, 2014 to November 09, 2014

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Citizen Jane Film Festival
Stephens College
1200 E Broadway
Columbia MO 65215
Phone: (573) 356-5365
Fax: (573) 876-2330

OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES • Select a Category of Entry to continue.

Narrative Feature
Fiction films 50+ minutes.
Documentary Feature
Non-fiction films 40+ minutes
Narrative Short
A short fiction film. Please be aware that the preferred length of a short film is under 15 minutes for programming purposes. We will consider anything less than 50 minutes, but the longer the film the more difficult it is for us to program.
Young Female Filmmaker
Short films made by young women 18 and under. Films must be no more than 25 minutes.
Student Filmmaker
Short films made by women in undergraduate or graduate film classes or programs in higher ed. If you are a high school student or K-12, please submit in our Young Female Filmmaker category!
Documentary Short
A short non-fiction film. Please be aware that the preferred length of a short film is under 15 minutes for programming purposes. We will consider anything less than 50 minutes, but the longer the film the more difficult it is for us to program.
Experimental Short
How do you define experimental film? If it doesn't fit in the other categories, it probably fits here.
Missouri Made
Are you a female filmmaker who either made a short film about Missouri or live in Missouri and made a short film? If so, submit here! We have a special short film showcase called "Ms.souri Made" showcasing films female filmmakers from Missouri and we're looking to find the best of the Midwest. This was a new shorts program last year, and our most popular!
Any short animated film 15 minutes or less.

The Citizen Jane Film Festival supports independent film by independent women. We tackle head on the gross under representation of women in the film industry with wild rebellion through art! In one inspiring weekend we create an intimate web of support for female filmmakers and our faithful audience of all genders. With unique film experiences, lively discussions, workshops, and boisterous parties, CJFF honors female filmmakers from diverse backgrounds and in all stages of their careers. We bring guest artists and audiences from all over to share ideas and build a collaborative community to last far beyond the festival itself. If you are accepted into the festival, we truly hope you will join us for the weekend (and we help support you so you can make it worth your while).

PLEASE NOTE: The Citizen Jane Film Festival screens films directed or co-directed by women.

The Citizen Jane Film Festival grew out of a collaboration with Stephens College, a 180-year old women’s college (the second oldest in the nation) with a growing film production program. Since 2004, Stephens College has invited female filmmakers, producers, and writers from all over the country to present their films to the Stephens College and Columbia communities as part of the Citizen Jane Lecture Series.

The Citizen Jane Film Festival first premiered in October 2008 and has grown and sprouted new endeavors ever since. The festival screens films in all genres by filmmakers from all ages, including award-winning indie films (such as Winter's Bone, Tiny Furniture, and Trouble the Water) as well as lesser known gems that have been overlooked by the film industry. We highlight the pioneers of film with special guests like Christine Vachon and Barbara Hammer. And we work to inspire younger and emerging filmmakers as well, screening first time filmmaker work and bringing guest artists from all ages (youngest has been 7 years old, oldest 72!) and all stages of their careers to come together and inspire and mentor one another.

Kerri Yost (Co-Director, Programmer) ; Linda Pattie (Festival Registrar) ; Linda Pattie (Festival Registrar) ; Paula Elias (Co-Director)

*Films and videos of any length or genre: narrative, documentary, animation, experimental, student and young filmmakers are accepted by Citizen Jane Film Festival.

*Submissions must be directed or co-directed by a woman.

*CJFF is not a “premiere” festival meaning that your film does not have to be a premiere to be accepted. We only accept completed films and prefer to wait until the following year for works in progress.

*A separate entry form and fee is required with each submission.

*Preview formats: we STRONGLY prefer the online screener for environmental reasons. If you cannot do this, please send 2 DVDs coded for region 1 or 0.

*Non-English language films must be subtitled in English.

*Because of a small staff, we cannot return any materials submitted. Screeners are not shared outside of our office and submissions committee.

*Please use paper cases for DVDs. It is unnecessary to send your DVD in a jewel case or include any press materials. Any additional packaging will only be discarded/recycled.

*If sending a check, make payable to Citizen Jane Film Festival.


I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree that to the best of my knowledge, all information in this document is true; I confirm that a woman has directed or co-directed the film submitted; I have all necessary legal authority and rights required to submit this film to the Citizen Jane Film Festival; I have read and accept all of the entry guidelines and rules; I acknowledge that my entry materials may not be returned to me; I hold the Citizen Jane Film Festival harmless from damage to or loss of the submission package en route to the Citizen Jane Film Festival; If accepted, I grant the Citizen Jane Film Festival the royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to exhibit my film or video and to use, reproduce, publish, translate and exhibit any and all publicity materials related to the film, including but not limited to stills, press releases, bios, trailers in whole or in part without limitation to territory, and/or to include said publicity materials with other works in any form, media, or technology, for the year of entry.