05th Annual

Depth Of Field International Film Festival

March 20, 2018 to March 21, 2018

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17601 Coastal Hwy
Unit 11, #51
Nassau DE 19969-9998

CLOSED FOR THE SEASON • Information may be outdated. Add this event to your Watch List and set a Remind-Me if you want to be notified when the next Call For Entries is posted.

Feature or Short Films in the drama/romance genre, with a running
time of more than 10 minutes.
Feature or Short Films in the comedic genre, with a running
time of 10-115 minutes.
Feature or Short Films in the science fiction genre, with a running
time of 10-115 minutes.
Feature or Short Films in the horror genre, with a running
time of 10-115 minutes.
Dust Collector
Feature or Short Films that were produced up until, and including, 2008, with a running time of 10-115 minutes.
Zero Budget
Any feature or short film with a running time of 10-115 minutes, ANY GENRE! Actors and crew must be UNPAID. No fee-paid original music scores---music must be from pre-recorded software or associates who do it for free. Any entrants who are found not to meet these requirements will be disqualified.
Any film, any length, produced strictly in a documentary style format ("based on true story," "inspired by true story," and "docudramas" do NOT qualify).
Loose Shorts
Any film with a running time of 15-59 minutes. ANY GENRE!
Tight Shorts
'form fitting' shorts with a running time of 15 minutes or less. ANY GENRE!
Feature or short films produced by students. Must have proof of current student enrollment, or have proof of the awarding of their degree within 6 months of the postmark date of their entry.
TV Show
Episodic TV shows, 60 minutes or less. ANY GENRE!
TV Commercial
Any TV Commercial 1 minute or less.
Any Public Service Announcement, any length.
Any animated feature or short, any length (may include live action segments).
Any film, any length, with inspirational, religious or moral themes relating to the triumph of the human spirit, taking on the challenge to 'do what's right,' making the world a better place in some way, etc.


Feedback: The one element most festivals ignore.

Instead of paying submission fees and getting nothing in return, EVERYONE who submits to DOFIFF.COM will receive one of two benefits: Either 1): your film is already competition calibre, and gets accepted/nominated to compete, OR 2): you’ll receive a letter outlining exactly what is keeping it from being accepted. If you can make corrections, you resubmit for FREE. See why filmmakers thank us and say “Best Festival Ever!”

-Guaranteed distributor review by World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation (WWMPC.COM) and Adler & Associates among others, AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU, for our select few ‘Best Of’ and "Award of Outstanding Excellence" winners based on sufficient qualified entries. For this free service, DOFIFF requires NO CONTRACTS to be signed.
-The chance to thereby be included in one of that distributor’s buyers’ packets on the world film market
-A festival that is run as a web-based competition, instead of a traditional film festival: 100% of our effort and investment goes into finding a market for you, not into renting theatres unless it is dictated by the distributors to further test the market.
-All top winners will have the opportunity to screen their films on WRPN.TV, the exclusive virtual theatre venue for DOFIFF (optional), on an On-demand basis.
-Any film that is rejected will receive a personal letter explaining what elements caused the rejection (unlike other fests who never give any explanation at all)
-Any film that is accepted, but fails to move on to award status, will be given a free synopsis of the judges notes, at the filmmakers request, for free
-FREE Earlybird entry of any rejected film, into DOFIFF’s next competition, upon completion of the suggested corrections outlined in your rejection letter
-$28 flat fee for ALL STUDENT FILM ENTRIES regardless of deadline status (proof required of student status at time of filming: no refunds if your ID is not legitimate)
-Unique Category distinctions:
“Dust Collector” category for pre-2009 films
“Tight Shorts” and “Loose Shorts” distinction between running times of less than 15 minutes and those between 15-59 minutes
“Horror” and “Sci-Fi” have been separated into two distinct categories
"Art-house film"
"Webisode/TV series"
-Finally, you can rest assured that our co-founder is a proud Committee Member for the Universal Film & Festival Organization (UFFO.ORG). The UFFO is a non-profit operating out of the U.K., which exists for "Promoting best business practices for film festivals.” This guarantees that your film will benefit from a fair and thorough judging process.


Now in its fifth season, DOFIFF has attracted films from 43 countries in 20 unique genre categories. Go to www.dofiff.com for more information.

DOFIFF, in cooperation with our distribution colleagues, is proud to offer guaranteed distributor review to the top winners in these award levels*:

"Best Of Show"
"Award of Outstanding Excellence"

*(Please note: If there is insufficient competition within any particular category, DOFIFF reserves the right to withdraw a "Best Of" presentation in that particular category.)

Other award levels include:
"Award Of Excellence"
"Award Of Exceptional Merit"
"Award Of Merit"
"Kudos Endeavor Award"

There are also many sub-category awards that will be presented based on production values, such as: Best actor, actress, cinematography, digital special effects, special effects makeup, direction, editing, entertainment value, etc.

There are no time limits here, so even if you made a movie 15 years ago and didn't know how to get it out to the public at the time, you are still eligible for this festival (check out the "dust collectors"' film category). Undiscovered and first-time filmmakers have as much chance as the bigger budget films to be recognized for their achievements. YOU are the star here! Isn't the whole idea of independent film to get away from corporate Hollywood and find new entertainment with a different voice? All Official Selections in Major categories, and Winners in Major and Sub-Categories, will be listed on the DOFIFF website, and all top winners will have the opportunity to screen their films on WRPN.TV, the exclusive virtual theatre venue for DOFIFF (optional) as an On-Demand Option, right next to celebrity interviews with the likes of Hollywood elite such as George Takai, John Landis, Maggie Q., Bai Ling and many many others.


Carlos Roman (Founder, Executive Producer); John Relosa (Event Publicity Management); Judith Roman, CPA (Financial Officer); Kate Amerson (North Carolina Representative); Kevin Troy (Public Relations Manager); Lew Fraga (Graphic Design); Nick Braaksma (Aruba/Netherlands Representative); Philip Jones, Esq. (DOFIFF Legal Operations); Raja Deka (Hollywood, CA Representative); Sandy Lisiewski (Research Coordinator); Sharon Carpenter-Rose (Executive Producer); Sharon Carpenter-Rose (Festival Registrar); Sharon Carpenter-Rose (Founder, Executive Producer)


On-line Screeners are preferred!

DOFIFF is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for co
mpetition at the Festival for promotional purposes.

Trailers for winning entries may also be streamed on the DOFIFF.COM website and WRPN.TV

The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations.

The Competition reserves the right to refuse entries.

Submissions in other than English must be subtitled, dubbed or include an English transcript.

If there is insufficient competition within any particular category, DOFIFF reserves the right to withdraw a "Best Of" presentation in that particular category.

In order to insure that each film is studied and rated an individual basis, DOFIFF has instituted a system to insure that entries do not compete against each other, but instead are recognized for their own individual merits.

For all intents and purposes, they compete against themselves: each entry is judged on individual merits and scored on an inherent value system. We want to ensure that the judges’ focus is on you when it is your turn to be evaluated, not on all the other films that are in cue: this ensures that they will not have comparisons going on in their minds when they should be focusing entirely on YOU.

Judges score entries on a performance scale and winning entries are recognized and awarded not only for Best Of Show, but also for two Awards of Excellence levels, two Awards of Merit levels, a Kudos Endeavor Award, or no award.

Best of Show honors are granted to the top scoring entry/entries for each season; Awards of Excellence are granted to entries with truly exceptional artistic and technical achievements; and notable achievements are recognized at the Award of Merit and 'Kudos' award levels.

The number of awards granted at any given level will fluctuate based on the total number of entries received for each competition deadline.

The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless DEPTH OF FIELD INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, WRPN.TV, and ROMAN PICTURES from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.


Insufficient entrants or submissions in any particular category, or the absence of proper quality/caliber among category submissions, may preclude the awarding of "Best Of...." awards or special recognition awards in that category. Applicants must agree to hold Depth Of Field International Film Festival, Roman Pictures, and/or IWRPN.TV without fault if any particular category terminates or terminates without a qualified winner.

Entries may have distribution, but this distribution must be NON-EXCLUSIVE.