7th Annual

The Seventh Annual Philip K. Dick International Film Festival of Science Fiction,Fantastic Film,Science and the Supernatural

March 08, 2019 to March 11, 2019

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1380 Riverside Drive 7e
New York NY 10033
Phone: 917-362-9337
Fax: 718-626-4115

OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES • Select a Category of Entry to continue.

Dramatic Competition
We look at strong stories with a science theme. Stories that force the viewer to question reality. Some themes may include infinity, immortality, what is human, time, space, consciousness. cyberpunk, robotics,new perspectives that challenge what is real
Shorts Competition
All genres that explore reality and our perception of it. We are looking for original voices and visions. Short stories, adaptations from Science Fiction writers.Arthur C Clarke.,Heinlein.Powerful imagination,premise,plot or all of the above.
Science Fiction Feature
We are looking for thoughtful Science Fiction; one that challenges us with the mystery of the mind and the universe. We are not just looking for special effects or gore but mystery, suspense and atmosphere,eg 2001, PI, CUBE, THE MATRIX.INCEPTION,PRIMER,PREDESTINATION, LOOPER
Robot stories that provoke us into thinking what is human vs machine. UFO stories that challenge our
concept of reality and parallel universes.Some of the themes include cyberpunk, steampunk, space opera, dystopia or parallel universes, time travel
Best Web Series
Any new media series. This can be any subject that explores Science Fiction or the supernatural. Heavy emphasis on an artistic vision.
Best Movie Trailer
We look at movie trailers that tell a story with a creative and original twist. All topics covered from sci fi to drama ,to experimental .original,
Best Documentary
Looking for outstanding documentaries in science and antrhopology that reflect an inquisitive spirit and maverick approach in exploring the world. Subjects may include:
biographies, reenactments, dramas, and ecological issues
visionary states, DMT induced trance, trancendental realites
jack parsons, crowley, oto, templars,,imaginal worlds, Tesla, Einstein,McKenna,Borges
Fortean phenomena,Cults,Cryptozoology
Best Horror/ Supernatural Short
Apocalyptic horror, End of Time. The best horror is the one we carry inside of us; the one that is hidden, lurking in the shadows ready to pounce on us any moment. Think Psycho, Body Snatchers.HP Lovecraft,H.R. Giger.Thinking man's horror David Cronenberg is a good example of sci-fi/horror.
Shorts include animation and stop motion as well
Best Horror / Supernatural Feature
Capture The Eschaton,The Singularity, the end of time. Think Kafka, HP Lovecraft. Mood and suspense above effects. Eerie and strange. Capture the madness of our times.Horror as a metaphor for where are we going as a culture.
Best Latino , African American and other people of color Science Fiction Film
Looking for films by African-American, Latino and other people of color who explore Science Fiction or science related themes thru the eyes of their communities' needs and issues.
The Singularity.The Eschaton and Beyond.
This category deals with any theme dealing with a shift in paradigm,visionary states,DMT,psychedelic realities theOmega Point, new evolutionary consciousness,The Singularity, Armageddon,The Eschaton, the end times, future science, a brave new world, are we entering the hive mind? Is Jung's Self emerging?
Is the Singularity near? We welcome works of both fiction and non fiction that explore these ideas.
Best Philip K Dick Short
Inspired or adapted stories based on the themes of a Philip K Dick story, paranoia, parallel realities, what is real, what is human, what is artificial, who are we or where are we going?what is the nature of time,space or consciousness?
Best Philip K Dick Feature
Adaptation (with copyright permission from the estate)
or Inspiration based on the traditional themes of PKD
Paranoia, distrust, cyberpunk, what is real, parallel realities, Valis, What is human?
multiple universes, the distrust of reality, madness,
Virtual Reality and Immersive Media
Stories,docs and narrative explorations of sci fi and supernatural
subjects using immersive experiences and virtual reality. We welcome 360 degree, Deep VR ,installations and other revolutionary
styles of story telling. Mind Bending of inner and outer space
Alternative Reality,360,Samsung Gear,Mixed Reality
Ideally filmmaker should be present to show his VR work
Best Animation
Best animation can come from sci fi or supernatural story. We are looking for good character,mind blowing special effect or good story telling that touches and moves us.Appeal to science science fiction ,surreal , supenatural elements


The festival mission is 3 fold:

1. To promote visionary sci-fi, the kind you see in the works of Philip K Dick,Ray Bradbury,Heinlein,Ursula Le Guin,Jorge Luis Borges Sam Delaney, or the cinematic visions of Stanley Kubrick, Darren Aranofsky, Ridley Scott and other great directors.

We are looking for dark.moody,strange, cerebral,off the beaten path independent sci-fi one that provokes and engages our sense of awe and curiosity.Other themes include magical realism,cult, strange,the supernatural and the eerie.We look at films that push the cinematic form to new levels of expression.Experimental ...great.. avant guard
great.. Lets reinvent the sci -fi genre.

In a nutshell we are looking for good sci fi films with good stories.

2. To promote the role of science in the culture through our
Science in Action documentary category.Biopics,reenactments, are all welcomed in our documentary section. Nanotech, Biotech,Singularity projects,AI all themes that restore our sense of wonder.

3 To reach out to communities that have been traditionally underrepresented in science fiction, African American, Latino.Asian and other people of color.

We look for original voices and visions in works submitted. Lastly, this is a festival by filmmakers for filmmakers
If you feel like an outsider in the world, you will fit right in in our festival

Like our page at www.Facebook.com/thephilipkdickfilmfestival or visit
our website www.thephilipkdickfilmfestival.com


The Phillip K. Dick is organized in honor of the great writer Philip K
Dick.This is a festival run by filmmakers who understand the difficulties and challenges of telling a unique story in a corporate environment.All films are seen from beginning to end. A feedback sheet is provided to those who apply.

To be considered you do not need to be making a film on Philip K.Dick.Only a good sci-fi short with strong plot and premise.
,We want you to be part of our ongoing science fiction community.
Become part of the growing global PKD community!!!!



Aldo Romero (Producer); Aldo Romero (Producer); Aldo Romero (Producer); Aldo Romero (Producer); Daniel Abella (Director); Jonathan Carsten (PRESS); stephanie natoli (Judge)


We require BLUE RAY screening copy of the project for selection for Features.For shorts we require MOV or MP4 files. DO NOT SEND PRESS PACKS, PHOTOS, TESTIMONIALS OR ANYTHING ELSE WITH YOUR SUBMISSION - it is a waste of paper and post. If we accept your film we will ask for the other things we need. Better still, make sure you upload a full press kit and trailer to your WAB listing.

So, process is this - our selection team view the film, if we like it...it's in!

All features we screen will be preceded by a short film selected by us - no exceptions. We believe strongly in a short & feature program for our audience.

Films submitted to the festival will be promoted on our website, in printed materials and in our press and marketing activity. You give us the right to use the name of the film, the images submitted and any logos for the uses listed.Films selected will only be used at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival for the year submitted and not for other years or exhibitions.

Once a film is submitted and accepted to the festival you guarantee to not withdraw it from the festival under any circumstances. You also guarantee to make sure we actually receive screening materials at least one week before the festival.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your film.


I, the undersigned, have read and understood and each provision listed below, and I accept and agree with each of the following provisions:

1. I have read, understood and complied with all eligibility requirements of the categories for which I would like this film to be considered.
2. To the best of my knowledge, all of the statements in this document are true.
3. This film is not subject to litigation nor is threatened by any litigation.
4. I am duly authorized to submit this film to the Festival and its Competition and understand that if accepted, the Festival holds the right to screen my film for Festival screening and non-commercial promotional purposes and to extract clips from this film for promotional purposes.
5. I understand that the Philip K. Dick Film Festival ("Festival") is not responsible for any type of damage to or loss of the print during screenings, at any other time during the course of the Festival, while the film is in the Festival’s possession or while en route to or from the Festival, and I release from any and all liabilities regarding damage to or loss of the print while en route to/from the Festival or while it is in their possession.
6. Should this film win an award at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival , I am authorized and/or empowered by all parties legally representing this film to name the individual(s) listed on the Award Designation List (to be received upon notice of selection to Festival) to receive any and all award(s). If a film is eligible for an award and no one was designated to accept the award, the award will be deemed forfeit and another award winner will be chosen.
7. In the event the designated party is unable to attend the awards ceremony, I understand that the director and/or producer of the film as listed in the credits of the film shall accept any and all awards in their stead.
8. If selected as a participant in the Festival, television ready media clips of the film must be provided by the date provided on notice of selection.
9. I am aware Festival may provide critics an opportunity to review films prior to the Festival
10. I understand that shipping charges of the screening copy of my film to the Festival are my responsibility.

We confirm we have obtained all necessary rights and permissions to present the submitted film(s) at the Philip.K. Dick International Film Festival. Furthermore, I /we have read and agree to the regulations of the Festival. In this respect the applicants will indemnify the festival organizers against any actions, claims, costs or demands from whatever source and of whatever nature regarding their film(s).
Films submitted to the festival will be promoted on our website, in printed materials and in our press and marketing activity. You give us the right to use the name of the film, the images submitted and any logos for the uses listed.The films accepted will only be used specifically for the Philip K. Dick Festival for the year submitted and not for any other events or exhibitions.
Once a film is submitted and accepted to the festival you guarantee to not withdraw it from the festival under any circumstances. You also guarantee to make sure we actually receive screening materials at least one week before the festival.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your film.