5th Annual

Offshoot Film Fest

October 02, 2014 to October 05, 2014

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47 South Gregg Ave
Apt. 10
Fayetteville AR 72701
Phone: 479-283-9732

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Documentary Feature
The documentary has a range of purposes, from the simple selection and recording of events (a snapshot or unedited holiday video) to a polemic text that attempts to persuade the audience into a specific set of opinions (Bowling For Columbine). Audiences must identify that purpose early on and will therefore decode documentary texts differently to fictional narratives
Narrative Feature
A narrative feature is a film that tells a fictional story or narrative and must be at least 40 minutes in length.
Animated Features can be any length. Any genre will be considered.
Shorts may be of documentary or narrative varieties. If there is an Arkansas connection, filmmakers may choose to enter the short in the Arkansas Connection Category instead.
Low Budget / Low Tech
Acceptable submissions in this category must be created with a hand-held device (mobile phone, flip cam, digital camera, etc.) and with a minimal budget.
Arkansas Connection
Films in this category must have some connection to the State of Arkansas, either by location, talent, creative management, crew and/or subject.
Education (Higher Ed)
The education category gives students the opportunity to showcase their work via the guidelines below:

I. Film:
-sub categories:
Feature, Short, Documentary, Music Video, Animation, Experimental, Action Sports
Music Video
Video piece set to original song.


The Offshoot Film Fest, presented by the Seedling Film Association of Northwest Arkansas, has two goals: To continue a world-class film festival centered in Northwest Arkansas and to bring filmmakers to our state.

We are committed to nurturing the art of filmmaking by developing and maintaining personal relationships with all our filmmakers.


We recognize that there are many film festivals around the world including top-quality festivals already in Arkansas. The Offshoot Film Fest is dedicated to complimenting what is already available, and to supporting our sister festivals throughout the state. It is also our commitment to expand and support our fellow regional filmmaker relationships. We strive to establish a unique personality and discover how we can best serve the film community here and abroad. We want our festival audience to have a special and memorable experience.

The Offshoot Film Fest is also an advocate for films and filmmakers as they enter the marketplace. Because we are establishing the groundwork, we are an artistic festival with market potential. There will be panels and other events to compliment the screenings of our films. There will be awards for every category, but they won't be announced until we have reached our maximum potential.

Fayetteville, AR, a highly artistic community, is home to the University of Arkansas and next to the headquarters of the largest retailer in the world including the largest distributor of DVD’s. This area is hungry for the art of film and the Offshoot Film Fest is anxious to make things happen.

We invite you to be a part of our fifth annual film festival. We assure your treatment will be memorable and your influence as an independent filmmaker will be esteemed.

Offshoot Film Fest 2014 - Where filmmakers receive true southern hospitality with patrons who support true craft.


Cassie Self; Cassie Self; Dan Robinson (Board Member); Dan Robinson (Board Member); Gary Berger (Festival Registrar); Isabella Orion (Filmmaker); Isabella Orion (Filmmaker); Jason Suel (Secretary); Jason Suel (Secretary); Jason Suel (Secretary); Jules Taylor (Executive Director); Jules Taylor (Executive Director); Jules Taylor (Executive Director); Jules Taylor (Executive Director); Kenn Woodard (Creative Director); Mason Willis (Board Member)


Films by submitters who are related to any Juror are not eligible for awards, but may still be screened.

ALL preview films MUST be submitted via Without A Box.

The Exhibition (final) copy for ALL films less than 30 mins in length MUST be submitted in a .mov format.

The Exhibition (final) copy for ALL films longer than 30 mins in length MUST be submitted on either DVD or Blu Ray. When mailing, make sure to include your name, project time length, and WAB submission tracking number.

We will do our best to communicate any problems with submissions, but the festival will not be held responsible for any technical failures that prevent your film from being judged.

All films submitted will be automatically eligible for a prize from the festival. Those prizes will be announced prior to the festival.

All films submitted may opt-out of Festival use for marketing purposes during and after the Festival, in part or in its entirety.

We reserve the right not to show any work for any reason on the Festival website or other marketing events. This will be determined by the discretion of the Seedling Film Association.


Offshoot Film Fest [OSFF] reserves the right to utilize any submitted material from this year's festival to promote future events produced by the Seedling Film Association.

Please make sure your entry form is complete (see bottom section of Festival Rules marked "IMPORTANT!" for details). A separate form and entry fee is required for each submission.

DVDs and cases must be clearly labeled with the title, filmmaker’s name, phone number and email and WAB ID number. Please check your DVD to make sure it plays in its entirety on consumer DVD players. Preview DVDs will not be returned unless a return envelope with sufficient postage is provided. In addition, please include a brief synopsis along with a bio and/or film/videography. If accepted, a press kit is required. See category rules for details. Please note that you will be submitting 2 copies of your work.

• OSFF does not pay rental fees. Instead, our resources are invested in the production and promotion of the best possible showcase for your work.
• Films may be screened more than once during the Festival and at the Festival's descretion for future Seedling Film Association events.
• Film makers are responsible for providing a good quality copy for their screening. See EXHIBITION FORMATS for requirements.
• Once a film is submitted it may not be withdrawn.

Exhibition copies must be sent to the Festival prepaid. Pre-paid mailers are required for return of submitted materials.

In case of loss or damage during the Festival, the responsibility of the Festival is limited to the costs of repair or replacement of the copy only.

The following must be included for each entry:
- Entry Form (1 per entry)
- Entry Fee
(Fees are payable by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are also accepted online through Withoutabox or Company Check or Money Order)
- Preview Screener
- Brief Synopsis

- Filmmaker Bio and/or Filmography/Videography
- Press Kit
- Stills

It is necessary to have the following information filled out in your Withoutabox filmmaker account in order to ensure that we can process your submission quickly and efficiently. Not having this information already available in your account may cause a delay in the processing of your submission.

Please be sure the following information is readily available in your Withoutabox filmmaker account!

English title (with English article if necessary)

Under Submission Contact section (Click on "PREFERENCES" on the left-hand side of the screen):
First name
Address 1
Zip (Ditto)
Phone1/ Type
email 1

Under Production Info section:
Submission Date
Origin Country
Run time
Completion year

Throughout the listing (i.e. Niches, Formats, etc.):
Film Type
Preview Format
Production Format
Exhibition Format
Aspect Ratio
Sound Format
Applicant Acceptance (Release)

By your signature you represent and warrant that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the regulations of the festival as described herein, and that to the best of your knowledge all statements are true.

You represent and warrant that you have sufficient right, title and interest to convey the rights granted to the Festival herein, and you have not previously conveyed any rights or entered into any licenses that conflict with the rights conveyed herein.

You represent and warrant that to the best of your knowledge, information and belief, your film does not infringe any copyrights or other proprietary rights of third parties, that the film is not the subject of any notice of infringement(s), and that the film is not the subject of any license or arrangement between you and any third party that would have an effect on your rights to exercise rights of copyright as set forth in this submission.