4th Annual

LA Film, TV & Webisode Festival

September 14, 2012 to September 16, 2012

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9663 Santa Monica Blvd. #859
Beverly Hills CA 90210-4303

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Feature Length Films (All Genres)
New Media: Webisodes & Mobile Content
Short Documentaries
Feature Length Documentaries
Short Films
Screenplay Competition
Screenplay Competition: The LA Film, TV & Webisode Festival is looking for quality scripts to produce into films.


The LA Film, Television and Webisode Festival's mission statement is to provide a platform where content producers can showcase their works and increase the opportunities for the producers to maximize their full deserved potential in distribution, marketing and industry recognition.


The LA Film, Television and Webisode Festival is an international, competitive festival that aims to present an elite selection of independent cinema, television, and new media content. Independent filmmakers will have the opportunity to meet, learn, and share ideas with prominent film and TV industry members in Los Angeles, and the heart of the film industry. The Festival will offer attendees quality film, television, and webisode content, seminars, and social gatherings while expanding their knowledge of cinema and enhancing their appreciation of the filmmaking process.


Felix McNulty (Festival Director)


Selected projects may be promoted through all media types and outlets for promotional purposes.

Other Rules and Regulations:

The LA Film, Television and Webisode Festival reserves the right to determine eligibility of any projects submitted.

The LA Film, Television and Webisode Festival is not responsible for any damages or loss of your material and will not return the material sent.

The LA Film, Television and Webisode Film Festival will accept works completed in DVD and BluRay format, as well as Online Secured Screener. If accepted, the producer agrees to provide the festival with the presentation format the festival indicates.

For purposes of submission, all preview copies must be submitted on DVD, BluRay or Online Secured Screener.

Final program determinations will be made available to entrants via email. Except in emergencies, please do not call the festival.


I have enclosed the proper entry fee according to the instructions provided. I state that I am authorized to submit this film to the LA Film, Television and Webisode Festival for consideration, and have read, understood and agree to all the requirements. I hereby release the Festival from all responsibility for loss of or damage to submitted materials.

I agree that I have secured all necessary rights for both picture and sound, and exhibition will not violate or infringe upon any rights including but not limited to music, images, and content.