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24-Apr-2014 12:01pm PDT  


DMZ Korean International Documentary Festival

6 Annual September 17, 2014 to September 24, 2014

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9F Chunui Techno Park II 202
Chunui-dong, Wonmi-gu
Bucheon-si Gyeonggi-do 420857
South Korea
Phone: +82 32 623 8066
Fax: +82 32 623 8080

OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES • Select a Category of Entry to continue.

International Competition
-Open to international documentary films 40 minutes or longer completed after Jan 1, 2013
-Eligible for the White Goose Award with a cash award of KRW 15,000,000 and the Special Jury Award with a cash award of KRW 7,000,000
-One representative of each nominated film will be offered a round trip economy flight ticket and accommodation.
non-competition sections
1) Global Vision
International non-competitive section showcasing documentaries that have been in the international spotlight for controversial as well as popular docs such as masters’ new films and emerging directors’ debut film

2) Asian Perspectives
Aiming to discover Asian directors and support them to envision DMZ Docs’ as Asian representative documentary film festival which shows docs ranging from traditional docs to contemporary moving image crossing fiction and reality, cinema and video media.

3) Korean Documentary Showcase
Showcasing section for Korean documentaries that show present and future of Korean documentaries with various themes and aesthetics

4) All about Docs
A section for documentaries which are familiar to audience of all age groups and programmed under the sub-section as family, youth with its explanation.

5) Doc Alliance Selection
A section that introduce award-winners from Doc Alliance member festivals.

6) Masters
Expedition originated from Masters reinterpretation for docs.

7) Passage
A section that challenges the conventional concept of documentary and questioning boundaries of wider range of films with documentary elements like reality and fiction, cinema and artist films based in gallery with connected with DMZ DOCS symposium.

8) Retrospective/Special Focus
Sections focusing on a renowned filmmaker’s works, a specific region or theme with carte blanche, invited specialist.

9) Cinema Picnic
Official outdoor screening with outdoor picnic

10) DMZ Docs Symposium
Seminars in depth and artist talk with themes and motives connected festival concept

DMZ Docs aims to shed a light to genuine spirit of documentary, 'communication', which is the potential Demilitarized Zone bears. DMZ Docs aims to present documentaries with various themes and styles, and to promote documentary genre as a means of communication. Especially we hope to discover new or emerging talents through our Int'l competition section.

DMZ Docs is an annual festival for documentary films presented by Gyeonggi Province since 2009. It takes place in Goyang, the neighboring city to DMZ, and the opening ceremony held beyond the civilian control line is marked as a meaningful event. The festival is accompanied by other events including seminars, conferences and piching program for DMZ Fund. Despite of its short history, DMZ Docs is growing as one of the most important documentary festivals in Asia. This year's festivity unfolds on September 17-24, 2014.

Selection Procedure, Required Items and Authorizations

Selection Procedure
Preliminary selection will be done by Korean professional preliminary jury members. Selected films for competition will be informed during July, 2014.

Jury members will be appointed by the festival committee. A three-member international jury will deliberate to select the winner of the White Goose Award and the Special Jury Award, while audience voting will determine the winner of the Audience Award. A separate three-member jury will choose the winner of the Best Korean documentary Award.

Required Items
The following items must be sent to the festival once you receive the official invitation letter from the program coordinators.

1) Dialogue transcription of the film in both the original language(s) and English to facilitate translating and electronic subtitling in the Korean language. The transcription must be identical to the screening copy. The sample format for transcription will be provided.

The following digital publicity materials must be received NO LATER THAN July 31, 2014 via the DMZ Docs Program Team’s email or the festival’s webhard.
2) Short synopsis of the film (80 words)
3) Long synopsis of the film (250 words)
4) A biography and a complete filmography of the director(s)
5) Director’s statement on the film (150~300 words)
6) At least 3 high-resolution digital film stills. Minimum requirements: 300dpi, 2000 pixels wide, 600kb.
7) A digital photo of the director(s)
8) A trailer and movie clips
9) Other promotional materials: press kit, poster, soundtrack, etc. Optional.

After selection of a film, the festival has the right to:
-screen the film no more than three times during the festival.
-use the selected part of the film only for festival promotion purpose.
-make a digital copy of the film (except films in 35mm format) with Korean subtitles for previewing purposes. It will not cause any loss of image quality and the copy will be strictly maintained in the festival office. The copy will be destroyed after the festival unless it is agreed to preserve it in the DMZ Docs Archive.
-keep DVDs of the film in its archive for non-circulating/non-profit use and educational purposes. Public screening will not occur without written consent from the rights holder.
-use 10% of the original contents of the film, up to a maximum of three minutes, for publicity and online purposes
-use all publicity materials to promote the festival.
-allow industry professionals to access the video library to view the film during the festival

Transportation of Screening Copy (Prints/Tapes) and Insurance

-The festival must receive the screening copy of the film NO LATER THAN August 23, 2014.
-The festival covers round-trip shipping costs in cases where the shipment has been made through the official courier service designated by the festival and the return is to the origin of the print. The only exception is for shipments to/from other festivals, for which the standard practice of cost sharing with the festivals will be applied. Please note that the courier account is only for screening copy shipments and not for any other materials.
-A pro-forma invoice must be attached to the print or video, stating the name of the sender, the title and length of the film, the number of reels and whether it is in color or black-and-white.
-Please note that customs delays of up to two weeks may occur. We strongly suggest you report an amount as low as possible when declaring the shipment value, so that any possible customs duties are kept to a minimum. Shipments with tapes and prints should be endorsed as follows: “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, FOR CULTURAL/FESTIVAL PURPOSES ONLY”
-All screening copies will be returned to the address stated in the entry form within three weeks of the closing day of the festival.
-All screening copies will be insured by the festival for the replacement costs of a screening print or tape of the same type and quality from the moment they are received by the festival until they are handed over to the first forwarding agent for the return shipment.


Award-winning films must authorize the rights of five free non-commercial encore screenings within two years of the end of festival.