5th Annual

International Movie Trailer Festival: Trailers for Movies or Web Series Completed or in the Dream Stage

July 07, 2015 to July 21, 2015

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trailer for a narrative fiction movie
This category is for a narrative fiction trailer. All genres are acceptable and the previewed movie may be feature length or a short. You may submit your trailer whether or not your movie has been submitted to other festivals. The rating must be no higher than PG13.
trailer for a documentary
This trailer is for a documentary. It can cover any content such as biography, history, politics, and the arts.
trailer for a web series
This is a trailer--sometimes called a sizzle--for a web series that you have produced or would like to produce. The series may be in any genre such as comedy, drama, reality, how-to, and news. But the concept has to be for distribution on the Internet.
trailer promoting a book
This is a trailer for a book in any genre including the arts, fiction, history, how-to-do-it, memoir, poetry, and travel. The trailer may promote a book that you've written or it may preview a book that you plan to write. If the trailer is for a published book, it can be published by an established company or it can be self-published.
trailer shot with a smartphone
Trailers made with smartphone, tablet, GoPro are eligible.


The International Movie Trailer Festival aims to build an innovative online community for students, hobbyists and professional moviemakers, giving them a novel way to express their creativity while providing online entertainment for fans around the world.

At IMTF, filmmakers will vie for prizes, awards and fame by exhibiting trailers for movies and web series they’ve shot...or hope to shoot. The Festival’s tag line—“Preview Your Dreams”—reflects the truth that every movie, even one lasting only a minute or two, starts with the imagination.

IMTF has partnered with producers and distributors who are seeking concepts to develop and movies to distribute. In other words, IMTF’s mission is to help moviemakers get their work made and promoted.

We are eager to help your project reach the widest possible international audience. We invite you to join us.


Preview Your Dreams

Compete for awards Including a $2500 grand prize.

Submit a trailer for a movie, book or web series you've made or would like to make.

Show your work to industry insiders, get tips from the Pros. All entrants will receive a free copy of the book "Moviemaking Illustrated."

Winners will be chosen by a Jury of experts including producers,
directors & other industry professionals.

Important information: You must upload your trailer to YouTube.com in order to enter the Festival. This is a free upload. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to www.YouTube.com/ and upload your trailer.
2. Copy the YouTube url for your trailer and send it to info@imtf.biz along with your Withoutabox Tracking Number, and your project title.
NOTE: The url will look something like this:

IMTF will notify you when your trailer is playing in the Festival. This should happen within 48 hours.


Roberta Suid (Festival Director); Roberta Suid (Festival Director)


Rules for the International Movie Trailer Festival:

To enter the International Movie Trailer Festival (IMTF), you must upload your trailer to www.youtube.com or www.vimeo.com. This is a free upload. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to www.youtube.com/or www.vimeo.com
2. Upload your trailer at: http://www.youtube.com or www.vimeo.com
3. Copy the YouTube or Vimeo embed code or page url and send it to info@imtf.biz. Include your project title and WAB tracking id in the subject line of the email.

IMTF will notify you when your trailer is playing in the Festival. This should happen within 48 hours.

In submitting your information to IMTF, you will be agreeing to the following rules:


IMTF is open to everyone around the world and throughout the universe except for the following individuals:

* IMTF’s owners, paid staff, consultants, and the immediate families (siblings, spouses, children, parents) of the owners, paid staff, and consultants.
* People living in places where local or U.S. law prohibits this kind of competition.

Note: Moviemakers of any age may submit entries, but if you are too young to make a legal contract (younger than 18 years in most U.S. jurisdictions), your application form must include the name and contact information of a parent or guardian.


* Concept: The trailer must promote a fiction movie, a documentary movie, or a web series--produced or not yet produced--or a book.To demonstrate that you have envisioned a project—and not just assembled interesting shots—your entry must include a logline (a synopsis of 75 words or fewer) describing the fiction movie, documentary, web series, or book promoted by the trailer.

* Genre: Your trailer may represent any genre, for example, animation, comedy, documentary, drama, science fiction, horror, or thriller.

* Length: We recommend that you follow U.S. film industry standards and create a trailer that runs at least one minute and no longer than about two and a half minutes. For this competition, your trailer must be at least 30 seconds in length and no more than four minutes.

* Language: If dialogue and/or title cards in your trailer are in a language other than English, you must provide English subtitles that accurately represent the dialogue and/or title cards.

* Title:The title of the fiction movie, documentary, web series, or book that your trailer previews must appear in the trailer.

* Submission format: You will need to upload your trailer to YouTube.com to be considered for the Festival. Please refer to the instructions above.

* Rating: The trailer must qualify for a rating no higher than PG13 as defined by the MPAA (www.filmratings.org). This means that there will be no excessive nudity, profane language, and/or extreme violence. There should also be no racial, gender, or other slurs. The PG13 rating applies only to the trailer. The work represented by the trailer might have a different rating.

Note:For the purpose of this competition, the IMTF staff will determine if a trailer meets IMTF’ rating qualifications.. If you are unsure whether your trailer meets the rating qualifications, you may upload your trailer to a video hosting site and email the link to info@imtf.biz prior to submitting your entry form and fee. We will then review it and respond. If you don’t check with us and submit a trailer that does not meet our rating qualifications, your trailer will not be included in IMTF, and you will not receive a refund.

* Originality: At least 80% of the trailer (as measured by time) must be material shot by you. Up to 20% may be stock footage—that is, footage shot by you or someone else for a purpose other than your trailer—but you must have obtained written permission to use the stock footage and be prepared to send IMTF proof of permission. The rationale for this rule is that IMTF is for original trailers and not mash-ups (video compilations). Note: Documentaries are not bound by the originality rule but must get permission for all footage used.

* Model releases: You must have a written release from each person who appears in your trailer and whose face can be identified. You don’t need releases from unidentifiable people in crowd scenes. If your trailer becomes a semifinalist or is chosen for a People’s Choice Award, you will be asked to provide a model release for each identifiable person in your trailer. You can download a Model Release from the Resources page in the Tips section of www.internationalmovietrailerfestival.com.

* Copyright clearance: If you use any material owned or copyrighted by someone else, you must have written permission to use that material. Owned and copyrighted material includes—but is not limited to—music, artwork, and photographs. If your trailer becomes a semifinalist or is voted to receive a People’s Choice Award, you be will be asked to submit proof of copyright clearance. To download a permission form for using copyrighted music go to the Resources page in the Tips section of IMTF's website.

Note: We recommend that entrants protect their intellectual property through a registration service such as WGAw.


Prizes are described on the IMTF.biz site and in the prizes section of this WAB listing. An entrant may be designated as a winner in more than one category, but may win only one cash prize.


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Please review the TOU carefully.

Site Ownership

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Agreement to Terms of Use

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Changing the Terms of Use

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