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January 15, 2013 to January 17, 2013

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Page To Picture For Writing
Our writing category where we look for fantastic scripts of all sorts to pick the best for possible publication as a comic book or graphic novel.
A feature length film that would make an awesome comic book!
A short film that would make a spectacular comic book!
For super cool television pilots that would make even cooler comic books!
Specifically for awesome webseries that would make a kickin' comic!




1. to adapt a cinematic work to pulp fiction literary forms associated with graphic novels and comic books


2010; born from the minds of two adventures with a love for creative means of storytelling. Combining the form and concept of graphic and adaptation. 

Films you can adapt into graphic novels The Graphation Film Festival is here to encourage filmmakers to make movies that are part of a broader world.

That's not all!

Graphation is more than a film festival, it is a verb! It is the very action of making a film, having it exhibited for peers and pulp legends and then transformed into a graphic novel or comic book.

We will help pair gifted filmmakers with talented artists. We will help make winning films into comic books and graphic novels.


Graphation is a revolutionary film festival that combines the worlds of comic books / graphic novels and film with a unique perspective on adaptation.

Built on the basis of short films that can be adapted into graphic novels and comic books, Graphation was founded by Andrew McGregor and Josiah Golojuh (super hero aliases can be found deeper in this dossier) over burgers and beer in January 2010. The two teamed up in the hope to deliver a platform beyond YouTube for countless talented yet undiscovered film makers, allowing them to compete with established professionals on the level playing field of Graphation. Graphation has monthly events at an LA art gallery as well as having held our hugely successful event at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles, and we will soon be in several more cities before coming back home to LA next year. Read about our major festival here http://graphation.com/blog/2011/01/living-in-the-hereafter/

The winning films and/or script will then be taken and passed off to the Graphation stable of artists, a group made up of once again both established professionals and talented amateurs, and comic books will be created of those films!

The films of Graphation are be judged by screen writer and filmmaker Coleman Hough, novelist Ned Vizzini, and LAST STARFIGHTER writer Jon Beteul meet the judges here and learn more about us http://www.graphation.com/about.php. Grahpation will also honor luminaries in both the world of film and comic books, honoring the all time greats such as Jack Kirby, in addition to other yet to be named honorees, find award info here http://www.graphation.com/awards.php.

Graphation offers a number of distinct prizes, but it’s most spectacular is The Publication Prize, a prize in which ALL films screened in the festival will be reviewed for potential publication by Rick Jacobs who represents IDW Publishing. We also work to publish ourselves, so both on small and large scale your film could become a comic book, and we hold monthly events at an LA art gallery.

Graphation believes that the possibilities for both film and comics are not endless, but darn close to it, and we hope to enable film makers, writers, and artist to find those limits, and maybe just maybe, exceed them. By working from the film, and bringing the comic book into the theater new frontiers can be examined and previously untold and even unthought of stories can begin to permeate our culture.

“You can't try to do things; you simply must do them.” - Ray Bradbury


Andrew McGregor (Co-Founder); Josiah Golojuh (Festival Registrar); Judy Golojuh


All accepted entries (in all categories) are eligible for all awards, and award winners will have a comic book cover of their work created. That work will then be reviewed for potential publication as a comic book or graphic novel during the festival. We work on various levels of publication from the large national scale, to a smaller scale Graphation anthology style book.

All types of films are welcomed and accepted, with a special emphasis on those films that would be best served by being adapted into a Graphic Novel or comic book.

We do all of the same for the writing award.


1.0 These Terms and Conditions govern (a) Your participation (subject to acceptance of Your Submission by Graphation) in the Graphation Film Festival and (b) the exhibition and distribution via the Graphation Film Festival.

2.0 The decision on whether or not to accept a Submission as an entry into the Festival lies solely with Graphation, who may reject or accept a Submission in its sole discretion.

2.1 Without limiting Graphation discretion, in order for Your Submission to be eligible to be considered for entry into the Festival, You or Your Submission (as applicable) must meet the following criteria (the "Eligibility Criteria"):

You and Your Submission must meet the specific eligibility criteria which relate to the Category in which You have made Your Submission.

Your Submission must be in the English language or have English language subtitles; Your Submission must not contain any material which in the sole opinion of Graphation is pornographic or obscene.

You must not place or purport to place any geographical limitations on Graphation’s distribution of Your Submission.

2.2 There is no limit to the number of Submissions You can make to the Festival or in any particular Category although there is no guarantee that any Submission will be accepted by Graphation.

2.3 If Graphation considers that a Submission does not meet the Eligibility Criteria for the Category in which You have attempted to enter it, Graphation may in its sole discretion enter the Submission into a different Category in which that Submission does meet the Eligibility Criteria.

2.4 You represent, warrant and undertake that You have obtained Contributor Release Forms from everybody who appears recognizably in, or makes a noticeable contribution to, Your Submission and You agree to provide such Contributor Release Forms to Graphation upon Graphation’s request. If You fail to provide any Contributor Release Form(s) promptly following Graphation request, we reserve the right to disqualify Your Submission and/or remove Your Submission from the Service.

2.5 Graphation may require You at any time (before or after Your Submission has been accepted as a Festival Entry) on request to provide evidence to verify to Graphation’s reasonable satisfaction that the information You provided in the Submission Form is true and/or that You or Your Submission meets any relevant Eligibility Criteria. If, following a request, You fail to provide evidence of such matters which is satisfactory to Graphation, Graphation reserves the right to disqualify Your Submission and/or remove Your Submission from the Service.

3. The Festival
3.1 Your Submission will be entered into the Festival only if all of the following three conditions are satisfied:
(a) it is received by the deadlines noted on the Graphation website
(b) it meets each of the Eligibility Criteria; and
(c) Graphation agrees (in its absolute discretion) to accept the Submission as an entry into the Festival in a particular Category.

Each of: Your Submissions; and each other Festival entry by a third party which is accepted by Graphation into the Festival in accordance with the foregoing shall be referred to in these Terms and Conditions as a "Festival Entry".

3.2 We reserve the right at our discretion to extend the Submission Period and any such extension shall be specified on the Graphation website.

3.3 Graphation will inform You by e-mail whether or not Your Submission has been accepted as a Festival Entry. Your Submission will cease to be a Festival Entry if You are subsequently disqualified in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

3.4 Rights and / or permission to use all content (music, images, and other such content) in the film must be held by the submitting filmmaker, in the even that the filmmaker does not hold the copyright written permission from the copyright holder must be provided.

4. Awards
All Festival Entries will be eligible for all festival awards and all entries in the festival are eligible for our Publication Prize, where entrants will be reviewed for actual graphic publication.

5. Use of Content
In addition to the rights in relation to Your Submission which are granted to Graphation when You enter into the Festival Agreement, Graphation shall have the right to use your content in conjunction with the Graphation Film Festival, in both exhibiting the film and using the film content to promote the festival. Any other potential use of the content will be done in part with a further agreement for said use of content.

6. Publicity
You agree to take part in reasonable Festival publicity (during the Festival Period and thereafter) requested by Graphation and agree that You may be filmed, photographed or otherwise recorded by Graphation or other third parties for this purpose. You agree that Your name, image, likeness, voice and statements may be published throughout the world in any medium now known or in the future devised in connection with Your participation in the Festival and/or in the exercise of the advertising, publicity and marketing rights granted to Graphation pursuant to these Terms and Conditions or the festival Agreement.

7. Publication
Acceptance does not guarantee that a comic book, graphic novel or related publication of your work will be created. Only the winner of "The Film That Must Be Graphated Right Now" is guaranteed such publication. Graphation will also proceed to create graphic content, comic books & graphic novels, where Graphation sees fit. Revenue sharing on profits will on publications based on your work will begin after Graphation hits a point of breaking even on publication.