31st Annual

Global Visions Film Festival

February 27, 2013 to March 03, 2013

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#301, 9664 106th ave
Edmonton AB T5H 0N4
Phone: 780-414-1052

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Feature Length
65 min or more
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Global Visions Film Festival is Canada’s longest running documentary film festival. We operate from the knowledge that the world is getting smaller, and that all people are interconnected, interdependent citizens of the global village. We present socially relevant film, exploring topics including human rights, environmental, political - real life stories from around the world.

2013 will see the 31st edition of the festival. Global Visions Film Festival aims to entertain, engage and inspire our audience. We entertain them by bringing original, top-quality documentaries made by talented filmmakers from across Canada and around the world to Edmonton every year. We engage our audiences by challenging them through our films to think about their place in the world, and their shared responsibility to the planet, meaning everyone and everything that lives upon it. And we inspire them by showing our audience that documentary film and filmmakers can help make a positive, transformative change in people’s lives.


The Global Visions Film Festival (GVFF) is an annual, one of a kind, Edmonton based festival which celebrates the work of passionate, accomplished documentarians from Canada and around the world. Through the work of Canadian and international filmmakers, GVFF celebrates the passion of film and the diversity, joy, and responsibility of being a global citizen. 

We began 31 years ago as the Edmonton Learners Centre's Third World Film Festival. The centre became a non-profit society -The Global Visions Festival Society- in 1998 which organizes and runs the Global Visions Film Festival.

GVFF draws it's strength from enthusiastic, dedicated, grassroots community supporters, patrons and volunteers. Over the years nearly 100 thousand people have taken part in this event and our audience continues to grow.

The festival runs annually over four days in March. In addition to dozens of films, we present public workshops and panel discussions with filmmakers, as well as our popular Youth Media Arts Day for young filmmakers.


Beryl Bacchus (Executive Director); Beryl Bacchus (Executive Director); Beryl Bacchus (Executive Director); Guy Lavallee (Programming Directo); Tonia LaRiviere


We accept documentary films made within the last two years, with exceptions at the discretion of the festival jury. Films may be of any length; we program shorter films with feature productions and often combine two mid length films into a single thematic program. Selected films must not have been shown in the Edmonton area, and films that have received a national telecast will not be eligible.

Films submitted should be in DVD format (NTSC, Region 1), in English or in their original language version with English subtitles. Those selected for the festival may be screened in35mm, DCP, Blu-Ray, DVD, DigiBeta (NTSC).


*Pre entry submission fees are non-refundable. Fees must be paid by credit card online in Canadian funds to the Global Visions Film Festival and c/o Withoutabox to finalize the submission process online. The DVD screener must be postmarked by the Deadlines of October 31, 2012 or December 31, 2012 with a money order.

Upon selection, participants will be contacted via email by the Programming director with specific shipping instructions. Exhibition prints must arrive at the Festival office by February 15, 2013. Incoming shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the participant unless otherwise negotiated. Invited films must be shipped pre-paid, with all the necessary commercial invoices and customs paid, with return (or next festival) shipping information including the name of your preferred courier company and your account number.

Limitation of Liability and Indemnity Provisions
Although GVFF will take every reasonable precaution for the safekeeping and proper handling of entry and exhibition materials, including the Exhibition Print(s), from the time of receipt to the time of release to the Applicant’s courier company or shipping agent, GVFF shall not be liable to Applicant, his or her heirs, legal representatives, or dependents, or their respective assignees, for loss or damage to entry and exhibition materials arising out of the transportation to and from the Festival or the operations of GVFF, its officers, directors, agents, successors and assigns.

Notwithstanding the above, GVFF's liability for claims, costs, losses, damages of any kind or any other cause, including but not limited to liability for any fundamental breach of this agreement or for patent or copyright infringement and regardless of the form of action, shall not exceed the fees paid hereunder for the submission to the Festival. The fees charged by GVFF reflect the allocation of risk herein and the limited recourse to the Applicant provided for in this Agreement.

In addition, International participants should note that GVFF will not assume responsibility for, nor will it accept shipments incurring expenses for terminal charges, duties, taxes or customs brokerage.

Finally, Applicant shall indemnify and hold GVFF harmless of and from any and all claims, losses, liabilities (including negligence, tort and strict liability), damages, judgments, suits or legal proceedings, including court costs, expenses and reasonable attorneys' fees, related to the use by GVFF of the entry and exhibition materials, including but not limited to any claim that the Applicant's entry and exhibition materials violates the intellectual property rights of another party.