6th Annual

Festival de Cine Global Dominicano

November 08, 2012 to November 16, 2012

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Capitan Eugenio de Marchena #26
Santo Domingo Dominican Republic 10107
Dominican Republic
Phone: 18297151717

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Since its first edition IN 2006, the Festival de Cine Global Dominicano (FCGD) has been taking steps to grow nationally and internationally, faithful to its ideals of offering the Dominicans, and all those who happen to be in our country on the dates of the event, the possibility of accessing the vision provided through cinema of "global issues" through "personal stories", and thus evolve in this world of knowledge and globalization.

The mission of the Festival is to offer the best international narrative and documentary films to a heterogeneous and sophisticated audience and thereby advance our understanding of the global challenges we face. Beyond this, the Festival has contributed, to a greater or lesser extent, to increase film culture in the Dominican Republic and the interest to learn more about an industry that has so much to offer the country.


The Festival de Cine Global Dominicano in itself is a unique global experience in the world of festivals given its multi-city character. While its nerve center is Santo Domingo, the Dominican capital, the Festival is held simultaneously in other parts of the island of Hispaniola. Thus, the inhabitants of Santiago, Puerto Plata, Nagua, Higüey, Cap Cana, and Port-au-Prince, Haiti have the opportunity to evolve through film.

Andy García, Lola Dueñas, Guillermo Navarro, Laura Amelia Guzmán, Zoé Saldaña, Ishtar Yasin, Tom Lutz, Mark Haskell Smith, Dania Ramírez, Vin Diesel, John Singleton, Juan Fernández, Elba McAllister, Omar Sharif, Manny Pérez, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Shalim Ortíz, Denise Quiñones, William Fay, Israel Cárdenas, Elliot Rosemblat, Frank Perozo, Michael Madsen, Victoria Abril, Liza Minnelli, Claudia Cardinale, Benicio Del Toro, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Loles León, Danny Glover, Cindy Cowan, Luis José López, José Antonio Escrivá, Geraldine Chaplin, Ciro Capellari, Antonio Saura, Steven BauerCelinés Toribio, Sharlene Taule, Fernando Carrillo, Manolo Cardona... these and other personalities and big screen stars have come and contributed to put the Festival on the map. And they have helped place the Dominican Republic on the map, too, through film.

The 6th Festival de Cine Global, a project of the Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE), will take place in the Dominican Republic from November 10th to the 17th, 2012. The festival brings together world renowned filmmakers, producers, actors, artists and film industry leaders as it cultivates an appreciation of the art of film in the Dominican Republic and stimulates and enriches local film culture while making movies available to a wide variety of viewers.

The festival also seeks to promote the development of the Dominican film industry, pointing out the possibilities the country has to offer the international film industry and, through the development of this sector, to ultimately contribute to the economic growth of the nation. In a short period of time, the Festival has undoubtedly become an international cultural event.

One of the goals of the Festival de Cine Global Dominicano is to garner resources that will allow us to continue to develop the work plan laid out by the Instituto Global de Multimedia (IGM) whose vision is to be a fundamental element in the development of a Dominican audiovisual industry with an excellent multimedia training and education center for young talent as well as for experienced professionals.

Over the course of the year, IGM offers regular courses from beginner and intermediate to advanced levels. It also organizes cultural activities that promote a better understanding of the audiovisual arts through the use of film screenings, discussion panels, talks with actors and technicians, among other activities.

The 5th edition of the FCGD in 2011 attracted over 40,000 viewers. It had the support of 58 companies and institutions that helped us bring 150 international film industry professionals from 30 different countries that shared their knowledge and experiences with young Dominican filmmakers. We presented 52 award-winning films under our slogan, “Global issues, personal stories”.

The professional industry panels and workshops, 26 in total, at the headquarters of FUNGLODE provided local filmmakers and student’s skills and advice from prestigious national and international producers, filmmakers, writers, actors and industry professionals.

Thanks to the close collaboration between the Ministries of Culture, Education, Higher Education and the Dominican universities across the country, we organized 20 additional thematic panels and discussions led by local and international speakers.

Undoubtedly, the continued success of the festival is due to the dedication and support from multiple associations, sponsors and volunteers who make this event possible. Their support is a clear recognition that the efforts of the FCGD are on track toward its goal of encouraging and promoting the continued development of Dominican educational system, culture and, ultimately, the Dominican society itself.


Nicole Guillemet (Programmer); Omar De La Cruz (film festival Director); taina rodriguez; yvette marichal (Director Public Relations / Marketing)


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