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29-Mar-2015 2:24am PDT  


The Boonies International

1 Annual January 10, 2015 to January 11, 2015

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PO BOX 365
Warren PA 16365
Phone: 814-730-7375

MAY BE DEFUNCT • Our records show this event may be defunct and no longer in operation. The listing remains available for your reference.

Feature Films
Feature films must be 50 minutes or over.
Short Films
Time: under 50 Minutes
Music Videos
Under 30 minutes

The Boonies, Inc. is a 501(C)3 non-profit corporation existing in the PA Wilds. We’re created to support, educate and promote independent filmmakers of all ages, as well as promote Northern Pennsylvania’s locations, the skills and talents of our citizens and our film friendly environment to a global film industry. The Boonies utilizes film, visual arts, music, technologies and education to enhance the experience of students, filmmakers and audiences. The Boonies also works actively in the film industry through our regional state film office The Boonies’ Northern PA Film Office which serves eight counties in Northern Pennsylvania. Cameron, Clarion, Clearfield, Elk, Forest, Jefferson, McKean and Warren.

The Boonies International Film Festival is an annual 4 day film festival occurring in eight counties in Northern Pennsylvania, USA. The festival and all screenings are free to attend. Screenings taking place at outdoor and indoor venues. “Out in The Boonies Screenings and Event” will be presented on days 1 & 2 in the eight counties served by our Northern PA Film Office. Locations will include outdoor screenings at amphitheaters, public swimming pool, canoe/kayak/boat to only screenings, and other screenings/events TBA - take your pick or do a road trip it’s all “Just Up The Road”. Days 3 & 4 are the Awards Days and take place in Warren, PA where you find films at numerous indoor screening venues, live music, art displays, tech events and workshop. Of course there’s the great outdoors and parties too. Films in Warren start at 9:00 AM and run late into the night and even into the next morning. We generally welcome plenty of filmmakers and film industry folks and you and your friends are welcome too.
At the Boonies 2015 you’ll find local, regional, national and international films. There’ll be short films; feature films; documentary films; narrative films; experimental films, animated films, student films, independent films, professional films; award winning films and maybe a film you’ll never forget; you find nanotechnology events & discussions; live music; art too. You’ll find tree lined streets, small town shopping, virgin forests, wifi, night life and two rivers flowing through town. One of those rivers, the Conewango Creek, is Pennsylvania’s River of the Year for 2015. This is film in The Boonies – it’s different. The amounts and number of awards for 2015 will be announced soon.

Jeff Clark (Festival Registrar)

Guidelines for the Boonies

Submission Deadline: Postmark December 23, 2014 for festival January 10 &11, 2015.

Submissions are accepted through online submission process.

1. In this inaugural year films from any year will be accepted into 2015 festival competition. Films must be completed by festival January 10 & 11, 2015.

2. Narrative and Documentary Film and Music Videos which have been distributed or has screened on television or is financed or initiated by a major film studio are not eligible for competition. Though they are welcome for special screenings. This does not apply if the film was an Official Boonies selection prior to its distribution or films production deal, financed or initiated by a major film studio.

3. Selected and Competition Films will be announced no later that December 27, 2014
4. Feature films must be 50 minutes and over.

5. Short films must be under 50 minutes.

6. Music Videos must be 30 minutes or under.

7. Same fees and rules apply to features, short films and music videos.

8. All non-English speaking films must have English subtitles.

9. The festival is open to filmmakers of all ages. All minor filmmakers must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and any use of film must be approved in writing by a parent or legal guardian.

10. No pornographic or “adult” films.


1st Prize The award consists of $500.00.

2nd Prize The award consists of $250.00.

3rd Prize The award consists of $125..00.


Please read carefully the following terms and conditions. “They” refer to your entry materials to The Boonies Sportsman Film Festival. You must accept these terms and conditions before your entry can be considered. • I/We attest that I/we have read and understand and complied with the Rules of Entry of the Festival, that I/we am/are the sole owner(s) of legal right and title thereto have absolute authority to submit the material to the festival. • I/We will indemnify and hold harmless the festival, its organizers, judges, sponsors, and partners, individually and collectively, from and against all claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses including legal expenses arising out of or in connection with any and all claims, or third party claims based on material submitted to the festival. • I/We understand that by submitting said material, I/we authorize the festival to exhibit the material during the 2015 festival dates, if the material, at the sole discretion of the festival, is selected for exhibition. • I/We understand that the festival will be able to screen your selected submission until the 2015 festival. Selected submission may be screened to promote The Boonies and the filmmaker. Any funds raised during screenings are for operational expenses of The Boonies Inc. If at any time after the festival's conclusion you no longer wish your material to be used in promotion of The Boonies Inc. and or the filmmaker/film, please send your request in writing or email. • I/We understand that the festival is not responsible for any type of damage to or loss of the material while it is in the festival’s possession, or while en route to or from the festival, and I/we release the festival, its organizers, judges, sponsors, and partners, individually and collectively, from any and all liabilities regarding damage to or loss of the material while en route to or from the festival or while in its possession. • I/We agree that any dispute arising between me/us and the festival shall be subject to binding arbitration pursuant to the then effective Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. The arbitrator shall have the authority to award all appropriate relief, including equitable or injunctive relief; provided, however, that the arbitrator is not authorized to award punitive damages. The award issued by any such arbitrator may be entered and confirmed as a judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction. The state with jurisdiction over any disputes relating to this agreement is Pennsylvania, and the sole location for proper venue is Warren, Pennsylvania. • Festival finalists and winners will permit the festival to use their name, contact information and/or likeness & publicity stills, film or video footage, title, and logline of material, in pre & post-competition publicity and promotional efforts. • Films/Filmmakers screening at The Boonies will also permit the festival to use their name, contact information and/or likeness and publicity stills, film or video footage, title, and logline of material during the 2015 festival dates. • The festival may, at its own discretion, transfer the submitted material to a compilation DVD for festival screening and the resulting DVD may be used for festival promotional purposes. However, said compilations are not sold or distributed by the festival. • Should material win one or more awards “Award(s)” at the festival, I/we am/are authorized and/or empowered by all parties legally representing material to name the individual(s) listed on the Award Designation List to receive any and all Award(s). If material is eligible for Award(s) and no one was designated to accept it/them, the Award will be deemed forfeit and another award winner will be chosen.