10th Annual

Yellowknife International Film Festival

September 26, 2016 to October 02, 2016

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P.O. Box 2487
4916 49th street
Yellowknife NT X1A 2P8
Phone: 867 766-2586

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Short Fiction
Short Fiction films and videos preferably of circumpolar, northern or aboriginal content.
Feature Fiction
Feature Fiction films and videos
Feature Documentary
Feature documentary films and videos
Interactive / Web / Performance
short documentary


The Yellowknife International Film Festival is presented by the Western Arctic Moving Pictures film cooperative. YKIFF is the sole media arts festival in the Northwest Territories that celebrates media artists and their works. The importance of this festival in the NWT is invaluable in terms of support and growth of regional media arts, and bringing independent content to Northern Canada. The critical and curatorial objective of YKIFF is to expose the NWT to a national and international arts discourse that is relevant to residents, while placing Northern and Aboriginal artists within that context. The festival brings new trends and ideas to the Northern film community, promoting dialogue and collaboration. YKIFF is also a venue to support the films of NWT and Northern filmmakers, exposing their works to the public. YKIFF promotes a Polar theme, showcasing films from the global Northern region. Most of all, YKIFF seeks to entertain the NWT audience with engaging and entertaining films.


The Yellowknife International Film Festival is in its 10th year, and is celebrating continued success and growth. Since its initial run in 2006, the festival has received an increasing amount of community support and has become Western Arctic Moving Pictures’ biggest annual event.

YKIFF is looking for documentaries, dramatic, and interactive films from the global polar regions. This includes content from (produced in or by) or about the global polar regions including Canada, Russia, Scandinavia, Greenland, Iceland, and the United States (Northern States and Alaska). Special consideration will be given to content from the Canadian Territories; the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut. We are also seeking a strong selection of Aboriginal content. Films can be either of short or feature length. Successful submissions will appear at YKIFF 2016, happening from September 26th - October 2nd, 2016, at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre, in Yellowknife. Films screened at the festival will be automatically entered into competition for one of three awards including Best Feature Doc, Best Feature Dramatic and Best Short.

The Yellowknife International Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing the work of new and emerging talents, as well as the work of established filmmakers. The festival intends to continue providing a launching pad for new films and filmmakers from the north, all across Canada and beyond. The festival features screenings, workshops and discussions with both leading professionals and amateur filmmakers on a wide range of topics and themes.

Settled in Canada's boreal arctic region, just south of the tundra, Yellowknife is a truly unique world for filmmakers. From summer's 24 hours of daylight to the cold and beautiful winter, you've never experienced anything like it.


Davis Heslep; Jeremy Emerson (Executive Director); Jeremy Emerson (Executive Director); Jeremy Emerson (Executive Director); Kirsten Carthew; Kirsten Carthew; Nancy Macneil (Festival Producer)


Submissions must be postmarked by deadline date. Check, money order for appropriate fee (CAN) enclosed.

PLEASE NOTE: YKIFF DOES accept Checks or Money Orders in CANADIAN DOLLARS ONLY. If you prefer to pay by Check or Money Order, please submit payment to Western Arctic Moving Pictures at P.O. Box 2487, Yellowknife, NT, Canada, X1A 2P8

DISC / FILE RETURN: We strongly encourage you to only send materials you DO NOT wish to have returned, it's cheaper and easier for all involved. Do not send us masters, originals, your only copy, etc.


I have carefully read and understand the complete rules of the festival. I take full responsibility for all content on my submitted blu-ray/dvd/drive. By entering this blu-ray/dvd/drive for consideration, I attest that I hold all rights to exhibit the given work. If accepted, I grant permission to Western Arctic Moving Pictures Film society to show my film/video at the 10th annual, 2016 Yellowknife International Film Festival.

I will not hold Western Arctic Moving Pictures Film society liable for damages incurred to materials while in transit, mail etc.

Screening fees will be negotiated with the festival organizers using IMAA &/or CARFAC recommended fee schedules as a basis.