8th Annual

LUMS International Film Festival

February 07, 2014 to February 09, 2014

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FiLUMS Convener, LUMS Media Arts C/o Mohammed Ali Shah, Extracurriculars Office
Lahore University of Management & Sciences Opposite Sector U, Defence Housing Authority
Lahore Punjab 54792
Phone: +92 300 265 7060

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Documentary duration: 5-60 minutes run time.
Short Film: 2 - 20 minutes
Feature Length
Feature Length: over 20 minutes
Animation:2-30 minutes


FiLUMS - the LUMS International Film Festival, hosted annually by the LUMS Media Arts Society (LMA), is one of the largest student-organized film festivals in South Asia and the largest in Pakistan. FiLUMS gathers amateur and professional filmmakers from all over the world to express their creativity through film. FiLUMS hopes to give the film-making industry of Pakistan a much needed resuscitation by serving as an important platform for young upcoming filmmakers, whom, we hope, will bring about a thorough and effective revival of the Pakistani cinema. Here, amateurs and experts come together to create an event that paves way for learning, inspiration, progress and constructive criticism – creating a space where new ideas are sown and old ones nourished, and with this, FiLUMS continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.
Submissions at FiLUMS are open in four categories, namely Shorts, Feature Length, Documentary, and Animation. There are two stages of scrutiny before the films received at the festival can claim awards. Each entry is initially examined to be shortlisted among the 100 or so best entries which are screened at the festival. These selected films are then forwarded to an external jury specially formulated for each category, and the final awards are given on the basis of judgment given by the judges who are experienced, well-acclaimed, and considered to be the best authority in their respective fields.


One of the most important components of FiLUMS is the workshops that are conducted by qualified professionals, many of whom have achieved a celebrity status. Such celebrities not only recount their learning experiences but also offer invaluable assistance in the form of well-seasoned advice. Workshops previously held at FiLUMS have included a wide variety of topics, ranging from pre-production, post-production, film marketing to biographical accounts of members of the Pakistani Film Industry. We hope that such interactions will help several budding filmmakers and artists get access to bright opportunities in media and entertainment, while enabling others to find a direction to hone their creativity and skills.

FiLUMS, over the short traverse of its journey, has also seen success achieved in premiering professional and mainstream films during the festival. These films highlight what filmmakers in Pakistan and abroad are capable of, as FiLUMS has consistently promoted them to large audiences from all over Pakistan. Over the years these premieres have grown in profile in terms of the stars from Lollywood that have previously attended them. FiLUMS has had the honour of bringing to the Pakistani audience several renowned films, such as The Dusk, I Have a Dream, Children of the Taliban, Heal, Made in Pakistan, Kashf, Zibahkhana, Shanu Taxi, and Zinda Lash among others, and has seen big names such as Syed Noor, Bilal Lashari, Usman Peerzada, Rasheed Naz, and Reema Khan attending the festival.

FiLUMS continues to expand its horizons with each passing year. Its journey spans from a small initiative 8 years ago, with around 50 regional participants, to an international platform of its current standing, with a record number of entries (more than 250 international and 500 national) at FiLUMS ‘11. Each year, the talent and creativity presented at FiLUMS far exceeds that of previous years, and it is with such a pace that this nascent film festival is progressing towards its aim of becoming the central hub of a cinematic revival in Pakistan.


; M. Osama Saeed (Director Registrations)


• The early registration deadline is 20th December 2013 and the regular registration deadline is 10th January 2014

• All materials must be received by 31st December 2013 (for early registrations) and by 15th January 2014 (for regular registrations).

• All films must adhere to the time limit for corresponding categories of submitted work. (See Film Categories)

• Submissions must be done on a data DVD (in either WMV, MPG, or AVI format) or a link for an uploaded version can be sent in. Only links from www.vimeo.com will be accepted.

• The entries would be judged according to the following criteria:
1) Theme
2) Content
3) Creativity
4) Script
5) Cinematography
6) Editing
7) Originality

• The above criterion is not restrictive and can be changed at the organizing committee's discretion. .

• Objectionable content includes sex, nudity, explicit language and graphic violence. NC-17 or R rated films are not acceptable. In situations where the need of such words is necessary because of the plot, the words should be censored with beeps. Graphic homosexuality, blasphemy and other religiously/culturally sensitive topics of such nature should be avoided. Please email us at Filums@lums.edu.pk, if you have any concerns regarding what is objectionable.

• Films made at any point of time can be submitted, provided that you have produced them and own the propriety rights of the film.

• Only films which have previously won awards at past FiLUMS are ineligible for competition. All other entries not awarded any recognition award at past FiLUMS are eligible.

• Films that have been submitted to other film festivals, or other competitions are eligible to participate.

• If the original make of the film is in a language other than English or Urdu, the film should be subtitled in English.

• In case of more than one entry, each entry must be accompanied by a separate registration form and fee.

• Top entries in each category, along with other highlights will be duly recognized and rewarded.

• The selection of jury and the decisions given by it is bound to be final and indisputable.

• LMA reserves the right to amend and change any rules at any time, and can disqualify any entry if it feels that there is any infringement of the ‘Rules and Regulations' and ‘Terms and Conditions'.


• Please make sure that you go through both the ‘Rules and Regulations' and the following ‘Terms & Conditions' before participation in FiLUMS 2014. The responsibility of reading and abiding by these terms is on the participants.

• All materials must be received by 31st December 2013 (for early registrations) and by 15th January 2014 (for regular registrations).

• All awards would be given entry wise, and all participants whether team or individual would be identified entry wise as well. An individual or a team can be associated with more than one entry.

• Teams/Individuals can participate regardless of their affiliation with any recognized institute.

• The event will be covered by radio and television representatives along with print & electronic media. Glimpses of the final entries may be aired on television or any photographs of these published elsewhere. Therefore, all participants hereby stand informed of this possibility. If you do not wish for your work to be displayed anywhere other than FiLUMS 2014, you MUST send us an email declaring so. The onus of informing us in such a case lies with the participant.

• Decision of the panelists regarding the short listing and the final awards would be final and cannot be challenged in any way.

• Deadlines and Terms and Conditions should be adhered to at all times for the duration of all stages mentioned.

• The code of conduct at LUMS and the FiLUMS ’14 rules should be followed while at the festival and failing to do so would result in withdrawal of the individual/ team from the festival.

• Participants who will physically be present at LUMS during the festival will sign a waiver of liability/ disclaimer on the first day to ensure that they take full responsibility for any damage/loss to LUMS property caused by them or for any objectionable behavior on their part. This is necessary to ensure a healthy atmosphere and a responsible spirit of participation.

• FiLUMS reserves the right to play your film as it chooses, and also reserves the right to disqualify or not play any film if it is not appropriate. In such a case FiLUMS will not have to justify its action.

• FiLUMS will only be accountable for the films which reach to us in good condition, without any damage in the mail.

• Festival dates, deadlines, details and rules are subject to change. In such a case, an announcement would be made through the website.

• By filling out the registration form and making a submission, the participants are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions.