4th Annual

ITSA Film Festival

November 01, 2013 to November 03, 2013

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PO Box 605
Groveland CA 95321
Phone: 209-962-0342
Fax: 1-800-680-6217

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Dramatic Short
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Yosemite Experience
The Yosemite Experience: We are featuring any films (including FEATURES), music videos, documentaries or animations that are related to Yosemite National Park. These films are in their own separate segment in celebration of the Yosemite Grant. Several of these films will also be selected to screen at ITSA Film Festival YOSEMITE taking place in Spring of 2014 in Yosemite National Park at the Yosemite Lodge.


Dedicated to promoting high school student filmmakers, college filmmakers, up-and-coming and veteran filmmakers in a location conducive to showcasing creativity while being an educational outreach through attendee workshops and panels.


ITSA Film Festival takes place in Sonora, California where over 300 movies and televisions series have been filmed in the county including Back to the Future, Hidalgo, Little House on the Prairie and High Noon (among others). Just 2.5 hours from San Francisco, 6.5 hours from Los Angeles and 1.5 hours from Yosemite National Park.

ITSA is brought to you by Art Quotient, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Run entirely by volunteers, ITSA Film Festival is dedicated to creating a wider audience and a greater awareness for all filmmakers, especially up-and-coming and students. We showcase films by filmmakers of all races, nationalities and genders. We encourage variety in our overall content by showing short films, documentaries, animation, experimental, shorts, music videos and other genres.

In the past, we have screened films that have been shown at Cannes, films starring well-known actors by well-known directors and producers along with student films.

After three amazingly successful years, we are excited to bring the 4th Annual ITSA Film Festival to the heart of California where filmmaking was king in Gold Country.


Christina Wilkinson (Festival Registrar); Christna Wilkinson (Founder); Christna Wilkinson (Founder); Christna Wilkinson (Founder); David Wilkinson; Sabre Design (Festival Registrar)


Submissions must be postmarked by appropriate deadline dates to be considered. Submissions received without payment will not be reviewed or considered. All submissions are non-refundable.

Finalists are selected based on a panel of industry professionals (acting, directing, producing, music composition, CGI, screenwriting, etc.) TBA on the website.

ITSA reserves the right to not consider films due to vulgarities and/or inappropriate content and/material.


The film entry must be submitted by either the director, producer or the copyright owner.

This person is known as the ‘contact person’ on the entry form and the responsible party in ‘Festival’s Terms and Conditions’. The contact person has the obligation to ensure every aspect of the entry has been satisfied properly.

The contact person has the responsibility to ensure the film complies with the law, including that there are no copyright infringements. The ITSA Film Festival (‘Festival’) does not have the responsibility to check that the film complies with all domestic and international laws, only the contact person has this knowledge and can make inquires. Contact person holds ITSA Film Festival, it's sponsors, festival producers and volunteers harmless in the event copyright infringements are brought forth.

Who can submit?
• Students attending high school or college
• Independent filmmakers
• Professionals


Post entry form, and DVD .
DVDs will not be returned. 
Email film stills and headshots of filmmakers – on request of ITSA
If a film contains a language other than English, subtitles MUST be present on all copies.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the contact person to ensure the submitted DVD is fully functional and in playing order. Unplayable films will not be considered and you will not be contacted in the event they do not work.


• All films may be submitted on DVD or through the Secure Online Screener. Final selects for the 'Festival' must be submitted in DVD format.

International entries must ensure the DVD is playable for U.S. DVD region players.

Once the entry form, synopsis and film(s) have been received by Festival organizers, each entry undergoes a preliminary round of judging. A short-list is then drafted and a screening determines the final screening selection. If successful, the contact person is notified. 

While ITSA looks forward to a representative being present at the festival, ITSA does not provide accommodation, food and transportation to the festival.

All finalists for Festival are given panel time during the Festival with other finalists in their category to discuss their films with an audience.

Entries containing material that is deemed discriminatory or offensive to any group of persons and/or generally distasteful will not be screened. Discretion is being used during the judging and selection processes.

A confirmation e-mail is sent once each entry is received.

Permission for screening:
By agreeing to ‘Festival’s Terms & Conditions’ and completing the ‘Entry Form’ the contact person is granting permission for the Festival to screen the film(s).

The contact person is also giving the Festival permission to use film stills and photographs they submit for the purposes of publicity.

Images from the film(s) and additional photographs may be used, reproduced and/or broadcast on the Festival’s website, associated websites and/or media outlets. This is not an exhaustive list of media sources.

If the entry is selected for screening and wins an award, the contact person must be prepared to submit detailed information about their film and crew.

If the entry is selected for screening the contact person must e-mail 3 JPEG stills to Festival organizers for publicity purposes.

Award categories:

Awards and prizes are given 1 'Best of Show' and 1 per genre category.

Awards presented are beautiful acrylic trophies and certificates to some.

Categories accepted include horror, drama, comedy, documentary, music video, western, sci-fi and animation.

Film length time limits are set as follows:
Short Films and animations must not exceed 25 mins including intros, credits and/or trailers. Music Videos must not exceed 6 mins in length.

Further information or questions:

Web: www.ITSAfilmfestival.com
E-mail: contact@ITSAFilmFestival.com
Tel: 209-962-0342 Sabre Design office
Fax: 1-800-680-6217


The ITSA Film Festival does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged DVD submissions. Festival organizers reserve the right to edit any information provided. Contact persons are required to supply additional information as requested. All information supplied by contact persons is respected and not given to third parties without prior permission of the contact person. The ITSA Film Festival is not responsible for ensuring that film entries do not infringe upon the laws and copyrights of any country and owners.