3rd Annual

Genre Film Festival

May 24, 2014 to May 26, 2014

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Film Market
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469 monte oro
manteca CA 95337
Phone: 4086930328

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Drama Features
Your best dramatic feature is something that you have been waiting to show. Now we want you to come into Genre 2013 with something fresh and new. Show the audience what you believe they want to see.
Horror Features
This section if for Horror Feature.
Must be 60 minutes to 120 minutes.
Comedy Features
This section if for Comedy Feature.
Must be 60 minutes to 120 minutes.
Drama Shorts
This section if for Drama Short.
Must be under 35 minutes.
Horror Shorts
This section if for Horror Short.
Must be under 35 minutes.
Comedy Shorts
This section if for Comedy Short.
Must be under 35 minutes


Back for our 2nd year. I want to say we have gotten to an amazing point in our Festival and this year we want you. Bring that audience you crave to their seats and showing your films in a real theater. This is the year to show us what you got.


2nd Annual Genre Film Festival is created by Film Makers.

We take your films and put them in front of a real audience. They are the judge and you gain fans of your brilliant work. A great follow happened the first year and the concept was eaten up so this year we are offering more categories and more submissions date for your ease.

Be a part of Genre 2013


John Tinsley (Filmmaker)


1. Must be applicable to the category selected.
2. Features 60 minutes to 120 minutes
3. Shorts under 55 minutes.
4. Must receive submissions by deadline.


When submitting, the fee is non-refundable unless acceptations are made by the director of the festival.
All submissions must be made by the deadline or they will not be accepted.
Airfare and lodging for the festival is entirely up to the contestants.
You will be notified of acceptance prior to the festival which you will be able to collect a pair of passes for two representatives for the film, and then able to purchase up to five more at a discount.
All finalist will be require to send in an acceptance in case of a winning entry on the "Best Of" Awards night following the festival if unable to attend. Winnings will be mailed to producer of the film.