8th Annual

Montclair Film Festival

May 03, 2019 to May 12, 2019

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41 Watchung Plaza #345
Montclair NJ 07042
Phone: 973-783-6433

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Narrative Features
Narrative Features are fiction films over 40 minutes in length.
Documentary Features
Documentary features are non-fiction films over 40 minutes in length.
Short Films
Short films may be fiction or non-fiction in any genre, but must be under 40 minutes in length.
New Jersey Films
ALL short films and feature films created by artists living and working in the State of New Jersey. New Jersey students submitting work should also use this category for submissions.
World Cinema
Feature length films (40 minutes or more) produced outside of the United States that are not in the English language and/or require subtitles for American audiences.
Student Films
All films, fiction, non-fiction, short and feature length, made by students in college or University living and working outside of New Jersey. Students in New Jersey, please use the New Jersey Filmmaker category.

Students in K-12, please visit montclairfilm.org to register for our Emerging Filmmaker program, which is open to K-12 age students from around the world.


The Montclair Film Festival connects global filmmakers with audiences in a diverse, culturally vibrant community by presenting films and year-round programs that engage, entertain and educate through the power of visual storytelling.


The eighth annual Montclair Film Festival will entertain film lovers and professionals from across the region and country with ten days of compelling independent films, comedies, documentaries, panels, family events and work by emerging artists. The festival will provide a platform for talented filmmakers from around the world and give special recognition to New Jersey artists.

Past MFF guests have including Rachel Weisz, Nick Offerman, Jeff Daniels, Imagine Dragon's Dan Reynolds, Ethan Hawke, Taylor Mac, John Tuturro, Bill Nye, Kenny Anderson, Lee Ranaldo, Kyra Schon, Stanley Nelson, Bettye Lavette, Zoe Lister-Jones, Norman Reedus, Rob Reiner, Margo Martindale, Richard Curtis, Richard Gere, John Stewart, Nelson George, Barbara Kopple, Steve Carell, Jimmy Fallon, Julie Taymor, Kevin Smith, Lake Bell, Ice-T, Kathleen Turner, Olympia Dukakis, Michael Moore, Judy Blume, Patrick Wilson, Stephen Colbert and many others.

"A film festival with more of everything." –The New York Times


Larisa Apan (Senior Programmer); Meredith Ladov (MFF Managing Director); Montclair Film Festival; Rebecca Sokol (Programming Coordinator); Rebecca Sokol (Programming Coordinator); Tom Hall (Executive Director); Tom Hall (Executive Director)


Entry Rules and Regulations

1. Objectives: The Montclair Film Festival, a non-profit organization, connects global filmmakers with audiences in a diverse, culturally vibrant community by presenting films and year-round programs that engage, entertain and educate through the power of visual storytelling.

2. Dates: The 8th Annual Montclair Film Festival will be May 3rd- May 12th, 2019.

Programs: Films will be considered for inclusion in the following programmatic categories

World Cinema (International)
Short (40 min or under)
Documentary Feature
Narrative Feature
New Jersey Filmmakers

4. Competitions:

Audience Awards

Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature
Audience Award for Best Documentary
Audience Award for Best In World Cinema
Audience Award for Best Short

Jury Prizes

Best Narrative Feature Competition
Best Documentary Feature Competition
Best New Jersey Feature Competition
Future/Now Prize

5. Submission Guidelines
A. Submission Formats: For programming consideration, the festival accepts DVD (NTSC only), WAB Online screeners, or Vimeo links for the complete film. The Festival will not consider trailers for selection purposes.

Eligibility Requirements: To be eligible for consideration, all films must meet the following requirements:

i. be available to screen by May 3, 2019. Filmmakers must provide the Montclair Film Festival with a clean, clear print for projection. Filmmakers must provide the film for presentation in DCP at the Festival’s sole discretion. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the digital transition of our screening locations, we are unable to show Film or Tape formats.

ii. not have been commercially screened in the US, or available for video or internet distribution prior to May 3, 2019.

iii. be in their original language with English subtitles when applicable.

iv. have been completed production within the last year.

v. films previously submitted to the Festival and not programmed will only be considered for the 2019 Festival if they meet all the other eligibility requirements as outlined here, and only if it has changed significantly from the previous version submitted.

vi. Entries must be received at our office address (NOT postmarked), by January 11, 2019.

Deadlines: Early submission is strongly encouraged with reduced entry fees until November 16, 2018. Final submission deadline is January 11, 2019. The Festival is not obliged to view late entries.

D. Entry Fee Schedule:
All entry fees must accompany your submission for consideration in the Festival.

Feature Films (40 minutes and above, fiction or non-fiction)
Deadline for all Entries Before November 16, 2018
Deadline for all Entries From November 17, 2018- December 21, 2018
Late Deadline for all Entries, January 4, 2019
WOAB Extended Deadline for all Entries, January 11, 2019

Short Films (40 minutes or less)
Deadline for all Entries Before November 16, 2018
Deadline for all Entries From November 17, 2018- December 21, 2018
Late Deadline for all Entries, January 4, 2019
WOAB Extended Deadline for all Entries, January 11, 2019

Student Films (with photocopy of current student ID)
Deadline for all Entries Before November 16, 2018
Deadline for all Entries From November 17, 2018- December 21, 2018
Late Deadline for all Entries, January 4, 2019
WOAB Extended Deadline for all Entries, January 11, 2019

Submission Materials:

Mail all submissions to:
Montclair Film Festival
41 Watchung Plaza, #345
Montclair, NJ 07042

Send a printed copy of your completed Entry Form.

ii. A clearly marked DVD (NTSC) or Blu Ray Region (0 or 1) of your completed film, labeled with title, running time and screening format. We also accept Without A Box online screeners and e-mailed Vimeo links, but we require ALL submissions to be registered with Without A Box and a submission number attached to all DVDs/ links submitted. We cannot return submitted copies of films.

iii. Applicable entry fee submitted

Electronic Press Kits only. Hard copy materials submitted with the films will be discarded.

Selections: Films will be selected and entrants will be notified prior to March 22, 2019.

H. Requirements for Selected Films:
Once an entry has been reviewed and selected for the festival, a preliminary notification letter will be issued by email. All selected applicants will be notified by March 22, 2019. Upon notification, the Montclair Film Festival may request additional press kits and press screening cassettes for each film, sent to the Festival via priority mail, complete with Electronic Press Kits and any additional promotional and marketing items needed.

Any unused press materials may be picked up at the press office at the conclusion of the Festival. Posters must remain displayed through the end of the day Sunday, May 12, 2019. All unclaimed materials will be disposed of immediately upon conclusion of the Festival.

Promotional Usage: Participants agree that all materials related to their film may be published in the Festival Preview Guide, Commemorative Program Book, Website, Ticketing system, and other promotional materials or property and in all media. Posters and images of the film may be used independently as well as in combination with images from other films to promote the film and the Montclair Film Festival.

J. Clearances: If selected for screening, all commercial/private property including trademark and/or copyrighted materials shown and recorded in the project must come with authorized permission for screening. The filmmaker remains entirely liable for any claims that may occur in result of screening the film.

K Print Liability: The Montclair Film Festival holds no responsibility for prints damaged upon arrival and may reject or replace the film in the Festival if this requirement is not met. The Festival will insure the safety of film prints only from the time of delivery to the Festival through the time the print is delivered to a shipping agent for return. In case of loss or damage to a print, the Festival must receive notification and independent verification immediately. The Festival’s obligation is limited to compensating the producer only for the cost of replacing the damaged reel(s).

Print Shipping:

Selected film prints must be received by PREPAID courier no later than 10 days prior to first screening date unless pre-approved by the Montclair Film Festival.

Prints must be clearly marked with the film’s title, the sender’s return address.

Prints will be returned to the Submission Contact within 10 days after the close of the Festival unless pre-arranged with the Montclair Film Festival prior to April 21, 2019.

Please clearly indicate on all waybills that transportation and customs charges will be billed to the sender. For custom’s purposes please indicate under declaration “Goods on loan for cultural and educational purposes only. No Commercial Value.” And indicate fair market value not to exceed U.S. $20 for video cassettes and U.S. $500 for feature length film prints.

Please request/obtain confirmation of delivery through the courier tracking service.

For more information please refer to the Festival website at www.montclairfilm.org or contact the Programmer at:

Montclair Film Festival
41 Watchung Plaza, #345
Montclair, NJ 07042


By submitting this film, I understand that I am agreeing to the following:

• I have the legal right to represent and to submit this film to Montclair Film Festival ("MFF") and to the best of my knowledge, all statements on this document are true;

• There is no action, suit, claim or proceeding pending, affecting or, to the best of my knowledge, threatened against this film or its producers in connection with this film;

• Music and any other third party material clearances and all copyright clearances are my sole responsibility. MFF will not be held responsible for any legal disputes regarding the exhibition of this film. Noncompliance may affect, delay, and/or disqualify my entry.

• If this film is selected for screening at MFF, I grant MFF the right to screen this film at the Festival;

• I understand and agree that my film entry, if selected for MFF, may be used for promotional purposes for MFF and/or its partners; and I grant MFF and its partners the rights to use footage (not to exceed 5 minutes), stills and/or titles and information from the film for such promotional purposes;

• Should this film win any award, I am authorized and/or empowered by all parties legally representing this film entry to receive all cash prizes and awards and to distribute them appropriately;

• I fully indemnify and hold MFF and each of its respective officers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates, contractors, sponsors, licensees and assigns harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses in connection with my film, including:

o reasonable attorneys’ fees and other expenses of defense arising from or in connection with any breach of any of the foregoing agreements, representations or warranties or from or in connection with any litigation or any claim or proceeding commenced by a third party alleging or arising from libel, slander, defamation, invasion of privacy, infringement, unauthorized use or any other right of such third party or wrongful conduct

o damage to or loss of the film print or videotapes en route to or from MFF or during the course of MFF's possession of the entry;

o and any claims which may arise in connection with my film.


If your film is selected to screen in MFF, you will need to provide the following:

o Projection print or video by required deadline. Filmmaker is responsible for the delivery costs of the print shipment to the festival, including any applicable customs fees. MFF will return the print to the supplier or to the next destination as indicated by the supplier at the festival's conclusion. The festival does not provide extra insurance for originals or masters.

o Press kits, trailers, promotional materials and additional screeners for preview;

o Screener copies for MFF press liaison (optional)

Please do not send these materials until your film is selected for the program. The festival reserves the right to complete any information not supplied by the filmmaker from whatever source available and will not be responsible if incorrect information is entered.

Note: MFF has the right to change any information contained in this document (including Festival dates, venues, events, awards and eligibility requirements) without further notice.