2nd Annual


September 25, 2013 to September 26, 2013

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Film Market
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555 5th st
denver CO 88905
Phone: 5555555555

HARD-TO-GET INFO • An event by this name may exist, but we have not been able to find even basic information about it. The listing remains available for your reference.

Short Film
(Narrative Fiction, under 50 Minutes in length)

Short Documentary Film
(Any subject matter, produced in any country in the world, at any budget)

No Budget Feature
(Under 30k Total Film Budget)

Low Budget Feature
(Under 200k Total Film Budget)

Full Budget Feature
(Over 200k Total Film Budget)

Documentary Feature Film
(Any subject matter, produced in any country in the world, at any budget)

Colorado Feature Film
(Written, Produced, Filmed etc. in the state of Colorado)

Colorado Short Film
(Written, Produced, Filmed etc. in the state of Colorado)

Experimental Short Film
(A mix of genres, techniques etc. Any film which doesn't fit into other categories)

Student Film
(Please include proof of current Student Id)

Music Video
(Music Video of any length, language or country)

Webisode, TV Episode
(Web series or TV Show Pilot - 1 or more episodes)

Script: Short Script (under 50 pages)
A Short Script (under 50 pages) of a film, TV, webisode or other genre.

Script: Feature Script (over 50 pages)
A Feature Script (over 50 pages) of a film, TV, webisode or other genre.


Information not provided.


Information not provided.


Dan Stonebarger (Festival Director)


1. Entrants must submit a or DVD or Bluray in NTSC region 0 or 1 viewing copy for consideration or a SECURE ONLINE SCREENER.
2. Entries must be postmarked according to the deadline. Preferred Mail Delivery is USPS, but DO NOT request a SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION. Fedex, UPS and other international and private mail companies are okay, but again - do not request signature!
3. Entry forms and payment will not be processed without accompanying Preview Copies in one of the accepted formats for film applicants, however you may still incur charges through WAB website.
4. All entries must be in English or - SUBTITLED, DUBBED, unless special arrangements have been made with festival.
5. Please write Title, WAB Tracking ID, Running time, Contact Email on DVDs.
6. All films selected for screening at the festival grant DENVER INDIE FEST the right to use stills and excerpts of up to two minutes for promotional purposes whether or not your film is in official competition or not.
7. Festival is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged entries.
8. Exceptions to the festival regulations must be authorized by one of the Festival Directors.
9. Submissions will not be returned.
10. All fees are nonrefundable and non-negotiable.

DIFF accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of entries during shipment to or from DIFF.

Preferred method of shipping is United States Postal Service (USPS, Inside the U.S.). Please DO NOT request SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION as our officers and employees are not always available at time of delivery, however DELIVERY CONFIRMATION is OKAY! - Unishippers, FEDEX, UPS and other third party vendors are also acceptable delivery methods, however again - have your film delivered WITHOUT SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION! The cost of shipping an entry to the festival must be paid by the entrant. Collect or C.O.D. shipments will not be accepted. All international entries must be sent "free domicile" to the Festival office with all transportation charges, duties, and taxes prepaid by the shipper. Any brokerage fees charged to DENVER INDIE FEST will be billed back to the shipper. Be sure to include all the proper customs documentation required by the shipping company.


I/We wish to have our film/video/animation entry(ies) hereby called "ENTRY" included in entries of DENVER INDIE FILM FESTIVAL (DIFF). I/we understand that no materials included with this application will be returned. If more than one (1) party signs this agreement as submitter, then reference to I/we throughout this agreement shall apply to each party; jointly and separately. I waive any and all rights to compensation for any broadcast, duplication, and advertising of any ENTRY presented at the festival. All ownership of all ENTRY remains with the personnel who contributed to the ENTRY. I own all material submitted with application and that will be viewed at DIFF. I understand that DIFF, its producers, and sponsors are relying on this release and accordingly, I hereby irrevocably waive any and all rights to seek or obtain any injunction or other equitable relief against DIFF, its officers, agencies, employees, sponsors and employees. In exchange for release, I receive the opportunity to possibly have my ENTRY shown at DIFF and accept that there is no promise of additional payment, in any form for likeness, image, biography, recording, equipment, or for any other contribution by us on this production. I hereby certify that I am over eighteen years of age and competent to contract in my own name. If I am signing on behalf of an organization, I certify that I have authority to do so and that my signature binds the organization and its performers to all elements of this contract. I have read the foregoing release and authorization and agreement, before affixing my signature below, and warrant that I fully understand the contents thereof.