4th Annual

Idyllwild CinemaFest

January 09, 2013 to January 13, 2013

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Documentary Feature
Documentary Short
Any project that does not meet traditional production quality standards but is subjectively judged to be worthy of a public audience.
Web Series
Feature, Foreign Language
Featurette, Foreign Language


The Idyllwild CinemaFest is dedicated to independent filmmaking of all forms, from web series' to feature films. This competition yields 25 awards, plus an additional set of Honorable Mention Awards that can be used as laurels for your promotional benefit.
We strive to be of greater benefit to our filmmakers than just the days of the screenings. As new benefits are devised, they are offered to alumni films, not just to award winners but all those who have received award nominations and the best of the rest.


Welcome to Idyllwild, California and the Greatest Little Film Festival on Earth, the Idyllwild CinemaFest. Idyllwild is Los Angeles' Gem of a Getaway. We've been compared to Park City in the early years and if you've been to Idyllwild you know why. About two hours southeast of Los Angeles nestled in the San Jacinto mountains, Idyllwild is the most beautiful Southern California town that you've probably never been to. That ends now with this amazing film festival--five days of great movies, clean air, networking, parties, and FREE filmmaking seminars. ICF is more than a film festival; it's an experience. Welcome to one of the peaks of the film festival circuit, literally.


Philip Calderone; Stephen Savage (Director); Stephen Savage (Director); Stephen Savage (Director); Stephen Savage (Director)


ICF is an interactive festival, both between audience and other filmmakers. Attendance by any two project filmmakers is highly recommended for project acceptance, screening and awards. Recommended is producer, director, writer and lead cast.

If fewer than two projects are accepted in any category, the Festival may choose not to bestow an award in that category. Conversely, if only one submission is accepted in any category and that project is deemed worthy by the Festival, the award may be bestowed.

Student submissions must be accompanied by the following:
1) Disclosure of the student's school--high school, college, film program or film trade school.
2) Disclosure of the date range that the student attended such school or program.
3) Copy of the student's ID

Note that all projects deemed to be Student Films and/or Foreign Language films also compete in their Form/Length category. Multiple awards are possible.

Acceptance into the Amateur Category is by mutual agreement of filmmaker and festival. Filmmaker may apply to this category yet be denied and accepted into a traditional category. Conversely, festival may ask a project traditionally submitted to be in the Amateur category; filmmaker may decline.

Please note the Premiere Status of the film, as of Jan 9, 2013:
-North America
-United States
-US West Coast
-Southern California


The number(s), date(s), time(s) and locations of the screenings of films are at the sole discretion of the Idyllwild
The submitter will be responsible for the cost of shipment to the Idyllwild CinemaFest.
The Idyllwild CinemaFest does not provide insurance for loss or damage of submitted materials. Please obtain your own insurance if you wish to have such protection, for shipping and/or otherwise. Do not send originals or masters.
Screening disks of any kind will NOT be returned. For official selections however, showing disks (BluRay, DVD) will be returned if a self-addressed stamped envelope is received by ICF within two weeks of the end of the festival award day.
The Idyllwild CinemaFest reserves the right to complete and/or alter any information not legibly supplied by the entrant from any available source and will not be responsible for incorrect information.
By submitting, you certify that: you are the authorized representative for the above-mentioned project; the filmmaker has all the necessary rights to music used in the project. If the project is selected by the Idyllwild CinemaFest, you hereby grant permission for public exhibition of the project during the 2013 Idyllwild CinemaFest.