1st Annual

Wilmore 9

August 03, 2013 to August 04, 2013

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Film Market
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3970 Atlantic Ave
Suite 209
Long Beach CA 90807
Phone: 562 285 9644

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Feature Film under $20,000 over 50 minutes
Any genre. Total film budget must under $20,000
and over 50 minutes in length . There will be a $500 prize for best feature film in this category.
Documentary films about any topic are accepted for submission in this category.

50 minutes or longer
Film Trailers
Your trailer can be for a finished work (for example, a produced movie) or for a work still in the planning or development phase.

Any Form/Genre

Time requirements: 4 minutes Max
Music Videos (Any Genre)
All music genres welcome

Definition: a visual accompaniment and/or representation of a piece of music, generally between 3-4 minutes in length

10 min max
High School student shorts
Must have been written or directed by a "Youth" meaning in high school or younger.

Any Genre.

No minimum or maximum length.
5 min Max Shorts (Any Genre)
Any type of genre is welcome.

Must be under five minutes.
Feature- ANY GENRE
60 minutes or longer. Any genre
New Media
Any video content that gets published on line such as you tube or vimeo.


The mission of the 1st annual Wilmore 9 Film~Music~Arts Festival is to offer the best in indie film, music, and other stuff (arts/crafts/skate contests/food trucks/vendors, etc.) from all over California presented in Long Beach, California on August 3rd and 4th, 2013.

We want to assault the senses, there will be events going on back to back all three days. No down time. Go! Go! Go! For all that attend the Wilmore 9 festival, our objective is that you will leave with conclusion that your time was well spent, that you've never been to an event like it, and that you can't wait until next year.


If you are looking for respect for your film as a filmmaker look no further. We will be showing only one film at a time during the festival so that each film has as many viewers as possible. If you submit and don't get in, we will give you 2 free passes to watch all films at the festival plus be invited for free to an awesome VIP filmmaker's party as a submitting filmmaker. We are going to have great parties. Our goal for this year is for everyone involved to leave thinking they had the best time ever.

We want you to make connections, promote your film, and have fun. Long Beach is located in the heart of Southern California on the coast. It is 40 minutes from Hollywood, 30 minutes from Silver Lake, 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, and within a hour's drive to 15 million people.

So please let us see your magic that you put your heart and soul in. We plan to get a lot of press as Southern California is the film and music capital of the world. Let's have them write about you!!!!


Danny Viale (Film Coordinator); Hannah Boyd (programming manager); John Case; John Case; John Case (Executive Director); Serena Maris (Administrator); Serena Maris (Program Director)


There are no rules except get the film submitted on time. We are looking for fun, original, indie stuff, just like Long Beach, CA. Long Beach has a original authentic vibe. Long Beach is the most ethnically diverse large city in the United States. We want to showcase your creative efforts. Bring it to us.


Terms and Conditions Entry into the Wilmore Film and Music Festival, hereafter referred to as "the Festival" indicates consent to the following: I understand submission of my film does not guarantee the film will be screened nor its inclusion in the Festival. I understand that my entry will need to reach the Wilmore 9 Film and Music Festival office to be accepted for submission. I understand that the decision of the Wilmore 9 Film and Music Festival film selection panel judges to screen the film or not is entirely at their discretion and their collective decision is final. I understand that if the film is selected, only the main contact and optionally one guest will be admitted free to the screening of the film and will not necessarily be admitted into any other films free of charge. I confirm that I have obtained all necessary written consents from all persons, companies and organizations involved in the making of the film. I confirm that I hold the rights in this film or relevant permissions necessary to allow the film to be screened for public exhibition at the Wilmore 9 Film and Music Festival. I am able and willing to produce evidence of such ownership or permissions if asked by Wilmore 9 Film and Music Festival organizers. I hereby grant the Wilmore 9 Film and Music Festival the necessary license to screen the film during the period of the Wilmore 9 Film and Music Festival free of charge and without restriction. I will indemnify and hold harmless the Wilmore 9 Film and Music Festival, its organizers, judges, sponsors, and partners, individually and collectively, from and against all claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses including legal expenses arising out of or in connection with any and all claims, or third party claims based on Material submitted to Wilmore 9 Film and Music Festival. The Wilmore 9 Film and Music Festival can use images from the film or excerpts from the film for promotional purposes including, without limitation, the right of display, reproduction, and distribution on moabfilmfestival.org as well as in offline print materials. The Festival may make images available to other websites for promotion of the Festival. I have cleared all copyright materials in this film and have the necessary permissions for it to be used in this way. I understand that the information given along with entry may be published in association with the Festival. I understand that anything submitted to the Festival in relation to the entry will not be returned. I confirm that I will indemnify the organizers against any claim against them arising directly from the screening of the film, including but not by way of limitation, legal proceedings for libel or defamation. I understand and agree that any fees, costs or other claims arising from the screening of the film at the Wilmore 9 Film and Music Festival are solely my responsibility and that Wilmore 9 Film and Music Festival cannot be held responsible for any breach by me of any obligations.