2nd Annual

International Festival of Independent Filmmakers, NEW HORIZON

September 03, 2013 to September 07, 2013

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Ground Floor No. 4
Tarbiat Moallem St, Farahzadi Blvd
Sanat Sq, Qods Town
Tehran Iran 1998957964
Phone: (009821) 88 69 73 87
Fax: (009821) 88 69 73 87

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Feature Film
60 minutes or longer
Feature Documentary
60 minutes or longer
Short Film
(less than 60 minutes
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Our mission is providing a platform where independent scholar and filmmakers can gather together, feature their films and engage in debate and deliberation on various aspects of world cinema. The festival also aims at facilitating professional, academic, and activist action; bridging the gap between the human ideals we hold in common & strive to achieve, as well as highlighting the stark realities which confront us in our global community.


It is our pleasure to announce the second international festival of Independent Filmmakers (NEW HORIZON). In collaboration with the Cinematic Organization of I.R.Iran, the festival will focus on social and political issues addressed over the recent surge of change and awakening throughout America, Europe and Islamic countries. The event will take place on September 3rd to 7th, 2013 in Tehran.


Gholam-Reza Montazami (General Secretary ); Hamed Ghashghavi (Secretary of the International Affairs); Nader Talebzadeh (Director of the Technical Committee )


1. The Occupy movement in Wall Street America and Europe
2. The fall of regional monarchies
3. Islamic and world awakening
4. The economic crisis in Europe and America
5. The role of lobbyists in influencing government policy.
6. Resistance against occupation
7. Anti-war movements
8. Islamophobia and Iranophobia
9. A world toward sustained justice
10. A world without nuclear weapons, terrorism, and Wahhabism
11. Family and faith destruction
12. Insulting Holy Prophets
13. Violence, terrorism, and portrayal of Satan in Hollywood
14. Rights of individuals versus rights of nations;
15. Imperialism
16. False flag attacks
17. Holding nations accountable for their actions
18. Geoengineering
The jury will introduce the best film in each section, and a special award will be dedicated to the jury’s chosen film of the festival.
 $1,500 and a plaque for the Best Feature Film (60 minutes or longer)
 $1,000 and a plaque for the Best Feature Documentary (60 minutes or longer)
 $750 and a plaque for the Best Short Film (less than 60 minutes)
 $500 and a plaque for the Best Short Documentary (less than 60 minutes)
 $2,000 and a plaque for the Jury's Chosen Film
Registration information
Once your film has been considered and approved, you will be notified and asked to send additional required documents for visa application, hotel reservation, etc.
Registration fee
No registration fee is required. Once your application has been confirmed, the festival will cover the expenses of your travel to Iran, including airfare, transportation, accommodation and meals. Further details will be provided later.
Submission of films
You can choose one of the following ways to submit your film to the festival:
 Via mail: films can be posted on a DVD to the festival office.
 Via FTP server: Once you have completed the registration form, you will be provided with an FTP code where you can upload your film.
- Films must be completed on or after 2011 and must be submitted in Bluray, QuickTime, DVCam, HD, 16 mm and/or 35mm.
- Entrants are required to submit 3 photographs from their film and one photograph of the director.
- All entries must be either in English or subtitled in English. Non-English entries submitted without subtitles are not eligible.
- Films should contain no logos or watermarks.
- Only complete entries (including entry form, and preview screener) will be processed.


- All Films will be preserved in the festival's film database for future reference.
- Original films are to be submitted to the festival 7 days after selected films have been announced.