29th Annual


September 16, 2015 to September 22, 2015

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PO Box 303
12000 Henno Rd
Glen Ellen CA 95442
Phone: 707-996-2536

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First Feature
Open to all filmmakers worldwide. First time director of feature length film (60 minutes or more). Your feature length film will also fall into one of our categories: Arts in Film, U.S. Cinema (produced in the U.S.) Music in Film, Cinema of Conscience, World Cinema, EcoCinema or Latin Cinema. Don't worry if you are not sure which category your first feature may be.
Your documentary will also be included in one of our categories: Arts in Film, U.S. Cinema (produced in the U.S.), Cinema of Conscience, World Cinema, EcoCinema, or CineLatino. It is OK if you are not sure which category your documentary may be in.
Arts In Film
Arts In Film are films made about the "Arts." Included are: literature, opera, dance, painting, photography, music, filmmaking, culinary arts, theatre, sculpture,etc. The great power of cinema is that it can bring us inside the soul and passion of artists at work. The Arts In Film fills a void that is missing from much of our education system these days.
Cinema of Conscience
Features, docs and shorts that you made regarding human rights, civil liberties, social justice and/or issues you feel passionate about. If your film is about the environment go to EcoCinema. We favor films that have artistic merit as well as relevancy.
Your short (35 minutes or less) will be included in one of our categories: Arts in Film, U.S. Cinema (produced in the U.S.) Music in Film, Cinema of Conscience, World Cinema, EcoCinema or CineLatino. Please use the appropriate category for your short film entry. Thanks!
U.S. Cinema
For Independent films (shorts, docs, features, animation) that are produced in the U.S. All lengths and all genres considered.
World Cinema
For features, shorts, docs, animation produced outside of the U.S.

This is our Specialty! We seek out films that express what we call "The Terroir of Cinema", that is... films that reveal something of the roots of the filmmakers land and culture.

It is through film and the arts that we experience Cultural Understanding and Appreciation, key elements to a peaceful world.

All languages are welcome, as long as they have English subtitles.
Eco films (features, shorts, docs, animation) have an environmental message. They should increase public awareness of environmental problems, present solutions and inspire personal action. The environment can also be in some way a "character" in your film. In this section we include "Food On Film" - particularly 'sustainable' foods and farming.
CineLatino is a showcase of films (shorts, docs, features, animation) from Latin America, South America Cuba, Portugal, and Spain. We are deeply interested in cultural diversity and our audiences love these films!


The Wine Country Film Festival is celebrating its 29th Anniversary in 2015. The Festival is dedicated to bringing the best international and independent cinema to the community and providing a cultural resource for filmmakers, artists and the public at large. We believe that film can broaden our appreciation of the arts, engender social conscience, create international cultural understanding and expand multi-cultural awareness.

Over the years the Festival has hosted and Tributed In Person such luminaries as Kirk Douglas, Jonathan Demme, Anthony Quinn, Gregory Peck, Richard Shepard, Philip Kaufman, Ron Shelton, Rita Moreno, Nicolas Cage, Dennis Hopper, Bruce Dern, Vilmos Zsigmond, Chuck Workman, Elliot Gould, Teri Garr, Richard Harris, Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Patrick Swayze, international filmmakers Percy Adlon, Mika Kaurismaki, Nana Djordjadze, Irakli Kvirikadze, Anant Singh, and Eliseo Subiela, among others.

It is our mission through film and the arts to recognize your talent, your humanity, and compassion, and your sense of justice to create a more equitable world.


Located just 50 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Wine Country Film Festival is wine country's original and longest running film festival. It features more spectacular Festival screenings under the stars - Films al Fresco™ - than any other festival in North America.

A top tier event, the festival is slow paced and friendly with time to enjoy a wonderful recreation region.

Praised for its carefully curated program, the Festival takes pride in the discovery and exposure of new talent and broadening the ‘film literacy’ of our audience. It is your film and your voice that create the tone of each edition.

There are seven main sections: World Cinema, U.S. Cinema, Arts in Film, Music in Film, CineLatino, Cinema of Conscience (humanity and social issues), and EcoCinema, plus a special mini-section of Food On Film. We program shorts, documentaries, animation and dramatic features.

Share your passion and unique vision with us. At the Festival your film will be received by an enthusiastic public. You may be invited to participate in Master Classes that are lively and informative. Often we feature Filmmaker personalized tours to wineries and local attractions.
Many supporting events bring a greater appreciation to the art of filmmaking such as performances, readings, exhibitions of paintings, sculpture and photography. Films are screened in local theaters and outdoors under the stars in spectacular wine country settings such as the Grand Room in the wine Caves of Deerfield Ranch Winery.

Awards include (partial list)


BEST FIRST FEATURES for Best International and Best US First time directing efforts.

HUMANITARIAN AWARD which is given to an individual who has significantly impacted our world - Past recipients include Nobel Peace Laureates His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Jose Ramos Horta ("The Diplomat"), Aung San Suu Kyi and Jody Williams ("Disarm") and to Martin Sheen for his extraordinary contributions to social justice and peace.


AUDIENCE AWARDS for Best Shorts and Features.

GAIA Awards for Best Eco films

The CHARLIE CHAPLIN AWARD to an exceptional multi-dimensional film artist.

The Festival includes a host of Special Events that include culinary events, art exhibitions, Life Achievement Awards and Tributes. Past honorees include Kirk Douglas, Richard Dreyfuss, Nicolas Cage, Elliott Gould, Dennis Hopper, David Carradine, Rip Torn, Richard Shepard, Percy Adlon, Anthony Quinn, Rita Moreno, Gregory Peck, Dudley Moore, Lynn Redgrave, Jonathan Demme, Philip Kaufman, Ernest Borgnine, Teri Garr, Harry Shearer, Richard Harris and other notables.

Other Special Awards and Award Sponsors may be issued at the discretion of the Festival Directors.


Justine Ashton (Associate Director); Stephen Ashton (Director)


Send entry form, fee, and viewing copy (and CD of photo stills if available) to: Wine Country Film Festival, P.O. Box 303, Glen Ellen, CA 95442 if using Mail.
Or if by courier use Print Shipping address: Wine Country Film Festival, 12000 Henno Road, Glen Ellen, CA 95442.

Send in strong containers with return address. Participants are responsible for all freight, customs and handling charges.
Arrangements are to be made with our Print Traffic Department for Shipping Details for Exhibition copies. Screening Entries will not be returned unless prior arrangement is made and an additional charge is paid.

The 29th Annual Wine Country Film Festival is Sept 16– 22, 2015 in Sonoma Valley, Ca. 50 miles north of San Francisco, in the heart of California’s premium wine country.

The Festival promotes the development and appreciation of fine film and the arts and stimulates cultural understanding and exchange. The Festival provides rich materials for our Cinema In Education® Project that encourages and facilitates the use of film as an educational asset.

3) PRINCIPAL CATEGORIES The Festival accepts feature films, shorts, documentaries, experimental, animation and student films in all formats. There are five categories including: World Cinema, U.S. Cinema, CineLatino, Eco Cinema (includes Food on Film), Cinema of Conscience (films of Political or Social Comment, particularly Human Rights,) and Arts in Film.

4) OTHER EVENTS- COMPETITIONS The Festival also organizes Forums, Seminars, Master Classes, special programs and Tribute presentations. COMPETITIONS: Best Feature and Short Film in various categories, WCFF / Humanitarian Award, Best First Feature Film, Jack London Screenplay Award, Jack London Spirit Award, Margrit & Robert Mondavi Peace & Cultural Understanding Prize, the WCFF David L. Wolper Documentary Film Prize. Competition will be held during the Festival, and the GAIA Film Prize for best film related to the environment. Prizes may include cash and services.

5) SELECTION The Program Director is responsible for establishing the selection of films and special programs. Entry in Festival constitutes agreement to participate if the film is selected.

6) UPON ACCEPTANCE (but not with the Preview Entry), entrant must submit a press kit and exhibition copy.

7) A digital copy of the film will be kept in the Festival library for all selected films.


A) SELECTION The Program Director is responsible for establishing the selection of films and special programs.

B) Entry in Festival constitutes agreement to participate if your film is selected.

C) Upon acceptance, a press kit and exhibition copy are required.

D) A digital copy of the film will be kept in the Festival library for all selected films.