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19-Apr-2014 10:49pm PDT  


TIFF Kids International Film Festival

17 Annual April 08, 2014 to April 20, 2014

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TIFF Bell Lightbox
Reitman Square
350 King Street West
Toronto ON M5V 3X5
Phone: 416-599-8433
Fax: 416-967-9477

EVENT NOW IN PROGRESS! • This event is happening right now. For more information, click to the event\'s Home Page.

Live Action Short Film
Films with runtimes less than 40 minutes.
Live Action Feature Film
Films with runtimes of 40 minutes or longer.
Documentary Film
Animation Short
Films with runtimes less than 40 minutes.
Animation Feature
Films with runtimes of 40 minutes or longer.
Next Wave Animated Short
Animated films with runtimes less than 40 minutes.
Next Wave Animated Feature
Animated films with runtimes over 40 minutes.
Next Wave Documentary
Next Wave Live Action Short
Films with runtimes less than 40 minutes.
Next Wave Live Action Feature
Films with runtimes greater than 40 minutes.

TIFF Kids: The principal objective of the TIFF Kids International Film Festival is to present the best of contemporary and classic film for children, youth and families. Its mandate is to feature the most outstanding children’s films produced in every part of the world. Films are selected on the basis of quality and originality. Preference will be given to films not previously screened at a festival in Canada. TIFF Kids also promotes contacts between industry professionals and educators to assist in developing the role cinema plays in the education and enrichment of young people.

TIFF Next Wave: The principle objective of the TIFF Next Wave Film Festival is to present the best of contemporary and classic film for youth between the ages of 14 and 19. Its mandate is to feature the most outstanding films for youth produced in every part of the world.

About TIFF Kids

Engaging, educational and entertaining, the TIFF Kids International Film Festival is an initiative of TIFF that offers children and youth the opportunity to learn about cultural perspectives from around the world through the power of the moving image.

An enriching experience that is much more than just a day at the movies, TIFF Kids includes a Public Programme for ages three and up and a two week School Programme for students in grades 1 to 8. Featuring the best of Canadian and international cinema for children and youth, TIFF Kids offers a compelling selection of features and shorts on diverse subjects in a variety of genres and styles. It provides a rare opportunity to watch films that kids around the world are lining up to see and that in many cases may not be available again in Toronto.

In its first year the festival had an attendance of 2,300. It has since grown at a phenomenal pace, increasing its audience to over 30,000 in 2013. The tremendous success of the event led to the creation of the TIFF Kids section at the Toronto International Film Festival, the year-round outreach programme Special Delivery and the Pocket Fund, a fundraising initiative.

The 2014 TIFF Kids International Film Festival will include but not be limited to the following programmes: Reel Rascals, Special Presentations, Short Film Programme, Feature Film Programme, School Programme, Jump Cuts Young Filmmakers Showcase. Note: Jump Cuts accepts submissions of film and video by youth between Grade 4 and Grade 8 who are residents of Ontario, Canada. Submission to Jump Cuts is made through separate documentation, available by contacting the TIFF Kids office through the official website ( or by email ( Selected films will be placed in the appropriate programme by the Festival programming team in consultation with the filmmaker.

This year's festival runs from April 8 to April 20, 2014.

The TIFF Kids International Film Festival is supported by Lead Sponsor Bell; Major Sponsors RBC, L'Oreal Paris, Visa and Audi and Government supporters the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Toronto. TIFF Kids Industry is further supported by the OMDC and Telefilm Ontario.

About TIFF Next Wave

The TIFF Next Wave Film Festival is steered by the TIFF Next Wave Committee, an advisory committee made up of 12 youth dedicated to bringing quality film programming to youth in Toronto. The tastes and interest of each Committee member are reflected in the film selections. Preference will be given to films not previously screened at a festival in Canada. In its second year the festival had an attendance of over 2,500.

This year's festival runs from February 14 to February 16, 2014.

The TIFF Next Wave Film Festival is supported by Lead Sponsor Bell; Major Sponsors RBC, L'Oreal Paris, Visa and Audi and Government supporters the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Toronto.

Rules and Regulations 2014

The 17th-annual TIFF Kids International Film Festival (“TIFF Kids”) will be held from April 8 to 20, 2014.
The 3rd-annual TIFF Next Wave Film Festival ("TIFF Next Wave") will be held from February 14 to 16, 2014.

Feature Films: 40 minutes and over
TIFF Kids submissions due (must be postmarked by): December 13, 2013
TIFF Next Wave submissions due (must be postmarked by): November 1, 2013

Short Films: less than 40 minutes
TIFF Kids submissions due (must be postmarked by): December 13, 2013
TIFF Next Wave submissions due (must be postmarked by): November 1, 2013

Early submission is recommended. The festival is not obliged to consider late entries.

In order to successfully submit your film to TIFF Kids/TIFF Next Wave, please ensure that you have fulfilled the following:
• Completed the Withoutabox Submission Form (the “Submission Form”):
• Successfully paid the submission fee.
• Sent a DVD screener (see specific requirements below) or submitted an online screener of your film.

Please note: Should you be informed directly that your film has been selected; you will be required to submit publicity materials. A complete list of required materials will be sent to you at that time.

I. To be eligible for consideration, all films must be available in one of the following theatrical presentation formats if selected:

Film prints must be composite prints in 35 mm. Accepted video formats are: D-Cinema (DCP), HDCAM SR and HDCAM. Both PAL and NTSC are accepted and there is no recommendation or restriction on frame rate.

Audio should be an LtRt or pro-logic compatible mix on channels 1,2 with the option of Dolby E on channels 3.4 for HDCAM. Track ordering for 5.1 discrete on HDCAM SR is: L,R,C,LFE,Ls,Rs.

TIFF Kids does not screen DVD or Blu-ray content theatrically.

While exceptions may be made for selected work of feature length in additional formats not listed, inquiries about formats other than those listed will not be replied to at the submissions stage. For technical questions and to receive detailed format and delivery information for digital formats, please send an email with the subject line “TIFF Kids/TIFF Next Wave submission: Your Title Here” to

The format of origination (the format you used to shoot or edit your film in) does not matter to us and is not a consideration for selection.

II. Films must not have been previously screened commercially in Canada (exceptions may be made for non-English-language films that have played without English subtitles), broadcast in Canada, or available on the Internet prior to April 21, 2013 (or February 16, 2013 for TIFF Next Wave submissions).

III. Films must be in their original language with English subtitles, if the original language is not English.

IV. Films previously submitted to TIFF Kids and not selected will not be reconsidered for the 2014 programme.

For programming consideration, TIFF Kids/TIFF Next Wave accepts DVD and Online Screeners submitted via Withoutabox.

DVD Submissions
• DVDs must be formatted in MPEG-2 video for Region 1/North America or Region 0/ “no region, i.e., that the DVD is authored as a video DVD and is not burned as a data disk containing Quicktime or other similar file formats.
• DVDs must be labeled with the following:
o Title
o Production Company
o Company Address
o Telephone Number
o Director’s Name
o Length in Minutes
o Withoutabox Tracking Number
• Please test your DVDs thoroughly before sending.
• Please indicate if the submission is a rough cut or work-in-progress.
• Screen burn-ins are acceptable.
• There is no programming value for DVD submissions arriving in unusual or unorthodox containers. Please avoid excessive packaging and the inclusion of any materials other than what are specified.
• The Festival does not accept the following:
o Content burned to Read/Write (RW) discs
o Blu-ray discs
o Trailers for selection purposes

All submissions must be sent prepaid. TIFF Kids/TIFF Next Wave will not accept collect or cash-on-delivery shipments.

I. TIFF Kids/TIFF Next Wave will not assume responsibility for, nor will it accept, shipments incurring expenses for terminal charges, duties, taxes or customs brokerage. Clearly indicate on all waybills that transportation and customs charges be billed to the sender.
Please Note: Any charges for shipping incurred by TIFF will be invoiced back to the sender.

II. To ensure shipments originating outside Canada clear Canada Customs without delay, please follow these instructions:
a. Include three copies of a COMMERCIAL INVOICE (declaration of contents) containing the following information:
• Sender’s name, address and telephone number
• Receiver’s address (Festival address)
• Title of film and format (e.g., DVD)
• Length of film
• Fair market value (standard are $20 CAD for DVD or cassette and $500 CAD for feature-length print, DCP and HDCAM)
• Country of manufacture
• Declaration "Goods on loan for Festival purposes only. No commercial value. Non-pornographic."
• Sender’s signature
b. The commercial invoice must be included with the courier waybill. If you are shipping via international post, please affix a customs declaration label to the outside of the package.

The recommended courier is Purolator, where available.

III. You can obtain confirmation of delivery through the courier tracking service.

IV. Shipping Address:
ATTN: Submissions
Reitman Square
350 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 3X5

Preview DVDs will not be returned.

The Festival programming team selects and schedules all films presented at TIFF Kids/TIFF Next Wave. Filmmakers selected to participate will be notified around mid-March for TIFF Kids, or mid-December for TIFF Next Wave. Filmmakers not selected will be notified by email.

For more information regarding TIFF Kids or TIFF Next Wave, please visit or or contact Film Submissions at:

Telephone: 416-599-8433/1-888-599-8433


TERMS AND CONDITIONS Intellectual Property Rights By submitting your film to TIFF Kids, you hereby warrant and represent that: (i) the film is wholly original and is not copied from and does not include any other work that is the subject of copyright or other protection, unless such work is in the public domain or you have obtained any and all consents, releases, licenses, and other authorizations or waivers of any kind necessary for the inclusion or reproduction of any person, character, location, thing, trade-mark, sound recording, musical composition or other work in the film; (ii) the film does not defame any person or violate the common law or statutory rights, including, without limitation, the rights of privacy and publicity or any other right of any person; (iii) the film is not the subject of litigation; (iv) you have not entered into any agreement, nor will you enter into any agreement subsequent to the date of this film submission which would or could have the effect of impairing your ability to provide the film as contemplated herein, or otherwise conflict with any provision of these Rules and Regulations; and (iv) you have the full right, power and authority to submit the film to TIFF Kids, and to grant all of the rights granted hereunder and in your Submission Form, and there is no obligation or disability which would in any way impair, restrict or impede you from fully performing all of your obligations pursuant to your submission and these Rules and Regulation. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless TIFF Kids, Toronto International Film Festival Inc., its licensees, successors and assigns, and its and their members, officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, associates and affiliates (each, a “Releasee”), from any claim, suit, action or other proceeding brought against a Releasee and from any losses, costs, or damages, including the Releasee’s full legal costs, which it may have suffered or incurred or may suffer or incur, directly or indirectly based on, in connection with, or arising from the use and exhibition of the film submitted by you or the breach or alleged breach of any representation, warranty or other agreement made by you in these Rules and Regulations, or in your Submission Form. Anti-Piracy Precautions and Release TIFF Kids endeavors to take all reasonable anti-piracy precautions. While on TIFF Kids’ premises, copyrighted materials are securely stored and vigilantly inventoried. Access is limited to TIFF Kids’ submissions, programming, print traffic and projection staff. No duplication or loaning is permitted. By submitting your material to TIFF Kids, you hereby release TIFF Kids and the Toronto International Film Festival Inc. from any and all risk and liability in the event of theft or breach of copyright of your materials while on TIFF Kids’ premises. If you wish to discuss any security measures for TIFF Kids screenings, please advise us separately by email at Print Liability In the case of providing a format other than a DVD for the purpose of consideration for TIFF Kids, TIFF Kids will ensure the integrity of film prints (including HDCAM and DCP) only from the time of delivery to TIFF Kids to the time the print is delivered to a shipping agent for return. In case of loss of or damage to the material provided, TIFF Kids must receive notification and independent verification immediately. TIFF Kids’ obligation is limited to compensating the producer only for the cost of replacing the damaged materials thereof. General Release The TIFF Kids Organizing Committee reserves the right to rule on cases not foreseen by these regulations, but in accordance with international regulations. Participation in the 2014 TIFF Kids International Film Festival implies acceptance of the Rules and Regulations by producers and their agents. In submitting this film, the submitter warrants and represents that the submitter has the right to submit this film, either on the submitter's own behalf, or as agent for any and all holders of rights in and to the film, including without limitation, all owners, creators, writers, producers and/or authorized representatives of the film, and that the submitter has READ and AGREES TO ABIDE BY the TIFF KIDS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL CANADIAN AND INTERNATIONAL SUBMISSIONS Rules and Regulations 2014 available at The submitter accepts responsibility for the accuracy of the information supplied in this application and authorizes TIFF Kids and Toronto International Film Festival Inc. to reproduce company contact information in its publications exactly as supplied in this application form. TIFF Kids collects personal information supplied in the application solely to facilitate management and administration of its activities and responsibilities as it relates to the film being submitted. TIFF Kids safeguards this personal information against loss, theft and unauthorized access or disclosure. By supplying this personal information you consent to its use for the purposes stated above.