12th Annual

ShockerFest International Film Festival

October 01, 2013 to October 31, 2013

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1629 W Whitmore Ave
Modesto CA 95358
Phone: 209-537-5221

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Short Horror
Horror can be anything from Hitchcockian psychological horror to Texas Chainsaw Massacre slasher horror. No animal cruelty permitted.
Short Science Fiction
Science Fiction can be either hard or soft science. This means robots, alternative universe, time travel, space travel or psychological/sociological science. Any form is acceptable.
Short Fantasy
Fantasy is described best as that which is perceived by most to be unreal or not real, and in all likelihood, could never become real. Fantasy includes the tales of Camelot and the Arthurian legends, the undersea adventures of the Little Mermaid or Aladdin in the deserts of the middle east, or even the fantasy elements of magic shown in Charmed, The Craft or Witches of Eastwick. Fantasy can and does include any of these.
Feature Science Fiction
Space creatures, other worlds, Hard science or Soft Science. This genre is wide open to what might generally be called speculative fiction.
Feature Fantasy
Fantasy means simply apart from reality. Historical, romantic, science fiction fantasy, Knights and damsels, dragons or talking animals, all can fit into the category of fantasy.
Mini Short Horror
Horror films are in the eye of the beholder. Some of the greatest horror films are psychological in nature -- Hitchcock's films for example. Others fall into the modern "slasher" sub genre. This category covers the gamut; whatever causes the hair to rise on the back of your neck.
Mini Short Science Fiction
Mini-short science fiction are those films that meet the Science Fiction definition, whether that is the HARD science fiction of Isaac Asimov and Star Wars, or the SOFT science fiction of Harlan Ellison. The "mini-short" designation places the running time of the movie at under 30 minutes.
Mini Short Fantasy
Fantasy encompasses a wide area - it can include everything from ghosts and witches (Harry Potter) to elves and trolls (Lord of the Rings).
SF, Fantasy or Horror TV
Genre television programming, including mini-short (up to 15 minutes) short (for half hour programming) or full length (one hour or more.)Designed for a TV audience. May be episodic or Movie of the Week formats.
Feature Horror
HORROR FILMS FROM HITCHCOCK TO SAW and anything in between.


ShockerFest Mission Statement
To provide a venue for screening the creative efforts of independent film makers in the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. To assist film makers in obtaining publicity and distribution for their endeavors and to provide a networking venue for any and all interested in the creation of film and digital productions.,


Now in its 12th year, the ShockerFest International Film Festival has hosted films from over 50 different countries, screening approximately 2,500 films from hundreds of film makers. We are proud to say that over 80% of the feature films which have screened at ShockerFest have achieved distribution, with more contracts currently in negotiation.


George Baker (Director); George Baker (Director); Louise Baker (co-director)


If there are insufficient entries in any category, the Festival reserves the right to combine the "Short" category with the "Mini-short" category for the purpose of judging and awards.

The festival screeners and judges have the right to nominate actors or actresses for the "Best" in the category awards.

Films must be the original work of the submitter and must be accompanied by a completed entry and entry fee.

Opportunities will be provided for participation in a television advertising program. Film makers will have the chance to have their film promoted at substantially reduced rates. Film makers will need to provide a 30 second trailer for their project with a ShockerFest tag to be included in this program.

Consideration for Best Actor or Best Actress require specific designation of the name of the performer and the character played (for actor/actress awards.) An additional fee of $10.00 for consideration in these categories must be paid separately for each award. This fee must be paid separately to ShockerFest International Film Festival by personal check, company check, money order or international money order.

Accepted films will air on a local television station with potential audience of 1.5 million people.


1. Entrant has read, understood and fully agrees with all submission guidelines, terms and conditions, and eligibility requirements.

2. Film is not the subject of any litigation or threatened litigation.

3. The entrant is duly authorized to submit this film to the competition.

4. The entrant holds ShockerFest International Film Festival and sponsor organizations harmless and indemnify it from any damage to media en route or otherwise during the course of ShockerFest International Film Festival's possession of the film. In addition, the entrant agrees to hold The Fireside Foundation, Inc., ShockerFest International Film Festival, its agents, employees, advertisers and sponsors, harmless and indemnify it from cost and/or damages incurred as a result of any litigation and or threatened litigation as a result of the screenings of the film.

5. All films not in English must have English subtitles or be dubbed in English.

6. The number(s), date(s), time(s), and location(s) of the screenings, if any, of films are at the sole discretion of ShockerFest International Film Festival.

7. Fireside Foundation, Inc., and ShockerFest International Film Festival reserves the right to complete any information not supplied by the filmmaker from whatever source available and will not be responsible for any incorrect information.

8. The entrant acknowledges and agrees that all matters not covered by these regulations, and questions arising from them, will be decided by Festival organizers or programmers at their discretion.

9. The Board of Fireside Foundation, Inc, the primary sponsor of the ShockerFest International Film Festival reserves the right to disqualify entries for any reason. All judges' decisions are final.

10. By signing this form and submitting this film, the entrant hereby grants ShockerFest International Film Festival all necessary rights to screen this film and use short clips of the film for the purposes of advertising and promotion.

11. Unless otherwise specified by producer, ShockerFest may present submitted films as part of SHOCKERFEST PRESENTS, a month long celebration of independent fil during the month of October. Additionally, films may be selected for special late night screenings as part of the weekly SHOCKERFEST PRESENTS. Filmmakers not wishing to participate in this on air screening must specify their desire not to be included on the entry form.