10th Annual

Action/Cut Short Film Competition

August 15, 2013 to September 01, 2013

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5850 West Third Street #263
Los Angeles CA 90036
Phone: 323-692-7140
Fax: 323-939-1897

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Fiction Live Action
The Fiction Live Action Category is open to all genres of fiction storytelling of live action shorts. By live action, we mean involving actors. We do not mean just action movies as we accept all film genres of fiction work with actors.
Documentaries of all non-fiction genres and subject matters are welcomed and accepted.
All animation techniques, genres, and subject matters are welcomed and accepted.
Student Films
Any film made while attending a film department at a college/university, a film school, a high school, or any learning film production program. Student films have the option to compete in any category or multiple categories if they wish but a separate entry form and fee is required for each category.
Music Videos
All music videos representing the visual and audio interpretation of any song or instrumental piece are welcomed and accepted.


Action/Cut is the most unique film industry-based shorts competition in Hollywood to discover talented filmmakers and offers the most career-enhancing prizes of any short film festival in the world.

The Action/Cut Short Film Competition will showcase indie filmmakers from across the world, recognize the most talented with over 125 prizes valued over $25,000 - including one-of-a-kind career access meetings with Hollywood industry players, cash prizes, and industry sponsor awards - and bring the winning filmmakers to the attention of the Los Angeles film industry.

Action/Cut does not have a typical festival structure. First, we accept all film entries into the competition and all films are viewed by our industry juries. Second, we do not have theater screenings but instead promote our winners by streaming the winning films to the world, and we invite everyone to come see year-round the terrific winning films of the Action/Cut Competition at www.actioncut.com.


"Action/Cut: Top 10 Shorts Festivals in the World - for filmmakers
looking to showcase their talent!" MovieMaker Magazine

ACTION/CUT GRAND PRIZE WINNER Christopher Petry: "Highly recommend entering this competition as it offers the most extensive prize package of any other festival. Winning the Grand Prize changed my life with actual meetings with agents, producers, lawyers, pro filmmakers, and prizes geared towards furthering your career. This is a major competition and it is an awesome feeling to win Action/Cut!"

JURIES: As the Action/Cut Short Film Competition is industry-driven, the Jury Selection Committees are composed of working professionals within the motion picture world including directors, producers, writers, agents, and film company executives. The five judging parameters for all categories will focus on: Subject Originality - Content Realization - Visual Storytelling - Production Values - Viewing Engagement of Work.

The film industry association at Action/Cut is what separates this competition from all others, and why we pride ourselves by offering invaluable prizes to provide Hollywood access with professional contacts and feedback in opening career advisory doors to the winners. The Action/Cut Filmmaking Seminar Company launched the Action/Cut Short Film Competition in 2004 to provide all indie filmmakers worldwide the opportunity to show their work at this uniquely industry-driven competition that offers over 100 prizes to the winners.

THE ACTION/CUT GRAND PRIZE SHORT FILM WINNER - the Best Short Film of the Competition will receive over 20 Prizes and a signed copy of the invaluable Hollywood career memoir "Kiss me Quick Before I Shoot."
FIRST PLACE - BEST IN EACH OF FIVE CATEGORIES will receive a total of over 80 Prizes.
Additional special AWARDS OF MERIT may be decided upon by the industry Juries including BEST FOREIGN FILM AWARDS, SPECIAL JURY AWARDS, and MOST PROMISING FILMMAKER YOUTH AWARDS in the 5 categories.
Action/Cut promotes film careers to move forward...enter our competition and ignite your career!

ACTION/CUT GRAND PRIZE WINNER Yimeng Jin: "Of the many film festivals I entered, the Action/Cut Film Competition is by far the best and most exciting. It was a catalyst to launching my film career. After winning the Grand Prize, I received investor support and I'm making my first feature. Thank you Action/Cut...you made my dream real!"

ACTION/CUT BEST FICTION WINNER Robert Noll: "The Action/Cut Competition is amazing! They put together prize packages that are unmatched by any festival I know of. They award filmmakers with what they really want and what they really need to make more films."

ACTION/CUT BEST DOCUMENTARY WINNER Paige de Ponte: "As a new filmmaker, this Action/Cut Competition was an incredibly rewarding experience! I am thrilled my film won and is shown online. Since winning, my film is now being re-cut for a television release! Thank you Action/Cut."


Guy Magar (Action/Cut Founder); Jacqui Bochory (Executive Manager of the Action/Cut Filmmaking Seminars & Short Film Competition)


-- All genres within a Category are accepted and there are five Categories: Fiction Live Action - Student Films - Documentary - Animation - Music Videos.
-- All films should have a total running time of under 30 minutes including front and back credits.
-- Student films may compete in whichever Categories they wish but an Entry Fee to each Category is required.
-- Multiple Directors are allowed but one must be designated to receive prizes. Multiple Producers and Writers are also acceptable and will be listed on our site and all press releases.
-- Multiple entries from the same Director are accepted but each must have its own Entry Form & Fee Payment.
-- Do not include any other materials sent with your film entries such as scripts, publicity, or any other written materials.
-- If you become a Finalist, you will be contacted to provide a close-up photo of the Director and 2-3 production photos from your film which will be displayed with your film title on our site.
-- If winners cannot attend industry meetings in Los Angeles, phone conferences will be arranged.
-- Finalists and Semi-Finalists in each Category will be announced on our website on August 15.
-- The Action/Cut Grand Prize Short Film Winner and the five First Place/Best of Category Winners will be notified of their prizes, posted on our site, and announced in our Industry Press Release on September 1.
-- All Finalists will receive an Action/Cut Award Certificate and a Gift Invitation Finalist Prize Award to attend any Action/Cut Filmmaking Seminar they wish.
-- All winning films will be kept by Action/Cut and made available for private showings to industry professionals, production companies, agents, distributors and exhibitors.
-- Action/Cut will hold no rights to the winning films.
-- No entry materials, including your film, will be returned, so please only send an expendable copy of your film.


1) DIRECTORS: If contacted that you were chosen as a Finalist, you will be notified to write a short biography and your VISION and intent for this film. Include your age, film education, previous films, career objective. A close-up photo will be required.
2) If chosen as a Finalist, granted permission for Action/Cut to privately screen your film to top industry players for your career promotion.
3) If a Director is under 18 years of age, a parent must sign as official submitter of entry if chosen as a Finalist.
4) No VHS or DVD film entries or printed materials sent will be returned...please only send copies as no returns will be made.