11th Annual

Las Vegas Film Festival

June 06, 2018 to June 11, 2018

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124 South 6th Street
Las Vegas NV 89101
Phone: 702-485-3456

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Feature Film
Narrative feature films of any genre that have a total run time over 50 minutes in length, including domestic and international.
Documentary feature US & International over 50 minutes in length. (Documentaries under 50 minutes submit in the Short Film category)
Short Film
A short film of any genre that has a total run time of 45 minutes in length, including domestic and international.
Local Cinema (Nevada Films)
Films that meet at least one of the following categories:
(1) Filmed in the state of Nevada.
(2) Are about the history and culture of Nevada or Las Vegas.
(3) Key cast or crew (director, producer, screenwriter, lead actors) from Nevada.
Student Film
Short films written, directed or produced by student filmmakers.
Short and feature length animations, narrative and experimental of any genre.
Young Cinema (18 or Younger)
a film made by filmmakers 18 years of age or younger.


The Las Vegas Film Festival is a community of filmmakers and film-lovers drawn to the unique, curious and cultivating environment that is Las Vegas. The LVFF pushes the boundaries of cinema, annually presenting work by passionate, rebellious, and wild storytellers to an audience of local and national filmmakers, film lovers, journalists, and film industry representatives. For more information, please email info@lvff.com, visit www.lvff.com and find the festival on facebook.com/lasvegasfilmfest, twitter.com/lvfilmfest, vimeo.com/lasvegasfilmfestival


Las Vegas Film Festival’s 11th Year will take place on June 6-10, 2018. Each year, LVFF showcases films ranging from acclaimed directors, actors, and writers as well as first-time filmmakers. LVFF's Official selections include a collection of features, shorts, documentaries, music video and experimental films. LVFF is a momentous occasion for our city as we connect with filmmakers and immerse them in the Las Vegas storytelling community. The six-day festival includes an array of social engagements and screenings at Las Vegas theater venues. The daily filmmaker's parties and mixes offer an opportunity to connect with independent, local and professional filmmakers.

Awards & Prizes
The Las Vegas Film Festival recognizes filmmaking achievement through juried and balloted awards. Thanks to our jury members from 2017, Thomas Mahoney, Chuck Akin, and Lou Taylor Pucci, who spent hours enjoying the films. We hope to see you and new faces next year! Here’s a special announcement from Lou Pucci for this year’s festival winners! https://www.facebook.com/lasvegasfilmfest/videos/10154930546259833/ #LVFF

For up to date news and information, please visit:
lvff.com | facebook.com/lasvegasfilmfest
twitter.com/lvfilmfest | vimeo.com/lasvegasfilmfestival

Best Short -- Shy Guys
Best Animation -- Pussy
Best Vegas Cinema -- Mary Shelley’s Frankenweed
Audience Award Music Video Lab -- Christina Najar/Scartoon
Best Music Video -- Terror (from Steady Holiday)
Best Wildcard -- 5 Stages of Dying
Best Documentary -- The Rabbit Hunt
Best Feature -- Gook
Best in Show -- American Paradise


West McDowell (Program Director); West McDowell (Program Director); West McDowell (Program Director); West McDowell (Program Director)


•If you choose to submit by mail DVD/BluRays must be clearly labeled with the title of film contact information and tracking number.
•More than one entry may be submitted. Each entry must be submitted separately.
•Films produced in languages other than English must have legible English subtitles or be dubbed in English. (unless special arrangements have been made with festival).
•Entrants are responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses, royalties, release forms, clearances, permits necessary to present their work.


I have read, understood and complied with all eligibility requirements of the categories for which I would like this film to be considered and am duly authorized to submit this film.