5th Annual

Salt Lake City Film Festival

September 26, 2013 to September 29, 2013

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5060 West Amelia Earhart Drive
Unit B
Salt Lake City UT 84116
Phone: 801-201-3301

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Narrative Feature
Narrative Fiction, 35 minutes or longer.
Documentary Feature
Documentary, 35 minutes or longer.
Short Films, 34 minutes or shorter.
Short Screenplay
Screenplays 34 pages or less.
Feature Length Screenplay
Screenplays 35 pages or longer.


Dedicated to empowering the independent filmmaker through exhibition, community engagement, education and resource management while both stimulating and perpetuating creative economies


We are a resource for independent filmmakers.


Christopher Bradshaw (Festival Registrar); Christopher Bradshaw (Festival Registrar); Christopher Bradshaw (Festival Registrar); Christopher Bradshaw (Festival Registrar); Christopher Bradshaw (Festival Registrar); Liz LaSaga (Festival Registrar)


The following rules constitute the conditions under which films, videos, and other materials may be submitted to the Salt Lake City Film Festival (SLCFF). All submissions are subject to these rules.

• Salt Lake City Film Festival is not limited to submissions from residents of Salt Lake City. SLCFF encourages entries from all sources and locations, including international and student entries.
• All entries submitted for consideration must be postmarked by the posted deadline.
• The only acceptable format for submission is NTSC, DVD (region 0 and 1).
• Screenplay submissions must be written in the industry standard format, printed on white 8.5x11 paper. An emailed PDF copy of any screenplay entry is also required.
• All films that are not in English must have English language subtitles.
• All screenplay entries must be written in English.
• Entry fees must be paid in full at time of submission. Fees must be paid in US currency. No cash payments are accepted. All entry fees are non-refundable.
• Feature length submissions must be 35 minutes or longer; short submissions must be 34 minutes or less.
• Feature length screenplay submissions must be 35 pages or longer; short screenplay submissions must be 34 pages or less.
• Multiple entries from the same submitter are accepted. A separate submission and a separate entry fee must accompany each entry. If multiple films are submitted, each film must be on its own DVD screener.
• Only submissions with completed submission fields and entry fees will be considered. Submissions received without a completed submission, an entry fee, or a screener will not be accepted.
• Do not use fiber envelopes, as the fibers can cause damage to the disks. All disks, documents, and other materials submitted for consideration will not be returned.
• Notice of receipt of submissions will be posted via submitter’s Withoutabox.com account. It is the submitter’s responsibility to track the status of their submission. Submissions are generally updated to- “In Consideration” within 2-4 weeks of receipt.
• For feature length narratives or documentaries, please enclose two (2) screener copies.
• For feature length and short screenplay submissions, please enclose one (1) printed copy of your screenplay.
• The releases for all content including, but not limited to, music and talent must be obtained by the filmmaker. The Salt Lake City Film Festival is not liable for any copyright infringement or unauthorized usage. Any film accepted into the SLCFF may be subjected to a pre-screen for any possible infringements.
• Please email a PDF copy of your screenplay submission to kyle@saltlakecityfilmfestival.com
• Please mail your DVD(s) and or printed screenplay in a padded envelope or mailer box with postage prepaid to the following mailing address:


If your film is selected to screen at the Salt Lake City Film Festival, the following conditions also apply:

• Occasionally filmmakers charge a screening fee after their film has been accepted (it is not to be confused with the SLCFF/Withoutabox submission fee). Please be forthright about any screening fees associated with the public exhibition of your submission. Failure to disclose a screening fee at this juncture will result in the forfeit of the submitter’s rights to impose a screening fee.
• You will need to provide a fine cut of your film on either DVD or Blu-Ray format without any interactive menus, bars or tone; the film should play upon insertion.
• To maximize the exposure of your film to the public, we require that you send us a press kit including: stills, posters, postcards, flyers, a synopsis, and any other publicity materials. All submitted materials will not be returned.
• Though self-distribution (e.g. merchant sales) is strongly encouraged, such transactions must occur only at designated venues. A list of designated venues should be included with your acceptance form; if not, it is your responsibility to acquire a list from an official SLCFF staff member. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification from the festival and potential legal action.
• All accepted entries will be archived for future public exhibitions at the Salt Lake City Film Festival’s discretion.
• Full public broadcasts (internet and television) of submitted and programmed entries are discouraged. However, promotional trailers or clips from a submitted or programmed entry may be broadcast publically, prior to the festival.
• Salt Lake City Film Festival is not liable for any damage to submitted materials.



I acknowledge that I have read and understand the submission rules and declare that my submission is in compliance with all of the submission rules of Salt Lake City Film Festival and Withoutabox. I agree to abide by the submission rules, and accept full responsibility for any and all content, finished or in-progress. I certify that the film submitted is not subject to litigation, nor is any litigation threatened. I further certify that I am authorized to submit this film to the Salt Lake City Film Festival. I understand Salt Lake City Film Festival, Inc. and any of its constituents are not liable or responsible for the unauthorized use of copyrighted material. I accept responsibility for all content, including, but not limited to, pictures, sound, music, dialogue, performances, etc. I agree to hold harmless indemnify, and at my own expense, defend Salt Lake City Film Festival, Inc., its representatives, officers, employees, and agents, from and against any and all liability, claims, causes of action, and losses or damage, including attorneys' fees arising or alleged to have arisen from the film owner's obligations herein and Salt Lake City Film Festival, Inc’s handling and exhibition of the submission. I also understand that Salt Lake City Film Festival in its sole discretion may decide whether or not to exhibit a film during the festival dates.

Please e-mail your questions to: info@saltlakecityfilmfestival.com