5th Annual

Projecting Change Film Festival

April 17, 2012 to April 22, 2012

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1273 Clark Drive
Suite 200
Vancouver BC V5L 3K6
Phone: 604-737-1637

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This category is open to non-fiction films from any country addressing a current social or environmental issue. Preference will be given to solution-focused films.
Film + Speaker Series
Projecting Change holds a monthly Film + Speaker Series in July, September, October and November showcasing a variety of social and environmental documentaries from around the globe. Films must be at least 60mins in duration. Preference is given to solution-focused films.


Projecting Change Film Festival (PCFF) creates a forum for film that inspires positive change by addressing the issues that matter. Through engaging films and dynamic speakers, PCFF informs, entertains, and empowers audiences to affect change within their communities.


Projecting change is an innovative organization that focuses on promoting green and sustainable living through the use of entertaining and educational film. Through the strategic use of engaging films and inspiring speakers we aim to increase awareness and promote change within our local community. Through these efforts all profits are invested back into local initiatives.

- 4 days
- 20 films
- 1 world premiere
- several Canadian and BC premieres
- 25 speakers
- 4 sold out nights
- 2 beneficiary charities
- 2 gala evenings
- 50+ volunteers
- 3500+ attendees
- speakers included David Suzuki and Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson


Lindsay Nahmiache (Co-Founder)


About deadlines & acceptance of films:

Projecting Change (PCFF) holds an annual 6-day festival each April as well as a film and speaker series from July-November.


Format: Preview copies are accepted in DVD or through WAB only. See PCFF listing for full exhibition copy guidelines.

Length: We accept films of any length although the majority of our programming is of feature length films.


By submitting this documentary, I understand that I am agreeing to
the following:

• I own or control the copyright in and to, and am duly authorized to
submit this documentary film to PROJECTING CHANGE FILM FESTIVAL (PCFF) and to the best of my knowledge, all statements on this document are true;
• This documentary is not subject to any claims or litigation and is not
threatened by any claims or litigation;
• If this documentary is selected for screening at PCFF, I grant
PCFF the right to screen this documentary at the Festival;
• I understand and agree that my film entry, if selected for the Festival,
may be used for promotional purposes for PCFF and/or its partners; and I grant PCFF and its partners the rights to use footage, stills and/or titles and information from the film for such promotional purposes;
• Should this documentary win any award, I am authorized and/or
empowered by all parties legally representing this entry to receive all
cash prizes and awards and to distribute them appropriately;
• I fully indemnify and hold PCFF and its partners harmless from:
a) damage to or loss of the film print or videotapes en route to or from
PCFF or during the course of PCFF's possession of the entry; and b) from any claims which may arise in connection with my documentary film.