8th Annual

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

October 19, 2016 to October 23, 2016

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418 Montezuma Ave. Suite 22
Santa Fe NM 87501
Phone: 505-349-1414

EVENT NOW IN PROGRESS! • This event is happening right now. For more information, click to the event\'s Home Page.

Narrative Feature
Features may run between 45 minutes and 4 1/2 hours. To have a longer film considered, please contact our office.
Narrative Short
Santa Fe IFF accepts shorts from 1-44 minutes in length from anywhere in the world.
Documentary Feature
Documentaries may originate from anywhere in the world and may be of any length or subject.
Santa Fe IFF accepts animated film submissions from anywhere in the world.
Projects must originate from outside the United States
New Mexico Feature
Features may run between 45 minutes and 4 1/2 hours. To have a longer film considered, please contact our office.
New Mexico Short
Santa Fe IFF accepts shorts from 1-44 minutes in length from anywhere in the world.
Documentary Short
Santa Fe IFF accepts shorts from 1-44 minutes in length from anywhere in the world.
Santa Fe Student Short
1-44 minutes in Length. Must have current SFUAD or IAIA student ID. Free Entry, please email for waiver code.
Student Film
1-44 minutes in Length. Have to have a student ID from an accredited university or high school.
Mountain Short
Santa Fe IFF accepts shorts from 1-44 minutes in length from anywhere in the world.
Experimental Short
Santa Fe IFF accepts shorts from 1-44 minutes in length from anywhere in the world.


The Santa Fe Independent Film Festival invests in the advancement of independent, innovative, and cutting edge cinema bringing 5 days of excellence in filmmaking to the inclusive and diverse community of Santa Fe, New Mexico.


The Santa Fe Independent Film Festival began in 2009 as a fringe festival that took place in a community center. By 2011 it was the biggest event of its kind in New Mexico, screening over 100 films during a 5 day Fest. The 2011 festival honored Academy Award Nominee Kirby Dick (Invisible War), Tony Mark (The Hurt Locker) and unit production manager Alton Walpole (Crazy Heart). The 2012 festival honored Chris Eyre (Smoke Signals, Skins), Rudolfo Anaya (Bless Me, Ultima), and Judy Blume (Tiger Eyes) and included two sold out screenings at the Lensic Performing Arts Center and a Red Carpet event. The festival also organized a historic filmmakers brunch, bringing industry professionals and local filmmakers together for a discourse on the future of filmmaking in New Mexico. At the 2013 festival honorees included Wes Studi (Avatar) and John Waters (Hairspray).The 2014 festival hosted over 10,000 attendees and presented lifetime achievement awards to Shirley MacLaine and George RR Martin. The Santa Fe Independent Film Festival was recognized nationally by IndieWire Magazine as "a young Sundance". Santa Fe Independent Film Festival has grown from humble beginnings to becoming one of the top annual events in New Mexico and has effectively extended the tourism season in Santa Fe into late October. In November 2013 Santa Fe Independent Film Festival was named one of Moviemaker Magazine's 25 Coolest General Film Festivals on the planet. In April 2014 the Festival was named Moviemaker Magazine's "50 Festivals Worth the Entry Fee in 2014". In addition to the annual Festival, the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival now hosts screenings throughout the year including a free outdoor community screening every summer as part of the annual summer series "Festival de Santa Fe". The 2015 festival presented Gena Rowlands with a lifetime achievement award during A Tribute to Gene Rowlands at The Lensic Performing Arts Center.


Derek Horne; Jacques Paisner (Festival Registrar); Jena Braziel; Liesette Paisner



The following is an explanation of the Rules and Guidelines governing the submissions of a film to the 2016 Santa Fe Independent Film Festival. Compliance with these Rules and Guidelines is necessary in order to participate in the Film Festival. Submission of a film implies unconditional acceptance of the Rules & Guidelines, therefore, please carefully read through the Rules prior to submitting your film. If you have any questions, please contact the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival: contact@santafeiff.com or 505-349-1414.

1. The Santa Fe Independent Film Festival accepts submissions for films in the following categories: Animated, Documentary, Experimental, International, Narrative Feature, Narrative Short (under 45 minutes), New Mexican, Student Film, and Mountain Short (under 45 minutes).

2. The Entrant/s submitting the film must hold all legal rights for the submission, as well as all necessary clearances for public exhibition.

3. The Filmmaker/s retain/s all submission and intellectual property rights.

4. Films may be submitted electronically via Without A Box (withoutabox.com) or mailed on DVD (2 copies) with the completed submission form and correct entry fee.

5. The DVDs should be formatted for NTSC or PAL and labelled with Title, Running Time, and Tracking Number (if applicable).

6. To submit film via Without A Box (withoutabox.com):Log onto the website, set up an account, and submit your film to SFIFF. Your fee will also be taken over the internet. After submitting your film through WAB, you may mail 2 copies of your DVD to our office. Please clearly mark your WAB tracking number on both DVDs and the outer packaging.

7. The Filmmaker/s is/are responsible for making sure all submission material arrives by the submission deadline indicated. If your film does not arrive by the deadline for which you have registered, you may be required to pay the higher submission fee.

8. The following concerns submission deadlines and submission fees. Note, the deadlines are not the postmark dates, but the dates by which the submission must be in the Santa Fe IFF office or registered with Without A Box. Each submission must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. Submission fees are in are U.S. Dollars per submission and is non-refundable. These fees may be paid by check, cashier’s check, money order, or by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, or American
Express) made payable to: Santa Fe Independent Film Festival. Cash is not accepted.

9. If a film received 50% or more of it’s funding from sources outside of the United States, the film can only be submitted as an International Film. If a film received 50% or more of it’s funding from sources within the United States, the film can only be submitted as a Domestic Film.

10. All films must be in English or with English subtitles. Non-English language films without subtitles will not be considered.

11. Please test your DVDs prior to submission to make sure they run properly on a standard DVD player and are not damaged.

12. The Santa Fe IFF is not responsible for any damage to materials that occurred while in transit. If your film arrives damaged, we will contact you to request another copy.

13. Filmmakers are allowed to submit more than one film for the Festival provided that each film is submitted separately and meet SFIFF guidelines. Please do not send a compilation DVD composed of films for separate entries.

14. Filmmakers are allowed to resubmit a film that was previously submitted provided significant changes were made and all eligibility requirements are met. When re-submitting the film, include a brief letter detailing the changes made.

15. A student submitting a film must provide a photocopy of a current and valid student ID or a letter from his/her school verifying enrollment.

16. If you would like notification that your submission has been received, please include a self-addressed, stamped postcard, which Santa Fe IFF will mail back to you once your submission has arrived. Entrants may contact the Santa Fe IFF to find out if the Festival received the submission: contact@santafeindependent.com or (505) 349-1414. Filmmakers submitting through WAB can check their status through the website.

17. Only complete entries (DVD screener, entry form, payment) will be processed.

18. The Filmmaker is responsible for all shipping costs, domestic or international..

19. Materials submitted for the Santa Fe IFF will not be returned unless requested by the Filmmaker. In such case, the Filmmaker/s will absorb the return costs.

20. All personal contact information is to remain confidential and not to be shared with any third parties.

21. Santa Fe IFF reserves the right to use images from films selected in the Festival for marketing purposes.

22. All decisions regarding award winners are considered final and incontestable.

23. Please do not send press kits unless otherwise requested.



This agreement is with Santa Fe Independent Film Festival LLC. (“Santa Fe IFF”) and (“Film Maker”).


Film Maker hereby releases the submitted film to be screened at the 2016 Santa Fe Independent film Festival from October 19-23.

Film Maker agrees that he/she shall receive no compensation for the screening.

Film Maker agrees that SFIFF can use still pictures, posters, and short segments of the film for publicity purposes by SFIFF.

Film Maker acknowledges that he/she retains the right to distribute the material in question. Film Maker acknowledges he/she has authority to enter into this agreement.

II. DISPUTES. Any controversy arising out of or relating to this Agreement shall be settled by mandatory arbitration. All controversies shall first be submitted to a mutually agreeable mediator. If the parties are unable to resolve their differences through mediation, within sixty days from written demand for mediation, the dispute shall be arbitrated. The parties shall pick a single mutually agreeable arbitrator. If the parties cannot agree on a single arbitrator the Chief Judge of the First Judicial District for the County of Santa Fe shall be requested to appoint a single arbitrator. The arbitration shall take place in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Any award or judgment, including injunctive relief, rendered in arbitration will be final and binding and may be entered and enforced by any court having jurisdiction thereof. The cost of mediation shall be borne equally by the parties. The non-prevailing party of the arbitration shall pay the attorney fees and costs to the prevailing party of the arbitration.

III. NOTICES. Any notice under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be effective when actually delivered in person, or three days after being deposited in the U.S. mail, registered or certified, post pre-paid, and addressed to the party at the address stated in this Agreement, or such other address as either party may designate by written notice to the other.

IV. GOVERNING LAW. The law governing this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New Mexico. V. PRESUMPTION. This Agreement, or any section thereof, shall not be construed against any party due to the fact that said Agreement or section thereof was drafted by said party.

VI. PRIOR AGREEMENTS. This document is the entire final and complete agreement of the parties and replaces all prior or existing written and oral agreements between the parties or their representatives relating to this Agreement.