6th Annual

Bluestocking Film Series

July 14, 2016 to July 16, 2016

Film Market
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P.O. Box 2266
South Portland ME 04116
Phone: 207-772-1326

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Narrative Short
Calling for narrative fiction films (any genre) with a total running time of 30 minutes or less that feature a complex female protagonist and pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test.

The Bechdel-Wallace Test requires films to include at least 2 female characters who talk to each other about something other than men.

We specifically seek highly-visual, well-produced, cutting edge, provocative films that push women/girl characters in new directions (away from tired tropes).

Film must be a Maine premiere.
The Complex Female Protagonist ROAD MOVIE
In honor of the 25th anniversary of the release of "Thelma and Louise," we are calling for ROAD MOVIES in this special, world premiere category for 2016.

Wikipedia defines the road film as "a film genre in which the main characters leave home to travel from place to place, typically altering the perspective from their everyday lives." This journey is the basis for a character's inner growth.

To take our rightful place in on-screen road narratives, women and girl characters must be given more to do than serve as a foil to the main male character's quest. Where are our quests? Our adventures? Our driving need to find ourselves?

We know we’re capable, ready, willing, and able to hit the road. And if “the road” is the major cinematic metaphor for the quest for freedom, women deserve to take their place right on the center line.

All submissions must:
1. Feature a female protagonist
2. Pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test (include at least 2 female characters who talk to each other about something other than men)

We encourage all genres, from drama to comedy to thriller to horror, as long as your film features a complicated woman in the leading role (and passes the Bechdel-Wallace Test, of course), we want to see it.

If filmmakers are willing to create them, the stories of women “on the road” will be heard!


The Bluestocking Film Series is an exclusive showcase for short fiction films that feature complex female protagonists and pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test (at least 2 female characters who talk to each other for more than a few seconds about something other than a man, men, or boys.).

This innovative festival takes place in the beautiful, culturally vibrant city of Portland, Maine. Bluestocking also travels around the country and the world.

Our mission is to celebrate and promote talented, established and emerging filmmakers who take the creative risk of placing female protagonists front and center. We introduce audiences to those who are contributing to the art and craft of cinema and have the potential to influence the future of filmed entertainment.

We encourage and promote production of narratives that reflect the diverse experiences of women/girls. We have a marked preference for well-structured, highly visual, cutting edge, provocative films, especially ones that explore the plurality and variety of female relationships.

At this time, we invite submissions of short FICTION films ONLY. Feature length films are not considered. Straightforward documentaries are not considered.


Since 2011, the Bluestocking Film Series is an exclusive showcase for high-quality, provocative short fiction films featuring complex female protagonists driving the story and leading the action.

Bluestocking also requires submissions to pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test. All submissions must include 2 or more female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man.

Entering its 6th year in 2016, the Bluestocking Film Series was founded in 2010 by filmmaker Kate Kaminski. This year, in addition to our gala evening screenings and afternoon youth screening, we'll host a panel discussion with distinguished industry guests titled "Changing the Lens: Women and Girls On-Screen."

Women are over 50% of the population, yet to this day, women play a leading role in films only 12% of the time. Bluestocking Film Series demonstrates that women and girls can legitimately dream of driving the action in a film and becoming a writer-producer-director.

This past July (2015), Bluestocking celebrated its 5th year anniversary with two days of sold out film screenings including artist Q&A’s, discussion panels and a free youth program. The selected films came from the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Turkey, Australia, Sweden, and Pakistan. We hosted filmmakers from Australia, Ireland, Sweden, and around the U.S.

This year Bluestocking was one of the cherished refuges in The Washington Post by Ann Hornaday in her Summer Preview and Marie Claire magazine listed Bluestocking #2 in What We Love About July. In June, Bluestocking was recognized by Down East Magazine’s editors as one of 15 in their Best of Maine Culture section.

The series also offers a year-round touring event of the Best of the Bluestocking Film Series that has screened in Maine, Massachusetts, New York City, and Stockholm and Göteborg in Sweden.

Since its inception, Bluestocking has presented 62 films, hosted 19 guest artists and have screened for close to 1,500 people around the world. In July, 2016 we will once again celebrate female-driven stories with audiences hungry for meaningful, diverse, on-screen depictions of women and girls. With every screening, we continue to prove that audiences love a good story no matter what the lead character's gender is.

Again, to be considered, your submission must feature a female protagonist and pass The Bechdel-Wallace Test (film must include at least 2 female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man).

At this time, we invite submissions of short fiction films ONLY. Feature length films are not considered. Documentaries are not considered.

The Bluestocking Film Series 2016 invites submissions of short films (less than 30 minutes, shorter preferred) in two categories:

"The Complex Female Protagonist Road Movie"
"Narrative Short"

These categories may overlap — it is up to the filmmaker to decide which category to enter.


Kate Kaminski (Artistic Director); Kate Kaminski (Artistic Director); Kate Kaminski (Artistic Director); Kate Kaminski (Festival Registrar)


As a showcase for talented directors (whether established or emerging), the Bluestocking Film Series seeks high-quality, provocative, and innovative films that feature complex female protagonist and pass the Bechdel-WallaceTest.

We're specifically looking for cinematic stories that portray women characters who are as strong, complicated, flawed, and heroic as their male counterparts.


You must be 18 years of age or older to submit a film.

By submitting your work, you guarantee that your entry is your original work, and does not infringe on the copyright or other rights of other people. You further guarantee that all listed creators have authorized submission to Bluestocking Film Series.

If selected, you agree to allow Bluestocking Film Series to screen your film in public, ticketed, for-profit screenings during our annual event as well as touring shows that take place after the annual event. By submitting your film, you also guarantee that you have no distribution agreements that would disallow us to screen your film as described.

Until dates and venue for our annual event are confirmed on our website, please note that dates and venue are subject to change.

We watch submitted films in their entirety. Submitted films are initially assessed by Artistic Director and Lead Curator Kate Kaminski, then films are viewed by a select panel of judges to be assessed and scored according to our guidelines and mission. Please read through all criteria before submitting your film. All selection decisions are final.

ALL submissions must 1) feature a complex female protagonist in the leading role and 2) pass The Bechdel-Wallace Test. Therefore, all submissions are required to feature 2 (or more) women characters who talk to each other (for more than a few seconds) about something other than a man (or men or boys).

Both categories are eligible for prizes.

For submitters who wish to mail a DVD screener, please mail to:
Bluestocking Film Series
P.O. Box 2266
South Portland, ME 04116


I hereby agree for my film to be screened at Bluestocking Film Series events. I have the express authority to submit the film to the festival and I guarantee that I have obtained all necessary rights for a film festival screening.

We reserve the right to use a clip or photos from accepted entries for promotional purposes.

The Bluestocking Film Series will not be held responsible in the case that screening materials are stolen, lost or damaged during shipment. We do not return materials submitted for consideration and/or for exhibition. Please do not send originals!

The organizers reserve the right to decide all questions regarding the rules and regulations. Further, the Bluestocking Film Series reserves the exclusive right to determine what constitutes a "road movie" and "passes" the Bechdel-Wallace Test for Women in Movies when considering submissions.