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TheWriteRoom Screenplay Competition

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Best Screenplay
TheWriteRoom.Org/Screenplay Competition/2018-2019 recognizes excellence in a wide variety of genres.
One Grand PRIZE $500US will be awarded for Feature Screenplays (85 pages and no longer than 130).


TheWriteRoom.Org/Screenwriting Competition/2018-19 seeks to support and nurture the artistic entertainment literature(screenplays) of Women for the benefit of an international and domestic audience. Male writers are also invited to participate but all screenplay entries must EITHER have a female protagonist(s), feature dimensional female character(s) and/or have been either WRITTEN, CO-WRITTEN by a woman.


​Welcome to TheWriteRoom.Org/Screenplay Competition-2018-19

Our aim is to discover and recognize the brightest new talented original voices in storytelling from around the world that spotlights women and girls as protagonists in positive light at all age ranges as the writer/s deem interesting. We are open to all listed genres with the exception of explicit sex i.e. pornographic or stories that use excessive torture against /or of women as a thematic device.

Our goal is to also help place top new writers firmly on the industry’s radar directly.

Obviously we can not guarantee other than - than the cash prize we will award - but this competition is also designed and driven by those who actually love and appreciate the dedication and art that goes into writing a screenplay; In addition to promotional blasts across internet, media, and social networking platforms.

All The Best and Good Luck!

Please note airfare and hotel are not included for any event or classes.


Feature Screenplays:
Romantic Comedy
Science Fiction


This category is a competition.
$500 US Dollar cash prize

NEW! BEST HORROR Script from
the New Orleans Horror FIlm Festival

Certificate towards any TheWriteRoom.Org/Program when offered.
Cash Value: $200 US Dollar


GERETTA GIANCARLO (Festival Registrar); GERETTA GIANCARLO (Festival Registrar); GERETTA GIANCARLO (Festival Registrar); The Write Room Organization (Selection Committee); Victoria Antin (Festival Program Assistant)


- Screenplay submissions must be in English
- International submissions are encouraged, as long as they are in English.
- Screenplays should be feature length (approximately 85-120 pages)
and properly formatted to industry standards
- Submitted works must not have been previously produced or currently
be under option. If a previous option has expired, and rights have
reverted back to the author(s), the work is eligible.
-All entries must be of the sole ownership and original to the authors
whose names appear with the application.


An entrant’s total earnings for motion picture and television writing may not exceed US$5,000 before the end of the competition.

This limit applies to compensation for motion picture and television writing services as well as for the sale of (or sale of an option on) screenplays, teleplays, stage plays, books, treatments, stories, premises and any other source material. Entry in the competition is void where prohibited by law.

Entrants may not have received screenwriting fellowships or prizes totaling more than US$5,000 that include a "first look" clause, an option or any other quid pro quo involving the writer’s work.

Entrants must be 18 years or older at the time of entry to participate.
Members and employees of TheWriteRoom.Org and their immediate families are not eligible, nor are competition judges and their immediate families.

Entrants must register an online account through the WITHOUTABOX FESTIVAL SERVICE (www.withoutabox.com) and submit:
A completed application form.

One electronic ONLY copy of an original feature film screenplay, approximately 85–120 pages in length, in PDF format (Note online rules for additional formats.)Submissions must be written in English; non translated will not be accepted.

Submissions must be the original work of the entrant(s) and may not be based, in whole or in part, on any other fiction or nonfiction material, published or unpublished, produced or unproduced. Entries may, however, be adapted from the entrant’s (or entrants’) original work, which should be noted in the log line required on the application form.

Entries lacking a log line on the application form will be disqualified.
If the script is based on a true story, historical or contemporary, that fact should appear on the title page and noted in the online application form (i.e., “based on a true story”).

Collaborative work by two writers who share equally in its creation is eligible. Collaborative work where one writer developed the idea and another writer wrote the screenplay is not eligible. Collaborative work by three or more writers is not eligible. The collaborator’s name must be added during the application process. Writing partners selected as fellows will divide the fellowship stipend equally.

The entrant’s name, address, phone number or any other identifying information should not appear on the title page or any other page of the script. Placing a Library of Congress or WGA registration number on the title page is acceptable but not required.
A single entry fee per script entry paid via credit card. Entry fees will not be returned or adjusted.

Submissions for the 2017 competition must be uploaded and paid no later than 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on September 30, 2017. Applications will be accepted by electronic upload only via accounts registered at the withoutabox website. Submitted scripts will not be returned.

The final selection of the GRAND PRIZE winner will be made by TheWriteRoom.Org/Screenwriting Competition Committee.
Only one copy, draft or version of any screenplay may be submitted by an entrant or entrants.

Under no circumstances will substitutions and/or either corrected pages or new drafts of the entry screenplay be allowed. If a new version is desired to be submitted: the previous version is disqualified and a new entry fee mandatory.

An entrant may submit a maximum of three screenplays in the current competition.


A complete entry includes a single copy of a script in PDF format, a completed online application form and an entry fee.
All entries must be submitted online, and/or via an online account with WAB :
TheWriteRoom.Org/Screenwriting Competition 2018-19