1st Annual

VALE Film Festival

November 17, 2017 to November 18, 2017

Film Market
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101 N. College Ave
Annville PA 17003

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New Media / Web
Music Video


VALE Music Group is a student run record label located at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA. The label-centered class is offered under the Interdisciplinary Studies portion of the Lebanon Valley College class catalogue, and it is open to students of all majors. Although the record label class, IDS 199, is held in the spring semester, the label functions year round and in conjunction with the LVC VALE Media Industries Conference in the fall semester.


This will be the first annual VALE Film Festival, which will be a part of the VALE Media Industries conference. The VALE Media Industries Conference is currently in its thirteenth year of running. The Conference is a place for students, creatives, and industry professionals to learn, network, and have fun.


Casey Kelly; Cherie Van Zant (Director of Graduate and Community Programs ); Emily Nyby; Jeff Ritchie; Katie O'Connor


1. All submitted films should be original works.
2. Submissions are open to both high school (grades 9-12) and undergraduate college student film makers.
3. The maximum length of a film should be 10 minutes.
4. All films must be in English or have English subtitles
5. There will be a non-refundable submission fee of $15 due at the time of entry.
6. All films must be complete. Works in progress will not be considered.
7. All films must follow the mission statement of the Vale Music Group and Lebanon Valley College. Specifically, no film may include hate speech, graphic violence or an encouragement of violence, nudity, or extreme amounts of profanity.
8.The Vale Film Festival has a right to not show a film if it violates any off these standards.
9. All entries will be judged and screened based on originality, content, and quality. No work or artist will be discriminated or favored by their country of origin, language, age, sex, race, ideology, education, or economic status.
10. Accepted entries will be posted on the Vale Media Industries Conference website and shown during the festival. Invited filmmakers will also be notified by email.
11. Location, date, and screening times of selected entries will be at the discretion of the Vale Media Industries Conference. A screening schedule will be made available on the website.
12. The Vale Media Industries Conference reserves the right to use clips or stills of the selected entries for promotional use of the festival.
13. All submissions must be original works of the author/filmmaker. Upon signing the entry form, you hereby agree to waive any and all liability against the Vale Media Industries Conference and its committees, partners, venues, grant providers, and sponsors that may result otherwise.


In order to submit a film, there will be a non-refundable $15 fee. The inability to pay this fee will result in the disqualification of a film. It is important that videos are kept appropriate in length and topic. If any copyrighted material is used, i.e. music, it should be properly credited. Specifically, with the Music Video category, all music must be original. The Vale Film Festival is not responsible for any loss of film or information through submission.