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Articles in GET STARTED and Troubleshooting
I am a filmmaker or a film submitter. How do I get started using the System?
STEP 1: Get a username and password immediately sent to your e-mail address by using the Filmmaker Signup Page. STEP 2: Login and setup your project in our system, by filling...
I am a Festival or Film Exhibitor, and I would like to receive entries online via Withoutabox. How do I get online with the service?
Fill out a festival information request. The System will respond with information on how to list your festival in our Search Engine. You will then have the option to activat...
I've tried everything, I'm totally frustrated, what can I do?
You've already waited too long. Contact us right now. Don't get to point of frustration before you give us a chance to help. It's often something very simple, and sometimes it...
What should I do before contacting Withoutabox for help?
Most users are surprised to find that their questions are fully answered by one of our extensive, searchable Quick Help Topics. Please double-check these places so that our c...
I sent in a support request form, and I have yet to receive a response. What should I do?
We too are only human. We have a team of people working tirelessly to answer your questions, and sometimes it's hard to predict volume. On a good day we average our response t...