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Is there a way to view the entry fees I paid by mail? I don't see them on my Transactions Page.
The Transactions Page shows only those entry fees paid online. Entry fees paid by mail (and also paid online) can be found via the Submission Status tab in your left-side navigation. There you will see a summary of each festival to which you have submitted, and, for each, a grid showing the amount and date of each payment. Payments are shown for all Current submissions, and not for History.

NOTE: Payment records were not kept prior to January, 2004 - so some amounts may show $0. This does NOT mean no payment was received.

Platinum Project upgrades are entitled to an Annual Tax Report, beginning in Tax Year 2004, which will be available online and delivered via e-mail in February 2005. This report will include all payments - both online and offline - made toward a project.


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