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Your e-mails advertise deadlines too late for me! Can't I get them earlier?
Withoutabox has festivals opening and closing major deadlines every week. We attempt to notify you of the most imminent ones in Festival Update e-mails, but not not all, and not always early.

We expect our users to login to the System on a routine basis and at very least check the Quick Apply pulldown menu on the Account Home page. Here, nearest deadlines appear at the top of the list, and you can plan well in advance for your submissions.

You also have the luxurious ability to set custom deadline reminders in your Watch List. Here you can select the exact number of days in advance you want to be reminded of a particular deadline for ANY Partner Festivals.

Finally, in the Find A Festival tab, you can use the Quick Find section to get a list of festivals with upcoming deadlines in a your own specified range of time - like 30 days.

And always remember, nearly all Withoutabox deadlines are POSTMARK deadlines. That means all you have to do is click and apply, then get an envelope to the post office with your preview screener before the deadline date.


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