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Can I upload online Trailers and Clips for my film?

Add splash to your Online Press Kit with trailers and video clips! Withoutabox offers two, flexible levels of service, FREE and PAID. Read carefully to understand the difference and make an informed decision.

FREE SERVICE - Convenient access to the power of Google Video right from your home base here at Withoutabox. Trailers appear in your Online Press Kit for festival submissions AND they are also made FULLY PUBLIC in the Google Video search engine. An amazing and cost-effective way to promote your film to the world!

PAID SERVICE - A highest quality, more private solution for those who require it, securely hosted at Withoutabox. Trailers appear in your Online Press Kit for festival submissions but they are NOT PUBLIC to the world. Tighter control of your message!

* You can publish any trailer to your own Web site.
* You can publish any trailer to your Audience film page.
* Festivals can publish any trailer to their public programs.
* You can revoke any trailer at any time.

Choose both services for maximum advantage! Your PAID trailer will be used in the Withoutabox network and your FREE trailer in the Google Video network.


Q: How long can my video be?
A: Videos of about 5 minutes running time are currently being accepted, more than enough for trailers and clips of your films.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements for PC/MAC?
A: Please use the latest version of either operating system. Mac users should use at least system 10.4. PC users should use the lastest version of Windows XP.

Q: What browser should I use?
A; Mozilla Firefox is reccommended for PC or Mac. PC users can use Internet Explorer. Browsers must have Java and Javascript enabled.

Q: What types of files can I upload?
A; Most common video file formats are supported: Quicktime, AVI, MPEG, DIVX, ASF, etc. A good recommendation would be MPEG4 format with MP3 audio or MPEG2 with MP3.

Q: Can I re-upload a file?
A: Yes, there is a link to re-upload a file for both the Google and Premium service.

Q: Can I include my video file on another website?
A; Yes, after the file is uploaded and is available for playback, copy the links from the view section of the film project into the HTML code for the other website and the file will be available for playback through the other site.


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