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I can't login!
If your login is not working, try these steps before contacting support:

1. Your login name is the email address with which you registered. Make sure you are entering it correctly, without spaces and special characters. Some common mistakes in entering an email address are typos like person@oal.com (instead of aol.com) and extra characters such as www.person@aol.com.

2. Your password is case-sensitive. Therefore if you originally entered "Password" (with a CAPITAL P) then "password" will not work. If you think you may have forgotten your password or are spelling it incorrectly, click on the Forgot Password link on the Withoutabox home page to have your current password e-mailed to you. For security purposes, this information will only be sent to the e-mail address listed in your record. If you have requested your password and do not receive it within 30 minutes, contact Withoutabox Support by filling out a support request

3. Many browsers now come with an "auto-fill" feature for login information. Make sure you overtype your username and password if it is automatically filled-in for you. Your browser may have saved an old password or an incorrect password from a previous login.

4. Make sure your cookies are turned on in your browser. Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your local computer about our site. In Mozilla/Netscape, your cookie settings are under Edit | Preferences | Privacy & Security | Cookies. You will want to set it to "Enable All Cookies" or "Enable Cookies for the Originating Website Only." In Microsoft Internet Explorer cookie settings are under Tools | Internet Options | Privacy (tab) | Advanced. You will want to check Automatic Cookie Handling and First Party Cookies: ACCEPT.

5. If the above steps still do not enable you to log in, you will want to clear your current cookie settings. In Mozilla/Netscape, go to Tools | Cookie Manager | Manage Stored Cookies. Click on the Site header to sort cookies by site, and look for www.withoutabox.com. Click on any Withoutabox cookie entry and then click Remove. Once finished, Click Close to save these settings. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, click on Tools | Internet Options. In the middle of the box you will see a section named Temporary Internet Files. Within that section is a button to Delete Cookies. Click on that button and OK to close the window. For both browsers: close your browser and then reopen it again.

6. Shut down your computer and start it up again. It's possible that temporary information was stored in memory or that you have a conflicting program running. Once your computer boots up again, go directly to your browser, go to http://www.withoutabox.com and login again.

7. If you are still unable to login to Withoutabox after completing the above steps, please contact user support


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