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Boy do I save time with this service...

I am a computer-phobic, lost on the information super highway, non-surfing, web illiterate filmmaker. I used your service only as a notification system for deadlines for about nine months. It was, I thought, easier to do things the hard way than to learn the easy way.

When my short film was accepted into [a film festival], I was thrown into a post-production rush to make their deadline for my final print. With my time totally consumed by post, and with a newer, far better version of my short being completed (which I wanted to submit like crazy), I had no time to fill out all those forms anymore before I had to leave town and start my festival travels. I finally had to break down and register with your service. I was reluctant to spend any more money on my short but the fee is definately fair for the savings it provides. More importantly, time is money, and boy do I save time with this service. It took me awhile to fill in all of the info and I still have areas I plan to improve, like my press package, but after the initial time investment, I can now enter as many festivals as I care to with the stroke of a key.

Thank you so much for this service that provides me with notifications of festivals, what they're looking for, and their deadlines. That allows me to continue to tweak my application and keep it up to date. And, best of all, frees up my time so I can spend less of it filling out applications and more of it making movies.

Calabasas, CA


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