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I get some strange BEWARE warnings during the qualify process that don't really make sense in my case. What should I do?
This is one of the most important questions asked at Withoutabox. Read carefully.

Our goal is to take 95% of your legwork out by putting the best, most accurate information at your fingertips, and even warning you when something looks off to us. Since the System cannot predict every possible circumstance, we look to our human users to understand their own projects and situations and simply OVERRIDE any warnings that don't seem pertinent, and APPLY ANYWAY.

All our Partner Festivals encourage you to read their General and Category Rules carefully, then take advantage of Withoutabox's qualify process to double check. NOT EVERY FESTIVAL RULE IS EXAMINED IN THE QUALIFY PROCESS.

Your entry is never "flagged" or "marked" by Withoutabox when you ignore warnings and apply anyway. That stays between you and us. So, you may override and ignore every warning, but it will still be up to the festival to determine on its own whether your project is qualified or not. Ultimately, the System still allows you the freedom to submit the same application you would have submitted on paper.


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